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Author Topic: System feedback  (Read 897 times)

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Offline DrFierTopic starter

System feedback
« on: November 13, 2013, 01:40:14 AM »
This is just something I've been kicking around for a while, a quick modification to Urbanzorro's system that he threw up a while ago. (can't seem to find it now) I was wondering what people who have actually GMed a system game would think of it. (not that I'm not curious about other opinions.  Threw it together pretty quick, so I'm not sure how good it will be, and some things are still incomplete.

Stats: Minimum per stat is 3, maximum is 10.  ?? Points divided between them.

(BH) Blood Health: The measure of how much Damage a character can take before dying
(Ak) Attack: How much Damage a character can do in Unarmed Melee Combat
(Ac) Accuracy: How accurate a character’s Ranged and Melee Combat attacks will be.
(Ag) Agility: A measure of how fast a character is.
(In) Intelligence: How smart a character is. Effects many of their Derived Stats as well as their ability to interact with certain aspects of the world around them.
(Pc) Perception: How perceptive a character is of their surroundings, and how likely they are to spot enemies who are attempting to sneak up on them.
(St) Stealth: A character’s ability to sneak up on their enemies.
(Lk) Luck: The likelihood of random events turning in your character’s favor. Has an effect on a number of Derived Stats.

(St) Stamina: Used to roll another attack in the same turn for 5 points worth, and for special events. Regenerates 1 per turn.
(Ct) constitution: Used in casting and consciousness. Regenerates alongside stamina.

   The health of the characters body. may not apply to NPCs
   Blood: 22 + 3-10(from stats.)
      Regenerative pool of health - gets pushed into damaged parts once per turn. Regenerates 5 on sleeping. Fully pushed when out of combat.
   Head: 10
      Head health - at <=2, Intelligence, Perception and Accuracy are halved. at <=0, the character is rendered unconscious. Bleed at -8, Death at -10
      on targeted add 5 to evasion
   Torso: 20
      Torso health. Incapacitation at 0, Bleed at -10, Death at -20.
   Left Arm: 10
      Weapon Attack Bonus(+1) at 10, Detriment(-1) at <5, Break at -5, -10?
      when targeted add 1 to evasion
   Right Arm: 10
      Weapon Attack Bonus(+1) at 10, Detriment(-1) at <5, Break at -5, -10?
      when targeted add 1 to evasion
   Left Leg: 10
      Agility Detriment at(-1) 5, Reduce Ag by 1/2 at 0, break at -10.
   Right Leg: 10
      Agility Detriment(-1) at 5, Reduce Ag by 1/2 at 0, break at -10.


   Melee Weapons:
   Typically have a Melee attack bonus. May have Mods to accuracy and the like as well.

   Ranged weapons:
   Have a ranged attack stat. May also improve accuracy.

    Armor: The amount of damage that can be sustained by the piece of armor.
    Active Defends:  Damage by type that this armor actively absorbs.
    The armor removes the damage amount specified, and takes 1 point to itself.
    If the damage type isn't here, it does no damage to the armor.
    Passive Defends: Damage that this armor passively absorbs.
    Passive absorption is calculated before active, and does no damage to the armor.
    Damages reduced to 0 are not calculated in Active defends.



Dice rolls are 3Df (3x(-1,0 or 1)).
Negative values in computation are effectively 0.

   A & B


Sneaking/Sneak attacks.
    (A's Stealth + Distance + A's Dice) >= (B's Perception + B's Dice)

Attack order:
    (A's Agility + A's Dice + A's Legs) >= (B's Agility + B's Dice + B's Legs)

Attack hit:
    ((A's Accuracy/Concussion) + A's Dice - Distance) >= (B's Agility + B's Dice + B's Legs - Depreciation)

Attack Mitigation:
    (A's Attack + A's Arm + A's weapon) - (B's Passive Defense -> B's Active Defense)
    Off hands get -1 to attack. defense is from targeted area. Grappling adds +2 to attack.

    (A's Agility + A's luck + Dice) - (B's agility + B's luck + Dice) = Flee Distance

Special Situations:

Incapacitation rolls:
   at -hp on head or torso, roll for consciousness
   ((Ct - 5) + 4Df + HP) >= 0



        A's Ak + .5*A's Ag + A's Dice > B's Ag + .5*B's Ak + B's Dice = X
        X = Number of turns before re-roll.
        Grappler's stamina -= 5 - X. Can only lose stamina.
        Re-rolls cost 1 stam for both characters.

   Grappling halves the agility of both parties.
   The grappler may drag the other one at a rate equaling the remaining difference if faster.
        Attacks between grappling parties affect stamina instead.
        Attacks by grappling parties cost 1 stamina each.
   Grapplers get +2 to attack against whomever they have grappled.
   Grapplee's can only target their grappler.
   Grappling ends when either member is hit from an outside source,
   a component of the grappler is neutralized, the grappler loses their final stamina point,
        or the grappler's target is neutralized.  In the event that the grappler's target
   becoming neutralized incapacitates the target, grappling segways into dragging.

   An incapacitated character may be dragged.
   Dragging halves the dragger's agility.
   Dragging stops if any of the dragger's components are neutralized or
        If the dragger loses their final stamina point while their target is conscious.

Shot Recovery:
   on a missed shot equaling exactly -1, target the next closest enemy(C) and do:
      (A's Luck + Dice) - (C's luck + Dice) = X
      (X + Dice) >= (10 + Dice) = Y
   If Y, A hits C if within range. -  no accuracy check needed.

Friendly Fire:
   on a missed shot equaling less than -10: Target the closest ally(C) to the target and do:
      (B's Luck * 2 + Dice) - (A's luck + C's luck + Dice) = x
      (X + Dice) >= (10 + Dice) = Y
   If Y, A Hits C! (if in range) - No accuracy check.

Disease Resistance:
   ((A's bloodhealth)/3 + A's Constitution + A's Luck)/3 = X
   X >= (6 + Dice) = infected?

Offline godfang

Re: System feedback
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2013, 09:55:33 PM »
at first glance, it looks pretty hardcore because there's so many variables. New players might be turned off as they would much prefer systems that has an easy character creation system

Offline DrFierTopic starter

Re: System feedback
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2013, 02:35:23 AM »
Well, I did try to keep it rather simple, and relative to the way my thought processes work, it is.  I honestly didn't think 10 different attributes was all that much, especially compared to other systems, but I suppose that I could merge some of them together.

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Re: System feedback
« Reply #3 on: March 01, 2014, 01:11:56 PM »
I'd suggest defining an average score (probably 5 for a 3-10 scale) and multiplying by the number of Attributes, and then adding 20-50%. so if you're  working with 10 attributes that's 50 points to get everything average, or 60-75 points to allocate.

Offline alextaylor

Re: System feedback
« Reply #4 on: March 01, 2014, 02:14:55 PM »
What medium? On a computer game, sure. On forums, hell no. It's hard enough to get people to roll just a few dice on forum roleplays, much less do any calculations at all.

You should probably grab a simple scripting language like Python and prototype some PvP. Most of system design is prototyping and testing. It's hard to spot a problem just by looking at it. I've done some much heavier systems and they fall apart after the prototypes.

Offline DrFierTopic starter

Re: System feedback
« Reply #5 on: March 03, 2014, 03:17:18 AM »
What medium? On a computer game, sure. On forums, hell no. It's hard enough to get people to roll just a few dice on forum roleplays, much less do any calculations at all.

I'm starting to think that's the problem, actually. I'm more used to making things to be run by computers that I hadn't considered human players would be adverse to calculations.