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Author Topic: Male Seeking Female [Specific Plot Inside] {Heroine's Life}  (Read 932 times)

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Male Seeking Female [Specific Plot Inside] {Heroine's Life}
« on: November 22, 2013, 05:09:21 am »
Okay, so this plot follows the short story below. IF a person wanted so much as to use the exact character I've created in this Short, they are more than welcome do to so. If a person would like to come up with a character WITH me, that would also be awesome. At any rate, for this, I would be more or less DMing the game, playing multiple villains, determining the weather, time of day, practically everything. All you would be required to do, is exist within the world, and react to the things I throw at you. The person who I want to fill this slot for me, should be apt at writing scenes of violence. The violence shouldn't, and likely won't exceed what is going to be read in the Short. That is unless killing is involved, and it would likely be on the villains end. The person to fill my Heroine's shoes, should be willing to have multiple N/C scenarios, one of which will likely be double penetration(twin villains). Just be open to things in general, we can discuss things, however there will be some things I will specifically not inform you of in order to make them more surprising. Without any further ado, I present to you....

a Crash Course in Losing
Fresh air, the morning breeze, filled with little droplets of dew, and rays of the morning sun. The smell of French roast coffee brewing into a pot. The view off of the forty second floor was astonishing. And for Kira Myles, this was her every day. The twenty two year old photo journalist had received mass media attention and a considerable amount of money from many of her impossible to get shots.  The raven haired, green eyed bombshell was no stranger to danger, she had been to many global conflicts. Ranging from Libya to Northern Ireland for domestic terrorism coverage. The girl wouldn’t appear to be anything of a fighter, or even someone willing to put themselves in harms way. She stood a whopping five feet nine inches tall, and weighed a light one hundred and seven pounds. Kira who was fair skinned, was always concerned about her looks. She hated that she wasn’t given the chest of other women. But her body made up for that fact. The young woman, had her shoulder length hair tied back into a bun, and wore a simple bath robe. Looking out over the city, her building was the fourth highest in the city. So she could see over almost everything.

After enjoying her coffee, Kira walked to the bathroom, entered into an already steam filled room. Stripping her robe off of her, the female sunk into the warmth of a bath. Her perky nipples puffed up and got hard from the heat. She gave out a soft content sigh, and closed her eyes leaning back into the bath. This was how every day started for her, normal. But from that point forward, the ‘normalcy’ of her day would change depending on what came her way. Her job wasn’t her only duty, she had a secret life. Something that, not many people knew about, but that she would continue doing until she died. Her little project, something she kept hidden. To people in her building, they would know her as the loving, caring, and thoughtful Kira Myles. But to scum, people that stole, killed, raped, she was known as ‘Justice’. She wasn’t a super-hero, she didn’t have an unlimited supply of money, or advanced technology. She wasn’t immortal, or anything above a human. Just a woman, with a real big problem with the way that the city was run, at night. Kira Myles, wasn’t scared of anything or anyone. But Justice, was feared by many.

Kira has trained over the last seven years in Krav Maga, Jujitsu, and TaeKwanDo. Also spending countless hours in shooting ranges, training herself to become an expert shot with her pistol of choice. A .22 caliber Beretta 87 Cheetah, a target shooting gun, but plenty powerful enough to put a person to their knees, or grave if need be. Kira specializes however, in bladed weaponry. She custom designed, and helped forge her own set of blades. Two seven inch, full serration, tanto tipped, ultra high carbon, extra tempered straight blade. She thought of them as sexy, just like Justice. Justice didn’t have a cape, or anything extravagant, she actually was slightly scantly clad. Wearing a iron plated black corset, black stockings, thigh high leather boots, a paste on charcoal colored eye mask, and a neon pink, mid back length wig. She always did her makeup the same way too, bright blue on the eyes, and neon green on the lips. The final piece to the puzzle, a long black leather duster. Kira would go out every night as Justice, and find people doing anything wrong and persuade them, one way or another to stop.

As of recently, the most that she’s been having problems with, were a group calling themselves ‘Freaks and Creeps’, not a very pleasant name. They definitely weren’t a very pleasant group of thugs, mostly young adults who were strung out on all sorts of drugs. Trying to steal whatever they could to make their next fix. These people are what Kira has a problem with, and what Justice, has no problem disbanding. When Kira would put on her outfit, and don the appearance of Justice, she felt like a whole different person. Inside and out, she felt strong, fast, fierce and violent. Unlike her normal caring, cautious side, that wouldn’t cross the street without looking twice, or three times. Today was her day off, it was one of those days that she didn’t have to find something to write an article about, a day where she could go during the day to one of her favorite places. The bar.

