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Author Topic: Loki Unbound (M x F x F)  (Read 571 times)

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Offline Crimson CaineTopic starter

Loki Unbound (M x F x F)
« on: November 20, 2013, 02:11:17 PM »

Loki Unbound

(This is not based on Marvel’s Thor in anyway but inspired by Loki from Norse mythology.)

(Yes I am choosing to use the image of Tom Hiddleston for the characters look.  I love his presence and voice in the choices he made for the movie as well as his performances in other stuff I’ve seen of him.  So sue me.)

I’ve been reading a lot about Norse mythology recently because of Heathen friends and interest, and I’ve become fascinated by Loki and his relation with the other Aesir.  Traditionally, Loki is seen as a villain and evil as depicted in the Eddas but modern scholarship and translations of other material are giving a new picture of Loki and his role in the world, the Aesir and ancient myth.  I don’t want to go into the scholarship of things but my interpretation of Loki will be informed based on these new ideas and interpretations.  (For those interested in the story I’ll gladly share these ideas though.)

The relationship between Loki, Sigyn and Skaldi have always interested me and are the ones I want to explore in this RP.  Sigyn is Loki’s wife and his loyal companion after he is bound.  She is sparsely mentioned in lore but she has always stuck me as very loving, loyal and submissive.  Skaldi is often depicted as a strong, cold woman and considering Loki was responsible for her father’s death she has a hatred for him, she is the one that bound him happily.  Yet, because of Loki, she become a Goddess, a Jotun bride, and he is the only one to make her laugh.  Because of these facts I have always thought there could be something between these two.

My idea is that when the world changed and Christianity beat its way into the north, the gods submerged themselves into humanity.  The Norse Soul is a complex animal, more than Egyptian even, and I figure part of their souls went into humans and a part stayed in some sacred space.  These soul parts have moved down through the generations until the present. (Though I would be open to a Sci Fi future if others would like, I was considering both.)  The time of Ragnorok has come and the souls are emerging, humans who are now gods remembering the old times while still remembering the human life.  Strangely, the three that were Loki, Sigyn and Skaldi were already in each other’s life in some way.  Perhaps one was the others spouse or perhaps they are just friends at work, it can all be discussed.

Because Loki is a pivotal person at the end, the Eddas say he will be leading the bad guys but some say it will actually be Surt and Loki was only thrown in to continue his role, he is one that both sides are looking to control or destroy.  They all know what they must do, they must survive the forces against them and find a way to the plain where the battle with take place, reuniting them with the rest of their soul parts.

I imagine the story will touch on some D/s in both relationships and some BDSM, at least because one of my ideas is the new interpretation of the Binding of Loki which would be a long way down the road in the story.  The story can include any variation on these that all three can agree on.  The only thing I would want to avoid is non-consensual.

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Re: Loki Unbound (M x F x F)
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2013, 02:22:52 PM »
As a Medieval Scholar with a huge emphasis on Viking Culture and a lady with too many papers on Loki beneathe her belt, I am totally slating my interest here.

I could prattle for hours on the stories, so to see mention got me very, VERY excited. You have my total attention.

Offline Crimson CaineTopic starter

Re: Loki Unbound (M x F x F)
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2013, 10:35:37 AM »
Well, all my thoughts on Loki are second hand scholarly, ie informed by the scholarly works of others.  I find it fascinating some of the things that have been put forth, especially in regards to Baldur's Death.  The mention that Loki is the only one to be unwilling to defy nature and Wyrd, even Tyr it must be suggested was willing if you take the tale as is, so he seems to it that Baldur meets his fate, a fate that will ensure he is there after the end when so many other gods will fall.  And that in some way he plays the role of Valkyrie in the tale as well. 

Obviously it would be some interpretation as there would be a mixing of the man and the god when the soul emerges.