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Author Topic: My request thread (M/F pairings) just updated and now an amazing 27 plots  (Read 575 times)

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I has been a very long while since I have last been here, so I figured that creating a new request threat, I consider myself a average to okay rper. In advance thank you for looking at my thread and if you find anything just shoot me a message. Again, thank you for your time.

[align=center]My RP Plots[/align][/color]

1. Lost Neko rp:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Your character arrives at home to find a strange creature on your doorstep. He looks really beaten up and worn out. He also looks very human like though not quite human as it were. What will you do, take him in and help him or send him backing, the choice is up to you.

Intro Post
_______________ was alone, he had come to town looking for a way to start a new life, hoping for things to turn in a new and exciting direction, but it was less then one day in and they had taken a turn for what he was at this point worried were for the worse. It was not his fault, but it was the fact he was what he was. He was a neko, he had the ears and the tail to prove it, and it seemed that his kind was not welcomed by some people in this large city.

___________ had grown up alone, he had grown up in a small church orphanage outside of town, one where people would drop off the kids they didn't and let the place raise them. He grew up learning, reading at all possibilities. He worked very hard to do as well as he could. Perhaps because of his origins, he worked harder then most, pushing himself to try to prove that he was someone.

His trip to town had been that goal, to go to school, to work hard, to find a productive job, and to improve his lot in life. Yet, when he arrived, he was jumped, by a group of anti-neko people, He tried to defend himself, but with so many people, and just him, it wasn't going to happen. He simply got his butt kicked, and now he was hurt, pretty badly, as he slipped across wherever he was, he looked around for a place to go to. His eyes found a house ahead, it could be the place where he could stay perhaps, the people inside would allow him to stay there, and help him. It wasn't like he had any choice, and even though he didn't know whom lived in the house he forced himself to move forward, on courage and guts alone. He made it to the house and knocked on the door before falling to the ground hoping someone happened to be inside.

2.The Widow King:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young king is a widow, he is a good man and a good king, he lost his wife to illness a year prior, and has been in morning ever since. Everyone in town wants the king to improve but don't know how to help him. So they send for someone who agrees to help the King but can she help him move on, will she be able to connect his former love beyond death to convince him to move on, will she too have feelings for him.

Intro Post
The Kingdom was a interesting one but one that now most avoided, it was a kingdom that was covered in sadness and black. The Kingdom had been all black for a full two years at this point, everyone had to wear black, everyone kept the colors of most everything as black, it was a sign of the sadness and the grief of the leaeder of the king, and the power that the great king still had over his own people.

The kingdom a good size on in the middle of the southern region was once a great trading empire, it had everything, all the goods that one could dream off, and a young leader. It was looking up, the young king and his wife were the promised ones whom would lead the kingdom to a glorious new age. They were suppose to lead the kingdom the glory of a new golden age. Yet, it obviously didn't happen.

The King had lost his wife, the light, the color behind the king was gone. He lost his way when he lost his wife, he went into a great period of grieving. The king had once been a noble man, a warrior, a scholar, and a kind generous man. The last traits of the man were their still, but he was still a shadow of his former grand self, he was skinny now, and he looked almost as if he was getting a bit frail as well. He looked unfocused on his goals, though he helped, he was unable to help himself at all.

Things were not good, things were as low as they could get for the people around the king knew this fact very well too. They in desperation send delegates to the kingdoms surrounding this one in hopes of finding someone with the right touch to come and help their kingdom and their king, for the two were interchangeably linked.

3.Misplaced in time:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young knight, one of the best in the whole history of his land has been lost to time, and now has woken up in the back ally of a street in the modern world. He walks into a local store looking for help and bumps into your character. Will you think this young man silly, or will you help him adjust to the new world around him. If you help will romance happen, or our your ways of thinking just to different.
Intro Post
He had been a knight for a good half a dozen years, he was trained along the front with the horrible vikings, he had seen so much battle since he was young. He had grown up in Dark Ages England, a knight of the great Alfred, and a warrior in his army. He had spend so many nasty days in the swamps and backwoods during the Viking War against his homeland. He grew into a find warrior during this time though.