After pleasing herself, Kira removed herself from the bath, dried off, got changed, made sure she had everything. Slipped on her heels, and walked out of her apartment, locking the door tightly behind her. In her large Chanel bag over her shoulder, her entire ‘wardrobe’ of Justice was in this bag. Gun, extra magazines, knives, outfit, and makeup. She planned to be out for most of the day, and when the sun would start going down, she would throw away her normal appearance and get on with her sexy ways. A short walk down the street, Kira could feel the eyes on her, her hair was a tad bit curly now, and her makeup was simple, but beautiful. She wore a short dress, just barely going down her thighs, and a mostly fur jacket. She looked good, like always though. The city was already turning from the beauty of the morning, into the dinginess of the evening. Beggars and the homeless littered the streets, waiting next to nicer cars for the owner to come so they could try to swindle them out of their money. People like that, were sad, or so Kira thought, she wondered where their determination to work and live had gone. After walking three blocks, Kira was faced with a large park directly in front of her, it was the only park in this big city, and it was massive. Spanning twenty six blocks long, and thirteen blocks wide, the park had multiple creeks, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball pits, swings, and other things for people to do. Even a small space for people to ride their horses, as absurd as it was to have horses in the city, there were people who did. The park had over five hours of trails for people to walk through, and was filled with forest life. Deer, and other animals roamed the park at all hours of the day, but at night, no one dared enter the parks woods. It was said that if you did, you’d easily be raped, and than killed by the Freaks and Creeps. Turning left and walking across the cross walk, as the hand blinked white for her to cross, Kira walked quickly, her heels tapping on the pavement. She could hear a cat call coming from a car waiting in traffic, and she knew it was directed at her.

After walking one more block, Kira stood in front of her local favorite bar, and gave a sigh of relief, she’d made it, again. Walking in, she was greeted by the brunette that worked at the bar, almost every night. The girl loved Kira, and always took care of her, she made sure that Kira’s drinks were strong, and that Kira was in good spirits. The bar was quaint, but had a great atmosphere and decently loud, decently up beat music. Nothing too poppy or, top 40’s chart, just music that was easy to listen to, and easy to dance to, should you decide to do so. As soon as Kira entered the door, Bethany waved to her with a great big smile, and started making Kira her screwdriver. Kira examined the bar, and recognized a few regulars, but saw faces she hadn’t recognized, one in particular a man sitting in the darkest corner of the bar all by himself, staring into his drink. He wore a ragged leather jacket, looked to be in his mid, or late thirties, quite a bit of stubble on his face, on the table around his hands which held his beer, seven shot glasses. Hearing a clink of a glass on the counter, Kira turned with a smile towards Bethany.

“He’s been like dat for twenty minutes now. Dun know why, tha guy gives me tha creeps.” Bethany said, her voice thick of a British accent

“Looks like he’s had a rough day. Poor guy, hope things go better for him. How are you Bethany?” Kira asked

“Oh, ya know, jus dealin wit tha same bloody bullshit. My boyfriend wants me to quit me job and stay at home, try and have a baby. But, I’m not really that interested. I love ya people.” The bartender explained with a big smile

“We love you too Beth, here’s to you!” Kira exclaimed

Raising her glass to the brunette behind the counter, Kira waited until Bethany picked up her class, Jack n Coke, like always, tipping their glasses together, the two shot down a large sip. Puckering up her lips, Kira made a cute face, to express her approval of the strength of the drink. Bethany laughed loudly, and walked away to deal with a few other costumers. After ten minutes or so, Kira had finished off two drinks and was working on her third. She was, if you asked her, a mild closet alcoholic. She loved to drink, and loved to get drunk. But, that was because it made the thrill of the hunt later, that much more fun. But no one knew that of course. Figuring on that being her last drink, Kira tapped her glass on the counter, to call over Bethany, who walked across the bar towards her female friend. Before Bethany could speak, the man from earlier stepped on the side of Kira and dropped down three twenty dollar bills.

“Should cover mine, keep the rest.” He spoke in a gruff demanding voice

Turning from the bar the man walked quickly, and heavily out of the bar, after hitting the door with his fist, the door swung open with a loud thud. And the man disappeared out into the fading sunlight. Kira looked back to Bethany who returned her look of confusion. But Bethany smiled and gave an unsure laugh to the mans posture and the way he sounded. She counted the bills, and realized that he’d left her almost twenty dollars in tip. Because of the weird connection Bethany felt towards Kira, she counted out how much she wanted to take out of the tip and put towards Kira’s drinks.

