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Author Topic: Flassche: Project Legion (Under construction!!!)  (Read 317 times)

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Flassche: Project Legion (Under construction!!!)
« on: November 15, 2013, 02:30:13 PM »

Please refrain from replying directly to this thread, Pm me if you are interested.

Title:Project Legion

The year is 2034, fifteen years after the Great War that divided the word into four major factions, each still desperate to fight on, yet currently at a stalemate. In a world where global destruction can be achieved by the press of a button, one faction would need a certain edge in order to push forwards. The United Nato alliance has found this edge in ‘fear’, creating a project that will link a group of squads together, sharing cognitive data between its members, allowing them to have a greater field of vision and an almost precognitive reaction time. The down side is that the all this raw data has to be processed beforehand, something only a select few can do and survive. ‘Seer’ is one of those select few, although he is one of the best, able to link a squad of five at the same time without damaging performance of survivability. The downside is his growing awareness of his team members, sometimes almost able to do and experience more than just vieuw raw data.

-Deep character building
-Multiple characters
-Mind games
-Heavy plot


My Character(s):
My main character, would be the only male member in the team; the Seer. He would have the same combat training as his squad members, although he specializes in synchronisation, using nerve gear input from all his team members and sending this feed back to the others in a more stable version.
He is the ‘glue’ that makes the Wraiths so successful, yet not the leading element in the team, simply the one doing the linking up. He is both respectful to his team members and attracted to them, the fact that he frequently has near unlimited access to their thoughts and isn’t making the job any easier. Besides this main character I will also be playing most of the enemies, taking on the role of Game master and will share the burden of the rest of the team/side characters, should my partner prefer this.

Your Character(s):
A partner for this story would need to either be willing to play as one main character and a few side characters, or take on multiple main. I myself have a strong preference for the latter, although not every partner is comfortable doing so. As listed above, the burden of the team will be split equally during specific team events, ensuring both partners can enjoy themselves.
Listed below in the actual story sketch are multiple ‘female profiles’. These aren’t set in stone, yet are there to give a general ‘feel’ to the story and serve as a template in creating your own, or modifying it to your preference. Feel free to add more or start afresh if you want.

A partner is free to choose/create a member of the team, or simply someone who works at the facility/someone they encounter along the way. Feel free to add to the story.

Inspiration for the scene:
A blend between COD: Ghosts and Pacific rim. (Is that weird?)
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Re: Flassche: Project Legion (open)
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2013, 05:17:39 PM »

Project: legion

Time: 0320,
Date: 12-11-2034
Location: Dubai, 2km north of the main crater.
Objective: Retrieve Package Delta-4
Deployment: Full squad:  Five Wraiths, one Seer.

“Tell me where the others are” The shirtless guard was becoming more and more agitated as he wiped the spattered blood off of his face. The fire reflecting off of his seemingly bronze eyes made them seem to be glowing. The captive painfully tilted his head to the side and spit out the warm, red fluid that had once again gathered in his mouth. "You've had me out here for hours, on and on with the threats. How about you just bring it, you little shit? I've got stuff to do." Exhaustion was evident in his voice, having gone through this grind over and over for the last few hours. But he refused to waver, never revealing a scrap of information whatsoever. The three guards in the room were eying each other, eyes telling each other more than words ever could; confusion, anger… fear. “Dilec…” One of the other guards began to speak, voice soft. “… I don-“ He was cut off as she shirtless man rewarded him with a blank stare.

The man seated on the chair was lieutenant Sean Mitchel, a Nato operative tasked to retrieve Intel in one of the black zones. He was the sole survivor of the team, or what was left of him. He had multiple lacerations on his chest and legs, several third degree burn wounds and he was pretty sure had at least two broken ribs. This ‘Dilec’ prick had done a number on him, not really familiar with restraint in his methods of interrogation. He knew taunting the man would only result in more pain being inflicted, yet he knew he was a dead man, knowing backup wouldn’t be able to make it in time. “Y-your mother teach you how to hit?” He said with a bloody grin, spitting at the man’s face once more, daring him to use that blade once more, hopefully lethal this time.

