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May 24, 2018, 04:54:42 PM

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Author Topic: The snake is seeking that one lucky female  (Read 282 times)

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Offline OrochimaruTopic starter

The snake is seeking that one lucky female
« on: November 12, 2013, 08:57:43 PM »
or male. I care not what gender my writing partner is. RPs have been a bit slow and my gaming and hentai watching has given me a few little sparks. Smut or not, all that matters is the fun. So, here is what the little sparks have left me.

First up, is a Batman inspired one. Recently on steam, I have been playing the shit out of Arkham Asylum as I want to finish Arkham City...(Nosebleed for Arkham City version of Harley. Both Arkham versions are hot), but still; I have been a Poison Ivy fan. I already had an idea for this, but I think this new idea fits better. My character (Male) is a scienist working at Arkham Asylum and Ivy's cell has been moved to the lower section of the Botanical Gardens. Dangerous, but needed as my character researches the toxins in Ivy's blood. The Venom in which Bane needs. Ivy has always been pro plant, but she; through her plants sees that he has been taking care of the plants. Occasionally taking tissue samples, but other than that. Making sure they thrive. You, as Ivy may or may not be confused,, but there will be conversations leading up to the point of revealing what his research is and an 'accident'. Which she will see him being 'killed' and like most of Batmans Villians, survives.

The second one is more smutty in a way and is based on a hentai I have seen, but my idea slowly warps it into 'zombies' if you will. It will start out as increased accounts of rape or sexual assault occurs; following a mass outbreak of people simply doing just that. Basically, stop what they are doing and just have sex. Thus, car accidents, chaos, death from mindlessness. Not very descriptive, but it's hard to explain. Anyways, these infected people have red eyes that tend to glow that color in any sort of light. This virus takes away all forms of logic and morality and strips the persons basic functions down to the most intense desire: sexual pleasure. My character (male) and yours (preferably female, but I will settle for feminine male) are 'immune' to only the effect of our antibodies can suppress it. What would gradually happen is the virus is causing the body to experience so much pleasure, the sense of sight, hearing, taste and smell are being swindled to nothing and the nervous system is being overloaded by pleasure. After a few days, some being to eat what they are fucking. The one being eaten will not feel pain due to the nervous system overload, but a few days more and even that starts to shut down. This slowly makes the body more zombie-like. It's basically a twisted horror survival for us, with a bit of fun. How it all goes, is completely up to us.

PM me if you are interested. Hope my O/Os aren't too demanding. =P