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June 25, 2022, 12:20:45 am

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Author Topic: Moore seeking fun (M seeking F)  (Read 952 times)

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Offline Lan MooreTopic starter

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Moore seeking fun (M seeking F)
« on: November 22, 2013, 04:18:30 am »
I am very easy going when it comes to roleplaying, so just contact me if you are interested or have any questions.
Pairings I enjoy:
Master X Maid/Slave/Pet
Student X Teacher
Brother X Sister
Father X Daughter
Babysat X babysitter
Trainer X Pokemorphe
Trainer X Anthro/neko/furry
human X Alien
Elf X Elf
Elf X Fairy
Prince X Female Knight
Human X Elf
Human X Fairy
Orc X Elf
Orc X Fairy
Human X Dragon
Martial Artist X Master

Offline Lan MooreTopic starter

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Re: Moore seeking fun (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2013, 04:14:55 am »
Updating a little.  Just a few loose plots fallowed by pictures of the character I think works best for the picture, the character's look is always optional and stories can be altered. Please inform me if you're interested.

Console Wars:
It's a simple enough idea, in the near future console are built in humanoid forms (yes like persacon from chobits). One day a young boy is sent two consoles (Or more) for his 21st birthday and needless to say they don't like sharing a master, soon they begin a battle for his affection. Yeah it's silly :P

The mechanic:
She's never taken seriously, after all what guy would want a girl to work on their vehicle? She's the best but her body make every one think of her as a joke or just a sex object, she needs help. She decides to get some one to help her, some one to be the face while she does the work, not knowing that in the process she might fix something she didn't know she could fix, a heart.

Happy Holidays:
He's never stopped believing in the spirit of the holidays, always making sure every thing was perfect for his family, they would always come to his house, too lazy to get their stuff prepared. This year was different, no one would come, they had all canceled at the last minute, they didn't care about the work he had put into it, he would be alone. He probably wouldn't see his sisters, cousins, or any one else for that matter, he would be alone. All he wanted that Christmas was some one to share it with, that's when he heard some one in the house, some one that didn't belong.

It figured that this was the story.... He had been told he was an only child for as long as he could remember and now that both his parents were gone he finally learned the truth, he had an older sister. She is the only relative he had now, she is his only hope for a home. He isn't sure she'll take him in, after all wasn't his mother the reason she lost a father? How will they every get along? Maybe he's under estimating her.

Neighbor hood kittens:
A simple ad in the paper, room for rent, that's all he put in it. For a while no one replied to it, it seemed like he would never find a room mate in time, he might have to move out, that's when he got a call, some one was willing to move in but only if two people could share the room, he had no choice but to accept, he knew nothing about who his room mates were, just that they liked their privacy and that some one had moved their stuff into the house... he was rather interested in meeting his two new roommates.

The Maid:
He had known her for as long as he can remember, she is the most beautiful girl in the world in his mind but also she's like a big sister. His maid has been around for as long as he can recall and he doesn't want to say good bye to her but time is running out, he needs to act soon before time runs out. She could deny him, then again she might feel the same, what will this end with... how did it start?

Service, above and beyond:
He opened the Cafe of his dreams, it's perfect in every way except one, he doesn't have any waitresses. No matter what he can never find some one to work there and with out any beautiful girls who would want to go to his maid cafe? One day he makes a wish upon a star only to find out he might get more then he asked for.

((Remember, if you have an idea of you own just contact me :P))

((more to come)