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Author Topic: Looking for F to do ChronoTrigger\Cross X-Rated  (Read 643 times)

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Offline Aristotle37Topic starter

Looking for F to do ChronoTrigger\Cross X-Rated
« on: November 28, 2013, 09:30:41 am »
So yes, I have an itch to do a Chrono universe sexual but also story-driven RP. These ideas below could work in any fantasy setting, really, so if they strike your fancy but you don't know ChronoTrigger, we can make that work.

 I have a few potential storylines in mind. They each have a similar theme which is a disgruntled adventurer (Chrono, Karsh, Toma, maybe Glen or Magus) who, after saving the world, has nothing better to do than hang out in seedy joints with raunchy women, and use his powers to sluttify them, and waste his money on essentially drinking himself to oblivion. Different plots go different ways but the unifying concept is that your character saves him from his debauchery.

In addition to the smutty stuff he'd do with your character, there's the potential to then open things up into a joint adventuring kind of storyline, complete with time-traveling and all, assuming we click and it develops.

In all of these you'd play a main female, and me a main male one, but I'd like both of us to play various NPC's with some depth and the female and the male should be engaging in sex with many others in the universe and not just each other (but depending on the story).

I'll also note that the Chrono universe is so imperfect, and the time traveling raises all sorts of unanswered questions and plot holes. That means we'll do this in a very rough form of canon. Nobody need worry about screwing something up. Part of the fun will be exploring those plot holes and perhaps running with our own ideas and interpretations of how we think things went.

If none of these inspire you, but you do like the idea of a Chrono universe RP, let's discuss anyway. These ideas came to mind but they are far from my only interests for this universe.

I've posted this on the thread area because that is primarily how I'd like to play it and would be fine playing it only there, but I'm open to other mediums too if you are.

The Fallen Princess. Rather than Marle running away to the Fair, she actually runs farther away, all the way to Porre, where through various twists and turns she winds up as a stripper\hooker. Happy to have escaped palace life, and now part of what she considers to be adventuring, one of her new customers is a disgruntled Chrono who, having saved the world, now has nothing better to do than drink and sleep with whores, using his powers to sluttify them even further. Perhaps when he discovers her real identity he will be re-inspired to straighten himself out and perform some needed day-saving with her assistance.

The Secret Modern-Day Princess One of Leene's descendants is working a strip club\high class brothel in 1999. Chrono and the gang, in an alternate ending, traveled to 1999 and averted Lavos' destruction, but lost the Wings of Time in the process, the portals closed, and now they're all stuck here. Lucca's right at home in the future, of course. Marle enjoys seeing the world. Glen goes traveling. Robo is captured for study despite Lucca's best efforts. Chrono or Magus, or both, enjoy all that modern sluttery has to offer. Chrono or Magus meet the Leene descendant in this way and know who she is.  That makes her an especially fun target, but perhaps as they get to know and love her, they'll find a way to rebuild the Wings of Time and allow her to return to an older time and take her place in the Kingdom of Guardia. Perhaps they need to rescue Robo first to make it happen.

The Mischief Makers. This will take a more rambunctious chick to pull off. Perhaps she has powers, and perhaps not, but they pale in comparison to Chrono's. They could meet in any time period but the concept is that she helps Chrono out of his depression and then they go off adventuring together. Subs won't work for this one. Not that Chrono is going to be a cuckold, but your chick is going to have to take some of the lead here to rescue him. They then go make mischief  through all the time periods. For example, they might travel to prehistoric times so she can get her rough sex fix. Or they might kidnap Ayla, bring her to 2013, set her loose in the equivalent of the White House, use magic to make her crazy horny and violent, and see what happens. Who knows. The point would just be to get crazy sex stuff happening across the Chrono universe with Serge\Kid types the central characters trying to find themselves. Very much a coming of age story.

Mikki's revenge. After helping save the world in Chrono Cross, Mikki has a score to settle. She is a powerful enough magic user, but she needs a blade for the job she has planned. Unfortunately, Serge is nowhere to be found, Kacha is unwilling, Radius is retired, Glen is too honorable for what she has planned, etc. Zak and Karsh are the only realistic possibilities, but both have daddy/love issues that have driven them into depression. I see this as them having some other love interest that is unrequited or denied. Mikki will have to fill that void, though it is probably an act, ie, she pretends to meet their emotional needs (by meeting their physical ones) and perhaps that leads to some angry rough stuff when they realize she is manipulating them (if they ever do). Mikki's the protagonist here, so this will take a little creativity from the girl.

Schala's Quest. For this one, we explore what Schala does following the destruction of the Dream Devourer. She appears to be on some quest to make humanity better, which sounds suspicious and evil if you ask me. Maybe her intentions are good, but her means questionable. And maybe she needs tools, people, guys, to help her. Maybe she seduces them in with her body then discards them. She may need to explore many time periods and use quite serious magiks to get what she wants. This strikes me as a plot-heavy one and very open to your ideas.

Fallen Kid? One last idea, which flips the paradigm. Kid is the depressed one, in love with Serge who has disappeared. Pissed she's just a clone. She lets anyone and anything use her body now, and is a shadow of her former self. An ambitious and time-traveling young Magus needs help in his fight against Lavos. A prolific thief would be a nice addition. Any thief would do, but he needs Kid for special reasons (her connection to the Chrono Trigger). And hasn't he always wanted to fuck his sister? What better way to have incest than with a not-quite-your-sister CLONE of your sister! It's perfect. He will need to save her from her debauchery and depression, or maybe just take advantage of it. He will need to convince her she is special, not worthless, or maybe just degrade her all the more. But query again whether he is genuine and, if not, what a redeemed (or has hit bottom) Kid will do to him when she finds out.

Please PM me if any of this interests you or sparks a Chrono universe idea you'd like to pitch.