“Well, that’ll be two dollars for you missy.” Bethany said

“TWO DOLLARS?! No no, let me pay all of it!” Kira protested

“Not happening, two dollars, or you walk out of here not paying at all.” Bethany retorted

Pouting, but quickly changing it into a smile, Kira handed Bethany a ten dollar bill. She had the change, but she wanted to tip her friend accordingly. Or, rather, tip her very well since her drinks were so extremely cheap. Bethany placed her hand on Kira’s and gave it a squeeze, winking at the woman, Bethany let go and spun around to the register.

“See you in two days?” She asked

“You’d better have my drinks ready when I get here, or you’re in trouble.” Kira told the bartender

Blowing her a kiss, Bethany waved to Kira and put the money in the register, and pocketed the rest. Standing and waving back, Kira headed for the door. Her Chanel bag hanging from her shoulder, she would walk three blocks back towards her apartment, to get to her office, to change into her alternate self. She was already feeling the excitement boil up inside of her. She was like a kid on Christmas eve, every time. Once outside of the bar, she was hit with a blast of cigarette smell, but no one was smoking around her. Thinking it odd, she just walked off and began thinking about what she’d be able to catch someone doing tonight. After six minutes of walking, Kira was at her office. Reaching into her Chanel bag, she pulled out her wallet, pulled her access key from her wallet, and entered into the office. She slipped past her bosses office, and down the hall to her office, it was the last door on the left, located right next to the emergency exit. Once inside of her office, she stripped out of her clothes, and began to dress for war.

Twenty minutes later, she was no longer Kira Myles, photo journalist, but a Goddess of destruction, the embodiment of Justice. Peeking her head out of her office, Kira looked left, right, left, and right again, than headed down the hall, took a right, and headed out the emergency exit. Their office had it’s own back alley, so she had about two minutes to walk until she hit the street. And once she did, it was a straight shot across into the park. Night was quickly upon her, and she could slowly start to see stars. It was warm out still, clouds shielded the heat from fully escaping, and it also blocked a lot of the moonlight out. After darting across the still busy street, Kira walked down one of the trails into the depths of the woods. This was normal for her, and as such, she recognized all the smells. The creek running to her left, that followed this trail it’s whole distance. The sound of people still play basketball while the courts were still open. Kira walked slowly, she would wait until the park officially was supposed to be closed, excluding the trails. Sitting on a bench in the darkness, Kira listened to the final calls of the birds and other animals before the roosted off for the night. The dim glow of her cigarette illuminated her face ever so often. Smoking the cigarette about down to the filter, she dropped it on the ground, and smothered it with her heel.

Starting off towards the direction of a place where bikes were usually locked up, and sometimes forgotten. Kira could no longer hear the animals going off, and she knew, it was ‘their’ time to come out and play. Before she could even see the bike storage, she could hear people cackling and laughing. She figured, hoodlums trying to get a bike for free. Walking around the corner, but staying within the shadows Kira saw two young men. One was just being destructive and popping the tires on select bikes, while the other was cutting the chains from the bikes, and pulling them off the racks. Kira waited until their backs were turned and she approached the two quickly. Being twenty yards out or so, Kira covered the distance in no time, even with her heels, she moved gracefully and effortlessly.

“Excuse me, but, it seems you’ve no decency, how about you two drop the bolt cutters, leave the bikes, and get lost.” She said

The two young men laughed at Kira’s taunts, and started towards her. While she knew they were expecting her to back away, she walked forward, and the two stopped in their tracks. Seeing her hair, clothes, and the mask, she knew they understood than who they were dealing with. A bitch with an attitude. One of the men pulled a knife at this point, and so Justice pulled one of her own. Spinning it around in her right hand, she twirled it into her let, and stopped it with ease. The two men look at each other in disbelief and ran off flipping the female the bird.

“Pussies! Couldn’t you at least play with me a bit?!” She taunted

Spinning the knife back into her right hand, she sheathed it along her thigh. Walking towards the bike racks Kira examined the bikes, to see if there was any evidence to possibly track the two down, via the police. Going down to a kneeling position, Kira looked around for a second on the ground, standing back up, she looked in the direction that she had come from, thinking she had seen something out of the corner of her eye. Once her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she knew there was nothing there.

