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June 24, 2018, 07:28:09 PM

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Author Topic: Pairings, Fandoms, and an various ideas for indecency  (Read 266 times)

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Pairings, Fandoms, and an various ideas for indecency
« on: November 27, 2013, 04:40:00 PM »

Pairings-Here are some of the pairings I had in mind and would LOVE to play out.  They are tried and true and that is probably becaouse they can be fun.  Please let me know if any interestest you..  If you have pairings of your own please let me know.

SirenX Sailor


Hostage x hostage taker

Student X Teacher

Brother Vs Sister-One variation of this could be a  brother who likes the same woman as his gay sister.  Who will win the battle.

Cop X Criminal

CougarXDaughter's boyfriend

Father X Daughter


SlaveXSlave Owner



I Dream of Jeannie-  This I would like to start from the beginning when he first frees her from her bottle so they can build chemistriy together.  Eventually she is given her orders to not mettle in his affairs as he works and dates.  I thought we could have him date some different woman and while making it sexy perhaps some comedy would work as well.  Maybe he puts one of his dates into a freeze position just as she is about to cum  Perhaps not.  Just a thought that we might mix humor and sex.  It would also be fun in that he would be dating different woman with different tastes etc.  Eventually I see them settling down together but that is open.

2-Little Red Riding Hood.

3-Sleeping Beauty

4-Snow White

Various ideas.  None of these are set in stone so if you like a chunk of one lets take that and we can build on it while axing of the rest.

1---Female volleyball player Vs Male volleyball player-  The males are playing the females in a big match.  The female has bet on her team under an alias.  She has decided to bribe the captain of the male team to throw the game so the females can win.  Can she persuade him?

2---Error in Creation- A woman has created the perfect male to mate with.  She is a scientist and a loner and through her science work was able to create this male.  At first the male is very obedient but as time passes he becomes less and less obedient.  Finally he makes her is slave as she did to him.

3---ElliquiyFantasies-  A male hacker breaks into the comnputer of a female who is on E.  The computer has all of her fantasies she has put on E.  Once he sees them he decides to find her and hit on her.  As he gets to know her he shares his fantasies with her and they are the same.  Some aren't to make it look possible.  How does she react?

4-Aggressive woman counterattack- A woman has been having the same dream since she was a little girl.  She is now 21 and the dream continues.  It is a dream of getting married to a specific man.  One day she meets a man who looks just like the man in her dream right down to the freckles on the bridge of his nose.  She is extremely flirtatious and comes on to him in ways he doesn't like.  If not for the pushiness he may like her her aggressiveness turns him off.  It so happens the man ows the devil a favor and allows the devil to take his form and enjoy what he may with the woman.  What does the devil do to make the woman volutarily give herself to him.

5Cheating Wife- A wife after a few years of marriage decides she is going to date other men.  She never tells her husband.   At the same time her husband finds out his cooworker has finally met  a woman he is craxy about after almost a year of getting over his ex wife who cheated on him..  The woman tells this guy she is single but eventually he finds out it is his coworkers wife..  The man whose ex wife cheated on him over a year ago decides to go in on a plan with his coworker to kidnap her and bring her back to her husband.  What do they plan to do with her?

6-Nearly Drowned.--This would involve a woman who ran from her abusive husband straight into a lake.  He has a phobia of water and she knows she is safe even in the shallow areas.  However she soon goes out too far and screams out for help as her husband left.  A man relaxing nearby rescues her but not after having to bring her unconscious body into his house.  Does she wake with amnesia?  Does he try to control her as she is so used to being controlled?  It is up for discussion

7-ostumes, sex toys, and videos.  She is gorgeous and he wants her.  She pays by check one day and he takes note of her address from her drivers license.  He breaks in her house one day to see what he finds.  He finds her diary with all her fantasies.  Now at this point it can go a few ways.  He can try and seduce her with his knowlege of her or she may rebuff him and he may be forced to kidnap her. fulfilling all of herf fantasies without her permission..How will these two fair out? Any other scenarios?

Slave master.  This story involves a wealthy woman on a large estate who has a whole collection of brainwashed men who are there to serve her every whim.  She injects a drug into them daily which keeps them under her control.  One day she injects all but my character and he sees what she is doing and turns the tables on her.  He injects her with the drug and she becomes his slave.  I would start out playing the sub in this story and early on I would become the dom.