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June 21, 2021, 08:56:44 pm

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Author Topic: Coffee Shop (F Seeking Everything-or close to it!)  (Read 526 times)

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Coffee Shop (F Seeking Everything-or close to it!)
« on: November 17, 2013, 08:27:32 pm »
Currently not looking for any more role plays.

Hi, I'm Coffee!
I'm a seasoned role player and have some neat ideas I'd like to explore with a few people.

Important need-to-knows, expectations, etc
  • I'm a xenophile and a teratophile, but am only interested in person(s)/creature(s) that are sentient and sapient. The smarter the better, as far as personal preference goes. I'm also into robophilia. All this means I like aliens, monsters, and robots, and in my case, any combination of the three.

    All of that is fine and good, but what I like more than anything else is good character development. Exotic elements don't have to be added for me to enjoy a role play.

  • Private message me if you have an idea or would like to try one of my plots, and pack that message full of details please! I've purposely left my ideas vague, open to interpretation, and/or with different paths to travel down.
    Role playing on forums would be best.

  • Once involved in a role play, I write anywhere from two paragraphs to ten. I don't have any set requirement on how long I'd like my partners' replies to be, as long as it's enough to move the scene forward, but I generally like them to match mine. Equal effort, and all that. I'll definitely be striving to do the same.

    There are times when shorter replies work better, but if your opening post (that's supposed to set the scene for the story through your character's eyes) only takes you one or two paragraphs, then we aren't going to be compatible writers; nor will we be if you write anything other than third person, past tense.

  • I'm not into sharing profiles for characters. It's all about showing in writing, not telling. For (a quick) example, you shouldn't have to read my character's sad past to know their smile is fake and they're dying inside. I should be able to write their personality convincingly, and save intimate details of their past until they're needed. It makes for a more dynamic story. So, if I make a profile for a character, it's for my own reference.

    I'm also not big on using pictures for characters. Sometimes I get inspired, but most of the time I would be compromising what I have in mind for them to waste time searching for a picture that only sort of looks like what I want. Descriptions on how characters look will take place inside of a role play, whether or not a picture is included. You'll know what you're getting into, and I'm not one of those obnoxiously-describes-each-fingernail kind of writers. There's a chance I'll draw a character, if I really really like them. There's a chance I'll draw your character, if I really really like them. But I usually have multiple art projects going on at any given time, and motivation doesn't always come easily, so please don't take it personal if I don't get around to it (even if I think your character is the bee's knees).

  • I'm comfortable writing men, women, and genders between the spectrum. I'm currently curious about writing hermaphroditic or genderless monsters in or being introduced into relationships. Please let me know if that sounds like something you'd be into!

Bold is for the character I'd like you to play.
If none of my plots tickle your fancy, I'd love to hear your ideas!

(Empty for now)


"Unorthodox Urges"
Summoner x Summonee (Potential teratophilia)
-FemalexMale/FemalexFemale/FemalexOther (Sex optional)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A skilled conjurer, who has made a name for herself through her successful exploits, has a favorite (sapient) summon that has been tangential to her triumphs. Over time, she has come to respect the power or usefulness of her summonee, bordering on admiration, then curiosity, and then something more. She's far too busy with her work to pursue normal relationships, and finds herself craving something a little unorthodox anyway.
Next time she uses the summon, the conjurer is prepared with an elixir, a tome, or some similar artifact that will allow the summonee to stay on her plane longer than necessary.

-The "exploits" can be anything from treasure hunting to battles to political depending on the type of summon you decide to use. Create something/someone you're comfortable with or go crazy!
-There won't be any plot past the resolution, but that doesn't mean it has to end after that first prolonged summoning. It could be an enjoyable one-shot sex scene, or maybe the summonee is rebellious (interested in their summoner or not). Perhaps they fight, this being a long awaited chance for the summonee to get back at the conjurer for whatever reason. Things can be resolved with sex, but there are many possibilities for an ending.
-The conjurer's default species will be human if there's no suggestion otherwise.

"Breaking-In the Platform"
Human x Android (Robophilia)
-MalexMasculine robot/MalexFeminine robot/MalexOther*
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The year is 2167 and some unfortunate soul's friends entered his name into a contest hosted by Comsoft Corp, the leading tech corporation in "Heuristic Tactile Operating Platforms". Androids, and in this case, sexbots. Embarrassingly, his friends have given the company everything they need to know, his preferences, even the hypoallergenic lube the bot should include that won't irritate his sensitive skin, should he win one of the main prizes.
Everyone knows normal people don't buy sexbots, and hell, most of the population couldn't hope to afford one. Androids are for the military and the super rich shut-ins. The prizes aren't even top-of-the-line, old virtual intelligence models, the H-VI TOP 53. Basically, they're big, clunky metal sex toys, barely beyond battery powered, nothing like the new sleek models of this year.
Heuristic Artificial Intelligence Tactile Operating System, the HAI TOS 67, now there's a machine. It's the kind of super intelligent android that could replace half the nation's workforce in five years (if they weren't so expensive), but if he got his hands on one of those he could sell it and live comfortably for years. Fat chance. Fat chance he'd be able to win a crappy one either, not that he wants to. An awful prank, but at least the chances of winning are slim to none.

-If you can think of better acronyms than these ones I came up with in twenty seconds, go right ahead and change them. xD
*If there is some other form you'd like the HAI TOS 67 to be modeled after, feel free to let me know.