He was chained to a steel chair that was bolted on the floor. He had multiple wounds and injuries that would severely diminish his offensive and defensive capabilities, not to mention would leave a clear blood trail for any pursuers to follow. There were three guards in this room and the last time he had seen there were six others in the room behind that. His ‘prison’ was a floor on the twenty third floor, on a spiral building that could only be accessed from the inside by stairs. He knew he was a dead man, the minute he was captured, might as well enjoy the ride. He was about to say another witty comment when he noticed something to his right, just a fraction of a second, yet enough for his peripheral vision to detect. The three guards in the room did not seem to notice, simply intent on staring down the chained person, calculating what bone to break next. Mitchel was about to ignore what he had just glimpsed when he heard the cracking of his radio, suddenly flaring up once more.

Dilec slammed his knife in a nearby chair as he moved to the table that housed their captive’s equipment, slowly searching through it until he found the source of the disturbance. Trained digits quickly opened up the channel and he upped the volume, allowing his companions to her the message as well.

“Delta-4, this is Icarus-1.. approaching point 2-a… ETA 8 minutes… Be advised… Wraiths incoming.”

He dropped the com device and turned pale, spinning on his heels to stare at the man sitting on the steel chair, hearing him laugh out loud, a type of laugh a man got when he had nothing to lose, yet was about to win everything. The soldier on his left looked confused at his companions, then at the man laughing…. “What are wraiths?” He said, gripping his SMG and moving closer to the chained man, waiting for an answer. “Something neither living nor dead, apparitions that haunt places marked with death. They see all, know all and feed of your fear. And for you, the worst part is..” He said… lowering his voice as he noticed the shadows slowly moving, taking shape and taking on human form. “-they are already here.”

A high calibre round was fired from a mile away, taking down the man who was wielding the SMG, before the other two could react to the sudden death of their friend they could see two apparitions rush towards hem, suddenly rushing from the shadows, wielding  long curved black knives that did not glister in the light. The two men were dead before their fallen could slam into the ground, another spectre catching his body and slowly lowering him to the ground. Mitchel noticed that no hand signs were used to discuss things, instead the two wraiths that had wielded the blades quickly slid to the door, blades disappearing and wielding silenced weapons that were clearly custom builds.  They paused for a few seconds, readjusting their aims for a second before they suddenly opened fire, not even bothering to open the door, just shooting and hitting their marks, their tattered black cloaks and hoods flapping due to the wind, giving them a ghostlike visage. When they stopped shooting they simply reloaded and opened the doors, letting two other wraiths into the room, simply walking unscathed from the room that had previously been fired upon. 

“Icarus-1, we have package delta-4 ready for retrieval. Injuries appear minor. No deviations in time.”


They made a final sweep of the room before they relaxed, keeping one covering the door. Everyone’s black cloaks were suddenly retracting, disappearing in smaller slits in their suits, ready for redeployment when necessary. Three of them were clothed in white helmets, grey blackish suits and had tactical precision about them. The one in blue was obviously in charge, one glance at the posture of the shoulders would speak volumes about how finely tuned this team was. There was also the Wraith in pure black armour, occasionally standing completely still for no reason and letting his armour flash orange. Whenever it flashed orange, one of the other soldiers, the ones wielding white helmets, would suddenly reposition themselves, glancing through windows or simply nodding unconsciously.

A few minutes later, Lieutenant Sean Mitchel was on the helicopter, quickly ascending up in the air, hearing small gunfire strike the armoured plating of the chopper. He knew it was unwise to do so, yet he couldn’t help himself, bending slightly to the side and watching the Wraiths move out of the tower, quickly taking up position and hitting their marks, as if they already knew where the enemy would be before they had even laid eyes on them. Seconds later he lost track of the Wraiths, the last thing he noticed was their armour turning black dull sandy grey and a ripped sand coloured cloak wrapping around their frames, letting them better blend in with the sandy environment.