He was a man of average height for his time, though small in comparison, being only five feet five inches, he was strong with light brown hair that was cut in a bowl cut to make it easier to fight when he had to, and light blue eyes.

He advanced one night against a odd group of enemies, leading a group into attack, he worked his way farther and farther into the camp of heathen vikings that he was soon at what they called a witch. He paused as she said some odd spell, and then everything turned black, and he was out of it.

When he woke up he was in a some place very different, some place that didn't make sense, his eyes told him that the place he was in wasn't real at all. He looked round to see modern things and blinked trying to figure out what was going on. His eye saw cars, large buildings strange looking people and he almost fell from panic alone. He moved quickly out of the alley and didn't pay attention to where he was running and tripped falling right in to someone.

4. A young warrior
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
has always trained to be the best, he has spend his whole life after the ideal of being the strongest. Yet, when he is given such an award, things seem meaningless to him, it is just a title, and means little. He decides that he needs to make something more of himself and his skills. He leave his land and goes after this quest.

Good path-
The hero finds a new land with powerful demons and helps out a group of isolated people whom are fighting, personally taking over and supporting the young princess whom he falls for as he protects her lands from powerful foes.

Dark path- He decides that the problem with the kingdom is the royals whom keep everyone down. He thus decides to take over, and captures the capital, putting to the sword the king. Yet what does he do with the queen and princess of the kingdom, perhaps he over judged and he didn't need to get rid of the royals, just take their place.

5. Ninja/Samurai RP:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You are a scout, a ninja, working for a top level warrior, skilled in the most amazing ways. You are paid by a important samurai, this Samurai has known you since forever, and you two have been friends the whole time working together for the benefit of the land, and the people of the land. Both of you have feelings for the other, but your old friends and you refuse to show them. Now, you have been given an dangerous assignment to travel in search of a mystic city, that has appeared, and find out what dangers it may pose and stop it if possible. This is a action/romance rp with an opening for other paths as well.

Intro Post

Tenyu Sentobi was a samurai from a long line of samurai, he was good at his job, and he worked as hard as any other samurai in his efforts for his kingdom. He was also the son of the Daimyo, the leader of the said kingdom. He had to set an example, he had to work harder, and he had to push himself constantly to new heights of achievement. He had to do more then everyone else in short. He had a friend, whom had worked with him on many missions, they grew up in the same family, they worked together since he was first a samurai, but that was all for she was a ninja, and the trust between Samurai and Ninja was never that great.

Tenyu was there when the rumors came to them, of a dangerous new possible enemy and a mystic city filled with odd things. It would be there responsibility to deal with it. The mission to find find and explore the city was given to him and his old friend. It would be not hard, he would have to prepare for anything that could happen, and he gathered up everything he needed the following night knowing that the ninja would most likely be prepared too.

Tenyu arrived at the way station way early, and walked around, he was excited about this mission, it was something that didn't happen ever, and it was a chance to prove himself to his father, and the land. He knew if he did this mission right, the path to being the next leader of the whole clan was open for him. The samurai walked to his horse and made sure that he had put everything in its right place. He let out a sight after a few more moments, he knew that the Ninja ally of his had a tenancy of being late, of showing up after she was suppose to, and he had to hope that was the case here.

6. Mystery Lands RP:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You are traveling for an assignment, you are a reporter for a big time paper. You travel across the sea when you find that you get into a heck of a storm, this storm is unlike anything you have ever seen or felt, or even noticed before.  You know the ship is going to be in trouble, and you manage to make it to a lifeboat as the craft sinks into the sea. As you escape however, you are knocked out, waking up on a strange land, one with all sorts of mystic and fantasy characters with all sorts of powers and abilities, the only thing is, in this world, you are the only human, and none one you have meet have heard of humans outside of legends.

7. The Escape
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A strange plague has come forth to the land, this plague is unlike anything anyone has ever seen. All medicine has been proven ineffective against it, nothing has worked to stop the spread of the plague. The plague is thought of as a punishment against the sins of the world, for turning towards science and away from god. The reason this is the cause, is, the plague doesn't kill people, but turns them into demons, corrupting them, and creating a chaos which levels whole cities despite the attempts to stop the demons or the plague. You are one of the humans whom is left, you are wondering the world, searching for this nation, that is suppose to be out there somewhere, where the demon plague never got to, the last human nation on earth, A place where all the human's whom survived immune to the plague has retreated too. Will you make it to the island, will you find help on the way, and what will happen when you do make it there?