‘Just your mind playing tricks on you Kira, get a grip… These losers run from you now more than ever before. Not anyone in this city would dare try and sneak up on… Justice.’ She thought to herself

Sighing and turning around, Kira was startled that she was staring into the black leather jacket of someone. The girls training paid off, because she was quick to dodge the first strike that was intended for her face, and the next sweeping hand that grabbed at her wig. Noticing the figure to be male, she did what she had trained herself to do, a quick but powerful kick to the side of the knee, and than one fast kick to the groin. Jumping up and arching her back, she pushed off the male figures chest, reached her hands above her head, and landed on the other side of the bike rack. The girl would look almost like a gymnast, and if someone saw her, they would have of sworn she was one. But never in her life, had she been one, just was always flexible and agile. The male who stood, and dusted off his chest, cracked his neck.

“I’ll play with you little girl.” The male voice boomed

Kira narrowed her eyes, and took a long good look at the man. He looked like he was about six feet five inches tall, had very broad shoulders, a very muscular build. When she kicked off of his chest, she felt little to no give aside from his leather motorcycle jacket, so she knew he had the advantage should he get a hold of her. He wore black denim jean pants, black leather gloves, and a black mesh mask that had a red ‘X’ sewn onto the face. She couldn’t distinctly pick out any details of the man, aside from the fact that he towered over her. Smiling and standing up straight, Kira was no longer Kira, this was Justice in front of the man. Moving her duster out of the way she put her hands on her hips, and showed off her knives and pistol.

“Oh really big boy? Because people who ‘play’ with me, get fucking hurt. Sure you won’t go cryin’ to mama?” Justice taunted

She could almost see the massive grin that slipped across the beast like mans face. Her taunt had failed, if anything else it had just made the man even more excited to get a hold of this beauty. Darting forward towards Justice, Justice back peddled quickly and put fifteen yards distance between her and the massive male figure. The man hopped the bike rack, with his right hand steadying him as he did on the top rail of the rack. Once his feet touched the ground, he grunted and lifted the rack off the ground, grasping it with his other hand, he hurled it at Justice. Performing a backwards handspring, Justice felt the rack sail just over her torso, as her feet hit the ground, she postured herself, drew her blades and returned her attention to the male figure. But to her surprise, the man was already in her face, the only thing she could see, his leather covered fist. As the large fist connected with Justice’s face, that one hit alone, almost knocked her unconscious. Knocking her off of her feet, Justice flipped head over heels into a cartwheel and stood straight up again.

‘Shit he’s strong… One more hit like that and I’m done for.’

Analyzing the situation, she knew she had to keep distance between himself and her, she wasn’t about ready to draw her pistol, in fact, she hated to do so. It was a last line of defense for her, she loved her blades. The up close and personal effect, the blood, the look of pain on a persons face, it made her heart skip. The beastly male figure bolted towards her again, once again, her tactic of approaching the enemy just as quickly as they do her. But this time, it didn’t pay off in the same regard, the male figure didn’t waver or change direction, instead he rushed more recklessly. But that worked for Justice too, dodging under his large arms, she swiped both large blades across his torso, and along his side. Both her feet were off the ground for a second as she had to leap to avoid his grasp, but when both feet connected on the ground, she skid to a stop, and spun to face her assailant. Her attack had hit the mark, but it was more shallow than Justice had hoped. The leather jacket was proving to be quite the useful defense against slicing. She’d have to go to stabbing.

“That was a good punch you got on me. But it’ll be your last… Don’t you know who you’re fucking with?” Justice asked

“Lady Justice.” The male voice sounded out from behind his mask

"I take it you’re with the Freaks and Creeps, aren’t you?” She inquired

“No. Those idiots couldn’t keep me entertained even if I were to crush them all!” He responded

“You got a name than, because I’m gonna tear you to shreds, I’d like to know the name of the person who actually stood up to ME.” She taunted

“Name? You can call me Crash.” The male informed her

“Crash? Pfft! Haha! What a weak na-”

Justice was cut off mid sentence because the male, addressing himself as Crash, began his assault again. Rushing at her without paying any attention to anything other than getting in close to beat her to the ground. Crash swung with a right hook, aimed at Justice’s ribs. Justice stepped into the punch, putting herself directly within reach of the man, standing just inches away from his chest. Within an instant, Justice stuck the tips of her blades into the mans torso and flicked her wrists outward, the blades shot out of his jacket, as did a small trail of blood. The mans large arms shot together like a pincer trying to trap Justice in his grasp. Doing the splits, Justice shot to the ground, and bolted between the mans legs. Flipping up to her feet, Justice darted forward to give herself distance once again. Spinning around, she was greeted to the sight of the mans fist, again, but this time, she dodged. Ducking down low, Justice looked to her left, to see his right palm rocketing towards her face. Stabbing her knife into the mans hand, the blade went four inches in, gripping down on the handle too tight, and in a little bit of awe as to how little this man reacted in pain to the wounds she had given him. Justice was pulled to her feet, and hit in the stomach with a left hand. The punch was so strong that it caused her to cough up all her oxygen, and lose her breath. She was seeing stars, but reacted to the situation and let go of her blade, when she did so, the man slapped his right hand onto the girls thigh pushing the blade two inches into her leg. Grabbing her thigh, he flung her off the ground and tossed her into a tree trunk nearby.