Cheated x Cheator
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was the hat that drew you over. The middle of a gambling card game in the alley behind the old speak easy wasn't where you planned to spend your early afternoon, and definitely not in this tramp's company. You were going to say something, give the guy some well deserved snark. Some how, you were going to reach over two gambling goons blocking your path to snatch that hat right off his head, because now that you're close enough to see, you know that's the same hat you "lost" a year back when you had to spend an unfortunate amount of time with the same sleazy bastard. Galvin "Gal" Wright. It could've been his real name, but that also could've been a hat he bought.
Instead, you got distracted. The guy was cleaning house, or he would've been if that was cash between his legs and not a pile of rocks. Almost laughable to see men like them not playing for stake, but it wouldn't have surprised you if they didn't have a coin to share between them. It did surprise you how over the course of seven minutes, Gal's stash had dwindled down to his last pebble. The dimmest looking of his "friends" sat with the largest pile, but you knew better than to trust the dumbest looking person at a card game.
"Watching can't be that much fun," Gal said, his hawkish gaze boring into yours. It hadn't been long enough since you'd last heard that voice, had it? "Now that we have someone here worth playing with, we can up the stake, you in?"
They had a little to play with after all. Fine, you deserved to win some of his money. You sat down next to him, close enough to see his shaggy hair was wet, not greasy, and you could smell the perfumy shower soap of whatever woman he'd managed to follow home the night before. And now that your eyes had time to adjust to the shadowed alley, you noticed his clothes were nicer than yours, but did his jeans really have to be that tight? He wasn't looking as swallow as you remember either. Heck, the man would've passed for clean cut if it wasn't for his perpetual stubble and the mean glint in his eye. Even your hat looked cleaner. No doubt, Gal had found himself a little success since the last time you'd done more than give him a passing glance.
You played well for a while, and kept yourself in the game by betting small when you didn't. After some time into it, luck won out and you found yourself set up to win some serious money. You were about to go all in, when suddenly barking and cage rattling from behind you had you startled. You hadn't even noticed caged dogs the entire time you'd been in that alley. Confused, you turned to look at the offending animals, and got the barest glimpse of a black tarp covering what had to be the cage or cages underneath, when something else grabbed your attention, causing you to freeze in place.
It happened so fast you had to fight from second guessing yourself. Your reflexes had to have been a bit too slow to catch the distraction in time that day, and his nimble fingers just a bit too quick. You saw Galvin pull the card from his sleeve.
So, that was how he was finding his success, the slimy git...

-No matter how sour this turns, I'm gearing towards our characters eventually coming to some sort of impasse or even a mutual agreement.
-This could take place in any number of settings, modern, dystopian future, prohibitioned past, and so on. I'm open to any further elements you'd like to add, so give them to me!
-Here is the inspiration picture for Galvin's look. Not a copy by any means, but the feelings are the same. (And Gal would sooner charm the strings off a guitar than play one.)
Guitarist by Tahra on Deviant Art

Concepts/Plot Outlines

Bandit/Caretaker x Traveler/Injured (The more exteme side of teratophilia or xenophilia)
(No set genders, open to anything)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
With this one I'm looking for a non-humanoid creature paired with a human or a humanoid creature. The setting could be fantasy, sci fi, or something else. My character would be some one on the "wrong side of the law", whatever the "law" happens to be, but his/her/its appearance would be exotic to the point where they were often confused for some type of bizzare looking animal. They would have a history of using that particular quality to their advantage. They travel or are stationed with a group of fellow wrong doers and they all get by doing what they have to.
Somehow your character would have an unfortunate run-in with some of these thugs. Something they do would impress my character (their bravery, fighting ability, a silver tongue, or something else) and because the creature has lose loyalty moral/is reminded of "the virtue of its people" through your character's actions/is tired of being associated with those thugs anyway/or another reason, they decide to side with your character and help them out of the situation.
The two will escape or clean house, but along the way your character will be injured in one way or another, nothing too serious, but something that has the potential to be debilitating if not handled properly. Thankfully, my character has opposable thumbs and an ability to keep calm during rough moments.

I have no ideas for most of these, but if something here inspires you, please tell me your thoughts!

Shaman x Traveler
Bound Demon x Human Summoner
Insectoid Monster/Alien x Human
Warrior Orc x Elf

*More tba later.


If none of my original ideas grabbed you, here's a second chance to catch your attention. I'm more enthusiastic to some on this short list than others, so I'll keep them in order. There aren't plots thought out for any of these, but I'd love to hear yours or help work on one with you. Romance is optional. I'll write cannon characters, player characters, or original characters, whatever's needed!

-Fallout: New Vegas. I have a soft spot for Boone, Marcus, Veronica, Raul, Corporal Betsy, Joshua Graham, and many others!

-Mass Effect (1,2, & 3). Garrus, Samantha, Thane, and Mordin stand out, character wise, and a petty part of me is bitter towards Jacob. I'm also up for corrupting salarians into becoming aware of what little sex drive they have (salarians with cloacae, of course).

-Fallout 3. I'm game for anything having to do with Underworld ghouls and/or Gob, or friendly supermutants.

-Skyrim and Elder Scrolls lore, though my knowledge is limited. I'm more than willing to learn and research what's relevant if you have the patience and I like the plot. Argonians, orcs, and nords are my favorite races at the moment. ("Unorthodox Urges" could be turned into a Skyrim plot.)
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