8. a interesting trip:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
there was a huge contest, that went up around the country, the win would win a one year trip around the world, going to pretty much everywhere around the world in the most luxurious way possible for free. Millions of people entered into the contest, for the prize, but in the end something odd happened, and two names came out at the same time. Two random names, one a young man, and one a young woman, whom didn't know each other at all. Know they both have won this trip, but they will have to deal with each other's company if they wish to go on the trip.

9. Japanese RP
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You are a courtesan to the emperor of Japan, who wants to use you to keep track of potential enemies. As such he has sent you to a far flung land to the south, to keep on eye on one warlord.  When you arrive you find the strong young lord is charismatic, working to help his people, it makes it harder to do what you were sent to do if he turned out to be strong, will you be able to slay the possible threat to your lord, or will you in time end up betraying your emperor and fighting with this new lord, he might give you a chance for greater glory, but at great risk, for challenging the emperor will be no small feat. The other possibility is, you are able to use your skills to keep him in the emperors camp and create peace between the two as the peace offering in a way.

10. Super Villain:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A great evil genius, this man wants it all and now he has a plan, he is going to capture a super heroine and force her into becoming his, doing what he wants, now all he has to do is trap her and break her down to being such a servant. He is actually new on the scene, and the heroine doesn't know his mental skills, which can cause a person to feel different, having direct effects on their Libido. Will the Hero manage to find a way to counter the skills and traps of the villain or will she fall pray to the villain and loser her way forever.

11. In the Books:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
People write books all the time, and toss them aside, thinking nothing of them or what happens inside the book. One of these writers, is sent a blank book, this book is suppose to be special, the writer as ever starts to write his new story, finding himself the next morning unknowingly in the world of the book he has written, and still can write, what will happen in the the writer, will they figure out they have control of the story, or just go along, and let it happen at random, will they keep hold of the book or will it be stolen from them, a lot of ways this rp could end up going. With this idea, the world ideas would be worked up, it could be a ever dynamic world, a world from some show perhaps, and it could be a ever changing world since everything could change due to the book being changed by the writer. Anyhow lots of possible ways this one could go.

12. Demon Hunter Survival
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Alex Johnson had worked for years as a demon hunter, he had worked most of that time with the same person, hunting down the worst of the demons to prevent them from causing any problems for humanity. He did what he had to do, nothing else nothing more. Time moved on, he grew older, wiser perhaps, and the demons grew smarter and more dangerous. He was working with his partner on a mission when the demons unleashed a new type of attack one that effected the hormones of its target, causing them to become far more lustful after they were hit, giving them to a bit over to the side of the enemy, what would happen when this happens to either Alex or his partner, will the person not affected be able to resist, will the together find a way to put a end to this and a end to the demon threat all together. Many ways this rp could go.

13.Sekirei Rp:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You are one of the special Sekirei, there are 110 of you, each with your own special power that you can uses. Sadly, the power doesn't become active till you find your Ashikabi, a special male who is destined to bond with you. When you find him and kiss him your powers become active, and the stronger your connect the stronger your powers. You will need them cause you will be in a fight as all 110 of you fight it out to be the last one and have a prize said to of been directly from the gods. Could combine this idea with other fighting series if you want.

14. Stuck in a Game:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You take a job at a gaming company, that writes software, Eroge games, you and your boss are in a discussion about your new job when something odd happens, and the two of you are transported actually into one of the stories, each of you taking on the persona of one of the characters in the game. You have to be able to play out the game to be able to get out of it. How will things work, how will you be able to deal with the situations that you are put in as a result of being put into the game. What type of game is up for discussion, though I would lean towards dating sims style, but it is possible to try other ones. This one as with the rest of my ideas could go a variety of ways, and could be adjusted before it starts

15. A New World, A New Type of Fighting
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You are a Warrior a rare female knight in the world that is constantly at war  A war which has taken you from shore to shore fighting. Your very good at it as well, yet, one day you feel odd and pass out, and wake up somewhere very different. The world you wake up in, isn't one with any fighting at all, something different has taken its place, people on this world use these odd machines, mecha to fight in contest to win money, it is how they deal with pent up aggression between each other and win glory. The person stands in there machine and they move around as they would normally. This could go another of ways, from you ending up as a pilot to helping a team out, or just enjoying this world, and the peace, to finding out the always the peace isn't so lasting, it is a pretty open idea, which could be worked out before the rp Starts.