Holding her other knife in her left hand, Justice wrapped her right arm around her body and stood to her feet, her knees shaky and legs weak. She hadn’t ever fought anyone like this before, this was real combat. She had in the past been sparred with at the dojo she trained at, but never had she faced someone so relentless. Someone who knew nothing about fear, or apparently pain. Watching as the male pulled the blade slowly from his hand, blood ran down his fingers and dripped onto the grass below him. Tilting his head to the side she could hear his neck pop from where they were, for whatever reason it sent shivers down her spine, at the same time, ignited a fire within her chest. As slowly as he had removed it from his body, returning the blade to it’s owner was instantaneous. The blade shook and wobbled in the tree trunk behind her, reaching up, Justice tugged it from the tree. For whatever reason, she found herself smiling, the pain in her leg, absent from her mind. Adrenaline, it was coursing through her blood making her heart pound like it hadn’t ever before. Watching the man make a fist, Justice didn’t wait for him to come to her, instead she dashed toward him. Screaming at the man, Crash laughed and darted forward as well, the girl was good, this he would admit. She was living up to some of his expectations, but he was a little disappointed at how easily shaken she was. Throwing a left straight at Justice, Crash was starting to underestimate the girl, her next movements he couldn’t even track.

Digging the spike of her heel into the soft grass, Justice used it as a point of pivot, to spin on one leg, using her other leg to gain momentum, both blades, clashing against Crash’s extended arm, in multiple criss cross patterns. Her free leg buried it’s foot into the sternum of the large man. Warmth splashed against the girls face as she freed her foot from the ground, flipping backwards to give distance. Crash held his left hand over his chest where she had kicked him, she felt a pop on that one, a broken rib for sure. Turning around, and looking to Justice, Crash held out his hand in a thumbs up, and than turned it upside down to a thumbs down. His left arm had just been shredded, she cut deep, getting some tendons. Now, he could hardly make a tight fist. Punching with that hand, impossible. He could still however grab and throw with it. Letting a low growl escape his throat, Crash darted forward at Justice, who back peddled this time. She was smart, quick to think, and quick to react, she knew the same tactic or trick wouldn’t work twice, so she had to give time to find a new form of attack. She noted how all of his power came from his upper body, and so if she could disable his legs, than she would have a hope of walking away from this as unscathed as possible. As the two traversed through a field, Justice could see the distance was closing between the two of them, he was faster than she was, at least while she moved backwards. Turning and bolting forward toward the woods, Justice could see the difference in speed now. Even in heels she was much faster than him, once in the woods, Justice came to a dead stop, turned and ducked to avoid a punch from Crash’s right hand. Swinging both her blades down at his wrist trying to take his hand from him, Crash avoided by dropping to his knees and sliding forward. Standing quickly, he faced Justice, his breathing was heavy, but so was hers. Crash was bleeding much more profusely than what Justice had first realized, but he didn’t seem to be effected all that much by it. The pain in her leg was starting to catch up to her. Justice knew this needed to end now, and she needed to put him down to make sure that she could get away.