He himself was a veteran in two wars, both the current Great War and a skirmish before the great collapse. He considered himself a solid soldier, perhaps even a warrior, yet he paled before the might of these individuals. The mere mention of the name Wraiths made men hesitant, on all sides of the war. He didn’t know what kind of harsh, unnatural training someone needed in order to sense enemies before they were even there, have eyes in your back and manage to blend in with the shadows, yet he had no doubt that there might be more truth to the stories than one would believe.
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Re: Flassche: Project Legion (Under construction!!!)
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2013, 05:19:59 PM »
Time: 1230,
Date: 15-11-2034
Location: Germany, 50Km north of Berlin.
Objective: Debriefing
Returning: Full squad:  Five Wraiths, one Seer.

The six Wraith soldiers calmly made their way out of the helicopter, nodding to the pilot and then making their way towards the elevator that would lead them back into the base. They quickly stepped inside and were met by two soldiers on duty, men who had just enough training not to gawk at the notorious Wraith members, staring at their nerve tech combat armour and the dried bloodstains that had seeped in on some parts. The soldiers quickly stepped aside and let the team step in the elevator, leading them down into a strong and defendable bunker. Lance could faintly hear the thoughts of the female next to him, Archer, grinning as she wondered just how many minutes of sleep she would have this time before redeployment. He exhaled calmly before the door elevator door opened, earning a worried emotion from his leader, King.

When the door opened they were quickly intercepted by a few intelligence officers and physicians. They would first need to do a physical examination and then go into debriefing, with the exception of the squad leader who would be debriefed beforehand, seeing as Intel was vital. Lance was quickly shepherded away from his team members, barraged by questions about his mental health, headaches, dull sensations in the fingers, elevated heart rate, etc. The list went on for the longest time, only stopping when the man was allowed to undress.

The medical examination wasn’t all that painful or irritating, yet it was time consuming. Just checking his mental and physical health wasn’t enough. The man had to undergo several ‘neuro-discharges’ before they officially released him back to his quarters. If he didn’t do the discharges he would get headaches, nightmares and eventually tremors and nosebleeds. He had heard of other ‘linker’s’ dying from these exposures if not treated properly. He still hated the word linker, preferring his code name ‘seer’, yet he knew the discharges were important. It was comparable to a diver that has been exposed to the water depth pressure to long, thus he needs to slowly adjust as he comes back to the surface, lest he damages himself from the sudden difference in pressure. He calmly did the test he was required, linking up with four empty nerve suits, then three, two, three again, one, then zero.

When he was done he calmly gave the finger to the first doctor who wanted to run an ‘extra test’, instead making his way towards the diner, desperate to have a proper meal inside of him that tasted like actual meat, not those cardboard astronaut food that they had to chew through in the field. He noticed one of his team members already sitting in the diner, having a table all to herself. Lance wasn’t sure if it was because of her temperate or just the reputation and nickname she had; death. When the team had been formed they did a ‘bonding session’ drawing a Tarot style card at random and sticking with it, Lance had been sceptic at first, yet amazed him how well they matched them all.

Their leader; King
Squad Leader; Samantha Conner, AKA King
Full name: Samantha Conner
Alias:  Wraith-one. Also goes by her Tarot card; King
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Ethiopian heritage, British upbringing.
Age: 33
Sexuality: Straight (Bi-ish fantasies).
Height: 180m
Weight: 67 kg
Hair colour: Straight, shoulder length, black hair.
Skin colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Brown
Profession: Squad leader.
Breast size: C
Vaginal depth: 15 Cm
Virgin: No
Anal Virgin: Yes
Children: No.
Relationship: Divorced

Equipment:  To be filled in later!

Samantha Conner was born in London, first and only child in the Connor lineage. Her father was a retired army veteran that owned a gun shop, so the girl grew up around firearms, shooting her first gun, a Beretta, at the age of eleven. With this interest, she joined the military after college, quickly showing an aptitude for leadership and tactical awareness. She was drafted in the SAS and served two tours before she was tested and conscripted in the LEGION project.

Personality wise, Samantha is a woman who puts the objective before the team, yet still shouldering the Burdon of the decision. She is efficient in handling small groups of people with different personalities; binding them together and making them improve upon one another. A flaw in her design is her stubbornness, a trait she inherited from her father and sometimes gets the better of her.