16. Deadly city:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
You are in the capital of Japan, things on the streets are getting crazy, they are fighting everyday and dying everyday all around you, the thick smell of blood is impossible to avoid and or forget when you see it. You need to learn how to defend yourself or at least have someone protect you, you find a ronin, one whom was kicked out of his own school of kinjutsu for unknown reasons. Yet, pickers can't be choosers, though he does seem dangerous, what will the reactions be like between you especially if you find out the school he went to, is mortal enemies with your family.

17. The Messenger of Bad News, and A New Home
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A unknown new young man comes to a rural town, he is a solider from the war, he has come two reasons, first is to start a new life for himself, but secondly and more immediately is to tell a family about the death of one of their own, a person whom he had served with and worked with up till his death near the end of the war. As he goes, he meets someone close to his fallen friend whom wants to know more about the death of him and thus spends more time around him. I could be a sister, fiance, childhood friend, etc. As they spend time around each other, the two fall for each other.

18. Relic Hunter:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
John Alexander was a rather skilled former knight, turned mercenary, he was traveling one day when he found a message talking about a dozens of rare items that gave a man special powers, these powers make a person far stronger then they would normally be, each one in its own way. All of them, in the unknown areas of the world, areas filled with unknown races, and creatures of all types. John decides to go on this journey, to have his great adventure, to find a way to power and to test himself. Whom will he run into, what will this journey be like, whom else is after these powerful relics, and what unknown dangers wait on this journey.

19. A demon's quest:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Dante was one of the most powerful demons in the whole of the realms, but he wanted more power, more power could only come with a quest that he needed for power. He needed to venture forth to the human realm and that of their realms and follow a guide as he went between the kingdoms, attacking them, and finding the chosen females from each one so that he can achieve a greater power then ever and take over the demon realm for himself.

20.Space Pirate Mathis:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In a world where the government is horribly corrupt, where trade goes between the stars and where humanity has become complacent and weak over the years. One man has become a living legend, Space Pirate Mathis, started out in the Earth Exploration Forces, but soon found it horribly corrupt, and only those whom had connections could get the most basic promotions. Over time, Mathis, found that the humans were doing nothing but controlling its own people, and destroying themselves.

He soon after stole his ship, an advance prototype that was in development in secret, one to be used to destroy any group whom even thought of challenging the power of the government.  He used that ship to counter the government and to fight, any one whom was a threat to his newly found freedom.

The government has failed at every single attempt to get this man, his tactics, and his skills in and out of combat are just to good for them. They need to find a trap, and they decide to use a young woman, as the trigger promising her things, in return for the head of the great rebel space pirate as well as all the information that he has as well on groups that are rebellious towards the government. Will she be able to go and do what she has been promise, or after getting to know the man, will she change sides?
21. Demon Hunter Survival
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Alex Johnson had worked for years as a demon hunter, he had worked most of that time with the same person, hunting down the worst of the demons to prevent them from causing any problems for humanity. He did what he had to do, nothing else nothing more. Time moved on, he grew older, wiser perhaps, and the demons grew smarter and more dangerous. He was working with his partner on a mission when the demons unleashed a new type of attack one that effected the hormones of its target, causing them to become far more lustful after they were hit, giving them to a bit over to the side of the enemy, what would happen when this happens to either Alex or his partner, will the person not affected be able to resist, will the together find a way to put a end to this and a end to the demon threat all together. Many ways this rp could go.

21. A Dangerous Case:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
a case were a young detective is working on a mystery, to solve the mystery, she has to get the help from a former criminal whom she doesn't trust at all. He has other reasons for helping her get rid of these criminals but he isn't about to tell her that. The rp focuses on the dynamic between the two, as she tries to figure out his real game and he works on attempting to use the detective to achieve his own ends.