Since the two were in tight quarters now, trees surrounding them on all sides, Justice knew there wasn’t much of a chance of a stray bullet connecting with anything living. Standing no more than fifteen feet from each other, Justice swung with her right blade at her chest level, which would be gut level for Crash. Releasing the blade, so that it spun through the air, Justice darted after the blade. Crash, who did the unexpected, caught the thrown blade in his left hand, as Justice closed distance on him, Crash swung with his right hand hard, delivering a powerful backhand to Justice’s head. Spinning her off of her feet, and throwing her a few feet to the left, Justice popped to her knees, and already had her gun drawn. She squeezed the trigger and let one round fly, the round lodged itself in Crash’s right shoulder. Even she was surprised by this, she had shot the gun, numerous times to adjust to how it fired, and knew she could hit a target if she tried. But this was the first time she had shot anyone. On the other end, it was Crash’s first time being shot, but not the first time he had been shot at. Reaching up, and feeling the bullet hole, Crash pushed his finger into it and pulled his bloodied finger out of the hole. Watching the emotionless, reckless person, Justice was shocked at the way he reacted. Unzipping his jacket, and tearing the left sleeve off of his body, if Justice had been Kira she would be blushing to no end at his body. He was practically flawless, aside from the shallow lacerations to his torso, and the deep ones on his left arm. His body was a machine, all solid muscle, built to protect bone and vital organs, and built to destroy others. Snapping out of her trance, Justice squeezed the trigger, but it was too slow. Crash darted from side to side, pushing off of the nearby trees to change the direction in which he moved, her shots missing, one after another. The pistol had a fifteen round magazine, and she had made one count, but she had shot off nine rounds. Having five left in the gun, she pushed deeper into the woods, trying to keep him in a straight line of her. Crash still held the girls knife that she had thrown in his left hand. He was watching the gun carefully, his eyes trained completely on it, watching for it to steady, as it was a sign she was squeezing the trigger to fire, that was his cue to change direction. Two more shots, she had three left, and he was counting. Pushing forward to force himself into a straight line, Crash watched as the barrel tightened up on his position, diving to the ground, the shot grazed his back as she tried to hit him center mass. Rolling to his feet, he bolted forward still, once again the barrel leveled out, and Crash dropped all his momentum and weight into his right leg, forcing himself to shoot off to the left. The shot missed entirely, Crash could tell that Miss Justice was getting frustrated.

Darting forward in another straight line, Justice lined up her target as she had been instructed to do, but once again, just before her shot could go, his position changed, this time, though she saved the bullet. As it was her last in this magazine, but with the speed he was moving, she wouldn’t have time to reload, nor would she have time to unsheathe her blade and swing on him. She was down to one bullet, if it didn’t connect, he had her. And she knew it. Standing her ground, she let Crash rush towards her, letting the distance close, she knew he would have less time to react at closer distances. As he approached, she counted the feet he was from her.

‘Ten… Five…. Three… NOW!’ She screamed in her head

Raising the sights to the mans concealed face, she squeezed the trigger, but the barrel of the gun shot into the air, and the bullet soared off into the air. Her attention turned to what had pushed her gun up into the air, and noted that it was his right hand. He had grabbed the gun and pushed it into the air, she forgot, his arms were longer than the distance between them. Crash was obviously the more experienced combatant here. Watching as the light disappeared from her world, Crash’s large right hand now encompassed her face, picking her up off the ground with one arm. His whole body tensed up, veins rippling through his arms, and neck. Tossing the girl up into the air, Crash kicked her in the stomach, into a tree. As her back hit the tree, a burning red hot pain seared through her shoulder, and she could feel blood flow from that spot. Looking to her left shoulder, her own blade, had been shoved completely into her shoulder, and into the tree. A large left hand wrapped around the girls throat.

“Now… I’m gon’ have me some fun.” Crash said in an almost hushed voice

Justice was trying to protest, her right hand crossed over her body looking for her left blade, but it was no where to be found. Opening her eyes, as she could feel unconsciousness slowly taking her, the masked man was holding her long blade in his hand, he drug the tip of it across her skin, causing slight, cuts to form on her perfect skin. The two of them, were a mess at this point, Crash, had been shot, cut to shreds as Justice had promised, had a hole in his hand, and had a broken rib. Justice, had a two inch deep gash in her thigh, multiple small cuts across her chest, and a large through and through wound on her left shoulder. She couldn’t even move or struggle without crying out in pain. But she knew, where they were, no one would come. Not even the police dared enter where she would. Now she understood why.

“Y-You’re fucking sick!” Justice choked out

“Don’t worry, you’ll get off just like I will, I promise you.” Crash warned her of what was to come

