Forbidden Relationship - Older Woman/Younger man (F looking for M)

Started by VelvetSatin, November 24, 2013, 08:30:49 PM

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I am looking to start up a RP with someone who would like to explore the forbidden relationship between an older woman and younger guy.

I've got a couple ideas. The first would be that my character is a married housewife with a couple kids. Your character could be my sons friend or you could be one of the boys who works at the grocery store or who buses tables at a local restaurant.

The second idea would be that I'm an older woman who is the lead singer in a rock band. I'm in my 30's and leading one of the most popular groups at the moment. You are a young guy who's in a boy band you can play an instrument if you want to or just sing. At an after party at an event our groups meet. You are notorious for liking older women. Our characters engage in a heated relationship which the media tries to get information about.

In either idea, I'd like the younger guy to be the aggressor. I'd like him to be the bolder one who is dominant.

Seduce my character..


I like your ideas. I would love an older woman/younger man plot.

Have a look at my thread. Although it is incest themed, the running theme is watching my wife with younger men.

Hit me back if interested.