22.Enemies Unite:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two enemies whom had been on different sides of a war, have been away from home for a long time. Each loyal to their own  side. Yet, when they are engaged in a heated fight, they find themselves surrounded by a new enemy, one whom unknown to them has attacked each of their countries, and have targeted each of them as priority targets. Now these two former enemies will have to work together, against what could be a much more dangerous threat. Will they be able to, or will old hatreds flare up and the two kill each other.

22. The Battle with the Queen of Demons:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He was an adventurer with many years of experience, he had set his eyes on a great prize the glory of defeating the queen of the demons, a succubus of great power, and beauty. He went after her, set to win his fame glory and riches. Of course this wasn't such a easy taste, she has interest in him too, she has known about him as a possible threat for a while now, and she doesn't plan to go down without a fight. What will happen when these two foes class, and the battle is heated up. As I am sure you can figure this can go many different ways mattering on what is decided upon.

23. Heroine Hunter:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ajax was a man whom loved games, but always hated how things always worked out. He kind of felt bad for the villain whom was predestined to lose all the matches. Especially the matches to some weak female whom found the right protection or protector at the right moment to save the world. He still loved to play the games though. He was pretty average other then that, till one day he discovered a new power, after a strange lightning storm, where he could go into the game worlds, and in them had unlimited power. Now he could be the villain whom defeated the heroines and made them submit to him, it was an idea that made the man smile, he just had to pick the first world he would go to, and the first heroine he would go after. As with other this has a lot of room for adjustment it can be one heroine or many, it can be a cannon character or OC would work too.

24.mix-matched partners:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There as been a war between the Elf's and humans for generations! both sides have suffered greatly! Now with the arrival of the demons things change. The old enemies must work together to defeat the demons. As a result the sides pair up a elf and a human together on a mission deep into the demon territory on a mission to kill the leader of the demons. Will they be able to worked to gather and survive or will old hates and differences doom the mission and thus the alliance

25.An Act of Kindness
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
a young man lives alone he comes from a well off family who is always away on trips to different places. He tends to spend most of his time alone, and is skilled in a number of things. As a senior in high school he is looking at going anywhere he wants to for college. Still the loneliness is hard for the young man but that changes when he finds a abandoned cat at his doorstep. He takes the cat in and gives it a home. Little does he know that the cat is really a Nero. The next morning he goes to feed the cat to find it transformed to a beautiful female neko.

26.the last?[/b]
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
He is the very last one of his kind(what type he is can be talked about during planning for the rp) he is alone in the world. He goes I search of someone to make sure he doesn't die the last of his race or a way to make sure that his race had a way to survive. This thus could go a lot of ways which could be planned before the start of the rp.

26. Out of Place and Time:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Two people from two different points in time(could be various eras), who have two different roles in their societies are transported to a fantasy world. They are sent there to see how they would cope with what they face, a world of mystery, of adventure, one where the people are of all types of thought to be fantasy races, and where people think nothing of this. The two of them when they enter into the world are forced to help each other and told if they don't some unknown doom might happen

27. The Odd Couple:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
they have known each other forever since they were kids, they never really liked one and another at all the whole time they grew up, in fact most of the time the two of the avoided each other. Yet for some reason fate always put them together, going to the same schools, the same business, everything, they tended to follow the same path, neither one of them actually planning for it, more like a supremely fluky type thing. So what happens one morning is a shock to the both of them. They are stuck handcuffed together unable to break it, no matter what they try, it is like it is a special lock that nothing will unlock, there isn't even a key lock on it. So the two of them are stuck together, will they be able to coexist, will they be stuck for ever, or is there a unknown way for the lock to come off that no one knows

Also looking for an rp based on Tenchi Muyo Series, Dragonball, Buso Renkin, or Black Cat, (OCs work find with this0. I have also would be up for GMing any idea, and I have recently learned a bit about dice based games, with a bit of experience in D20 games, and if someone wanted to do that, I would be up for working up an idea for it with the person. Again, thank you for taking the time to look at my thread and have a good day.
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