Justice’s eyes went wide, and tears slowly formed in her eyes, but she shook it off and tried to act brave and strong. She knew there was still a way out of this, she could still get out of this. She was strong, stronger than this man knew, and she would show him. As her own blade ran down through the ties of the corset, Justice struggled now, realizing that this man was serious about what he was doing, she punched him in the face with her right hand, tried to break his nose, anything. Taking her right wrist in his left hand, he held it above her head. He knew she couldn’t resist his strength especially when it came to her left arm, pulling that above her head too, Crash held her arms above her head and continued to cut away at her clothing. Once the final string was cut, the weighted corset fell to the ground, revealing her small, but perky breasts. Pulling his belt from his waist, Crash wrapped Justice’s wrists in it and pierced the belt to the tree behind her with the blade he had just used to cut her clothing free. Using his right hand he flicked her nipple, it was still warm out, and yet her nipples were rock hard. Either she was turned on from him, or from the rush. Either way, her body was reacting in ways that her facial expression betrayed, she looked disgusted, scared, and a little confused. But, her body was reacting to the strange, aggressive, Godlike male’s touch and body. His hands cupped her breasts and squeezed them roughly,  gripping down on her left nipple with his index finger and thumb, Crash pulled on it roughly. Justice, who didn’t obviously mean to let out a low groan, did. Behind his mesh mask, Crash smiled and licked his lips. He wouldn’t dare remove his mask, even if he wanted to suck on her nipples and bite them. Letting his left, cut up hand travel down her chest, and stomach, he left a trail of blood down her body, she wore black stockings, but underneath that, she had on a white pair of panties that on the back read ‘Bitch’. Letting his hand caress over her groin, he pressed his fingers into what would be her folds, pushing hard, he could feel her breath quicken, he could hear her heart beat faster and faster. Justice was originally waiting for a chance to escape, but the position she was in now, was quite complicated, her hands bound, injured, broken, and winded. She was practically under his complete and total control, unable to move, resist, or fight. She figured her last line of defense was to beg, to try and make him not want to do this.

“Please… I’m sorry, I won’t say anything. I promise you won’t get in an-”

Justice was cut off by an extremely sharp pain on her left shoulder. She stopped talking, and cried out, looking to her shoulder, she watched as Crash pulled the blade from her body and the tree. Spitting blood onto his masked face, she began to give up hope, this was likely to be her fate. She could see him smile behind his mask, and it made her feel sick. But at the same time, the whole situation, was slightly, erotic?

‘No! The fuck is wrong with you Kira!? ESCAPE!’ She shouted to herself

Watching the knife travel down her sternum, she could feel the razor sharp tip of it cutting through her skin ever so often, leaving little marks of blood as he trailed down towards her stockings. Watching the tip of the knife poke under the waistband of her stockings, the sharp blade cut easily through the solid stocking, making quick work of the thin material, leaving her panties still on her. Lifting the blade towards her face, Crash pressed it under her chin, causing a small amount of blood to trickle down the blade, lifting it away from her face, he stabbed the blade into the tree behind her, directly next to her face. Getting down to a perched position, Crash rubbed his chin with his right hand, and pushed his left index finger up into the girls folds. Kira who was now holding back a moan, tried to move her hips away from the mans touch. But he was persistent, and wouldn’t stop his torment, he pushed his finger back and forth along her folds, feeling her panties slowly getting more and more moist. He could see a dark spot forming on them, her body was obviously enjoying this more than she would let on. Her hips bucked as he pushed into her clit and spun his finger, and she gasped once for air. Placing both hands on the waistband of her panties, Crash pulled the girls white underwear away from her body, slowly at first, watching a string of her juices from her lips to her panties. Than, he pulled hard, ripping them away from her body. Lifting the bottom of his mask, he revealed his chin and mouth. Kira tried hard to see the mans features, so she could get an idea as to who this was. But it was to no avail. Than, she found her head smashing back against the tree, as his tongue began to penetrate her.

At first, his tongue seemed gentle, and she could feel hairs on his chin moving against her sensitive pussy. But it quickly became apparent that he was going to ravage her, his tongue lashed at her flesh, torturing her with pleasure. Crash’s tongue rolled across her clit, causing her to instantly become dripping wet, and her hips rocked back and forth continuously. Justice’s head spun with ecstasy and faintness, she had lost a bit of blood, and had been drinking earlier. So, the combination wasn’t good, but this feeling that came from her groin, was amazing. Kira, was by no means, a virgin, nor had she been for a long time. But it had been quite some time since she last fucked, two years to be exact. So this ravish attention, and relentless abuse of her body, combined to give her a crazy experience. Pulling his gloves from his hands, Crash licked his right index finger and pushed it into the girls tight, wet pussy, quickly. Pushing inside of her as quickly as he possibly could, and as deep as he could. Kira bounced up and than back down onto his finger, moaning loudly. She forgot to try and beg, and was far past the point of wanting to beg to get out of this. Perhaps she would beg to get more out of this, but she doubted that this man was going to stop, any time soon.

Rocking her hips slowly on his finger, Crash pushed a second finger into the girl, without hesitation her body accepted it. Using his tongue to stimulate her clit, Crash flicked his tongue against her rapidly. Moaning the girl smashed her hips down against the mans fingers. She had been with men who had smaller cocks than this man did with his two fingers, so this was great for her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she kept picking her hips up and dropping them onto his fingers, letting her juices flow from her soaked pussy.