Physically Samantha is well trained, yet a jack of all traits. She considers herself well above average, yet not peaking at anything. She is suited for most tasks and is also able to quickly switch between them, allowing her to lead by example whenever necessary. She carries only little scars from her days in the field, only minor lines from cuts she received.

Sexually Samantha considers herself a closeted bi, yet not embracing it due to her strict upbringing. She is extremely sensitive at her neck and has trouble keeping herself in check when stimulated there. She hasn’t had the best of luck with men, due to her own dominant nature, often intimidating her suitors and leaving her single. She had a marriage of two years before it was finally ended, his husband claiming she favoured her gun more than him. Samantha has yet to answer him on that one.

Their sniper; The Archer
Squad Sniper; Sora Logan, AKA Archer
Full name: Sora Logan
Alias:  Wraith-two. Also goes by her Tarot card; The Archer
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Irish heritage, Irish upbringing.
Age: 21
Sexuality: Openly Bi
Height: 163m
Weight: 49 kg
Hair colour: Straight, shoulder length, dark blonde hair.
Skin colour: White, tanned
Eye colour: Emerald green
Profession: Squad Sniper.
Breast size: A
Vaginal depth: 10 Cm
Virgin: No
Anal Virgin: No
Children: No.
Relationship: Single

Equipment:  To be filled in later!

To be filled in later

Their heavy weapon specialist; The Knight
Squad heavy weapon specialist; Elya Polya Ilyushkin, AKA The Knight
Full name: Elya Polya Ilyushkin
Alias:  Wraith-Three. Also goes by her Tarot card; The Knight
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Russian heritage, Russian upbringing.
Age: 39
Sexuality: Bi-sexual, prefers females
Height: 175m
Weight: 70 kg
Hair colour: Straight, shoulder length, extremely light blonde hair.
Skin colour: White.
Eye colour: Bright blue
Profession: Squad heavy weapon specialist.
Breast size: B
Vaginal depth: 17 Cm
Virgin: No
Anal Virgin: No
Children: One; daughter (deceased).
Relationship: Widow

Equipment:  To be filled in later!

To be filled in later

Their close combat specialist; Death
Squad CC-specialist; Carlota Cabezas, AKA Death
Full name: Carlota Cabezas
Alias:  Wraith-four. Also goes by her Tarot card; Death
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Spanish heritage, mixed upbringing.
Age: 28
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 189m
Weight: 59 kg
Hair colour: Straight, hip length, light brown hair.
Skin colour: Light brown.
Eye colour: Feint grey
Profession: Squad Close Combat Expert.
Breast size: DD
Vaginal depth: 13 Cm
Virgin: Yes
Anal Virgin: No
Children: No.
Relationship: Single

Equipment:  To be filled in later!

To be filled in later

Their demolition expert; The Mage
Squad demolition expert; Elya Polya Ilyushkin, AKA The Mage
Full name: Sanne Rianne Jansen
Alias:  Wraith-Five. Also goes by her Tarot card; The Mage
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Dutch heritage, Dutch upbringing.
Age: 25
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 172m
Weight: 58 kg
Hair colour: Straight, neck length, light blonde hair.
Skin colour: White.
Eye colour: Hazel eyes
Profession: Squad demolition expert.
Breast size: B
Vaginal depth: 10 Cm
Virgin: Yes
Anal Virgin: Yes
Children: None
Relationship: Not searching

Equipment:  To be filled in later!

To be filled in later

Their nerve-Linker; The Seer
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Lance calmly finished eating his meal and occasionally chatting with his companion; Death. She wasn’t the most talkative type, having survived things that would shatter most veterans, yet the nerve-links between the two of them have eased the tension somewhat. The first few months had been a silent stare from her end, yet now, Lance could talk about a whole many things without cold silence, surviving and fighting as a team simply breeds companionship, whether you like it or not.

“Any word from upstairs?” He asked, wondering what the upper ranks would think about the Wraiths latest discovery.
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