The Pet Teacher

Started by Katrina, November 17, 2013, 01:11:42 PM

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I'm having so much fun with my Teacher/Student rps that I'm looking to do another. 

I'll play a first year teacher at a really rough school.  Drugs and violence are rampant and some of the teachers are even corrupt.  A blind eye is turned to drug deals, fights, and even sexual acts going on in the hall ways.  Miss James is not aware of all that goes on as she interviewed over the phone and moved across country to work at this school.  She realizes on her first day, she's made a terrible mistake but is locked into a contract.  She has no family nor the resources to back out of the contract so she's stuck there.

What I'm looking for is someone to play a dominant male who decides he's going to make a pet out of his teacher.  He takes her, by force and breaks her will to where she eventually submits to him whenever and where ever he wants.  He'll molest her even in class in front of the other students.

I'm picturing gangs and such at this school and I'm open to discuss anything to go along with this.  PM if interested.