‘Oh God… Fuck, it’s good! DAMMIT! I CAN’T GIVE IN!’ She thought

The girl was fighting to make it so that she could get out of this, but her fight was a loosing battle. Even though this man was raping her, was doing to her what she wanted to prevent from happening. There was no chance that this wasn’t GOOD, she was enjoying every second of THIS attention. She had long since forgotten about the hole in her shoulder, or the gash in her leg. All she thought of was his fingers pushing into her tight, pulsating pussy. The next time that she lifted her hips the man pulled his fingers from her, and moved his face away from her, she groaned in protest, and watched him. Pulling at his pants, he forced the button out, and unzipped his pants, dropping them around his ankles, Crash approached the girl, and placed one hand on her hip, taking his dick in his other hand, he rubbed the tip of his cock against her entrance, and the girl groaned, but tried to resist. As she moved back, she aligned him perfectly to penetrate into her, with how wet she already was, this was no challenge nor task. Pushing himself into the girl, she accepted, almost all of his length. A scream erupted from her throat and she breathed heavily.

“FUCK! PLEASE! YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS!” She shouted finally trying to get him to stop

“OH REALLY?! Why are you so wet than? YOU WANT THIS TOO!” Crash exclaimed

Pushing up deeper inside of the girl, he could feel her tight pussy squeeze down on him, as if she were trying to prevent him from pushing deeper inside of her. But the battle was already over, and she was giving into him, moving his hips back and forth, he was pushing his seven inch cock into the girl. Placing both hands on her hips, and pulling her by her ass towards him, he began to pound into her. She cried out with each new thrust, and rocked her hips instinctively against the man. The two were moving in unison, and it felt amazing, for the both of them. The girls pussy dripped as he rammed deeper into her, pushing hard, forcing all seven inches deep inside of the girl. She opened her mouth as if she were trying to scream but, no sound came, only gasps of air. Looking down at her own pussy, earlier today she was fingering herself, trying to get herself off with some imaginary guy she had thought up. And now here she was, with some guy, who she had no idea who he was, but he was giving her the fucking of a lifetime. Groaning and grinding her hips against the direction that Crash was pushing into her, Kira’s pussy trembled and she was about to hit her climax. Feeling Crash yank her from the tree, pulling the restraint that he had tied her up with loose, he tossed her to the ground. She was on all fours and about to get up, but she was instantly pinned down by the large man.

“Ah! Please I want…” Kira began

Without hesitation he was back inside of her, and she didn’t resist this time. She lifted her ass to allow for him to get a better angle. Thrusting his thick cock deep into the girls tight hole, she moaned, and screamed. Her hips bucked against him, letting his cock move to places that it couldn’t before, penetrating deeper, and faster than it had before, Kira trembled and shook. Her head spun, and she closed her eyes, absorbing all of the feeling that there was. This mans dick felt as if it were tearing her apart, but it hurt so good, in all the worst ways. With one hand on her back, and the other on her ass, Crash pushed his index finger into the girls anus. Going to the first knuckle, he slowly began to remove it, before pushing it deeper into her than he had before. After one try, it was to the last knuckle, and he could feel his cock ramming into the girls tight pussy. Kira knew she wasn’t going to last much longer, and she could feel her orgasm coming. Moaning, which was more a scream than a moan, Kira slammed her hips back against Crash’s, forcing him to penetrate deeper than he had before, this sent Kira over the edge, her orgasm hit her harder than Crash’s fists had, and her whole body shook and trembled. Her pussy squeezed down on Crash’s cock like a vice, riding out her orgasm, Crash continued to thrust into the girl. Quickly he too, hit his mark, the man was silent up until this point in time. Moaning loudly, Crash laughed and smacked the girls wonderfully shaped ass. Giving one final, deep thrust into her, Crash released into the girl, pouring his hot cum into the girls pussy, his orgasm was long, and drawn out, filling her to the point where it over flowed. After he finished, Crash pulled out of her, and realized that she had blacked out. More likely than not from blood loss.

-24 hours later-

Waking up, swinging her arms, and feeling a burn coming from her vagina, Kira groaned and felt her face. She was bruised up and all sorts of fucked. Her shoulder hurt, and the stitches on her thigh itched like a motherfucker. Only than did she realize where she was, back in her apartment, she had been patched up, iced, and cleaned. She was wearing the robe she had woke up in, a day previously, but she hadn’t any clue as to how she had got where she was. Looking at her front door, it was closed and locked. But hanging from the door, was the mask of the man whom had shown her, her own weakness. Stuck to the door with the blade she had ran him through with, Kira laughed and placed a hand to her bruised face.

“Fuck me… I need a drink.”