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Author Topic: Looking for NC and EX RPs...males wanted  (Read 571 times)

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Offline wrathflameTopic starter

Looking for NC and EX RPs...males wanted
« on: August 01, 2008, 04:30:48 PM »
Ok, so I am really aching to have some EX rps, but good ones, with a lot of twists, and character development, long term, and with, preferably, regular replies. Here are some ideas, they are discussable, completely changeable and basically guidelines to my likes and dislikes:

1) It starts as a nice poker night between 4 men. One of them has a new girlfriend who has recently moved in with him. He attempts to make the other guys jealous and she makes her parade around them, dressed much too kinky for such an occasion, serving them drinks, etc. She is very attractive and earns the attention of the pack leader, who decides to get back at his "friend". He proposes a contest. Each turn, the winner gets to give one command to the girl and she has to listen to them, and do exactly as they say. The guy agrees, considering she would never go for it. He loses and loses badly, and at first, his friends make her walk around, serve them beers, take off items of clothing, touch herself and sit on their laps. She does all this, thinking it's for him, though she is reluctant. When in the end she has enough, he tells her to stay some more. He loses every game so the pack leader changes the rules. The girl is theirs for the rest of the night. The men tie the guy down, and make her submit to them in every way. I am interested in a gang scene, with him being forced to watch. The girl takes them all in the end, because she thinks he really wants her to do it. The guys film everything and take the tape.

Now, the blackmail begins. They blackmail them with the tape and every time she is forced to do numerous sexual acts, each more depraved than the other. Sex with groups, them and strangers, public exposure, they take her to a sex club and she services numerous clients, they make her come with them to their cabin in the mountains where some very special guests arrive. She does these things because every time they tell her that her lover wants her to do them. In time, she starts changing, getting in touch with her carnal side and she gets off every time. The tests get harder and harder, and there are numerous endings. Either he fights for her, or she leaves him, stays with the others, becomes a nympho, etc.

I want this one to be rough, but not rape, cos in the end, though she is reluctant, she accepts everything, so NC, and the acts EX (keep in touch with my offs and ons and keep it purely human)

2) A guy who has problems with the mafia trades her step sister in exchange for his life. She is taken away without her consent, tied, presented to the boss. Since she is a virgin, he takes first taste. He toys with her mind and body and finally claims her. She is given to the boys for a few runs and in the end he decides to keep her, after she is used by everyone. He makes her his personal sex slave and shows her completely new things, and makes her want him. She falls in love with him because he doesn't hurt her, although he demands her body and soon after, her heart. He falls for her too, because she is tough and feisty and although helpless, she fights with all her strength and in the end, gives in to lust. There is betrayal in the mafia and she helps him through it, using her talents to uncover the traitors. He takes her in as his second in command and they control the mafia together.

I like happy endings, meaning, after all the roughness and hardcore scenes, there has to be some attachment. I don't like torture and I prefer forced seduction and mind play. However, I do want these to be extreme and I want them good. But no one says love can't come in an extreme situation.

Offline Gerald

Re: Looking for NC and EX RPs...males wanted
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2008, 08:19:57 PM »
so, these tow senarios seem interesting as well, I must hve been distined to come to the topic idea section tonight, for I think you and I could write well together on any of the ones I've read from you so far.  Let me know if you're interested.