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June 22, 2018, 04:09:44 PM

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Author Topic: Masters and Dominators Inquire Within | F seeking M to own me.  (Read 536 times)

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Offline vivaciousvixenTopic starter

Masters and Dominators Inquire Within | F seeking M to own me.
« on: November 12, 2013, 01:42:45 PM »
As explained in the title, I am a female seeking the perfect male to become my master. I hope to find the right Master to own such an eager slave. Please respond directly to this thread. WARNING: This thread includes ideas some consider graphic because of morality issues. Proceed at own risk.

A little background:

I am a young woman, freshly twenty-two. But don't let my age fool you too much. While it is true, I am quite inexperienced and a bit naive, I am a quick learner. I pick up easily any information put in front of me. I am a bit reserved in speaking my opinion, a bit quiet, but ever inquisitive. I am certainly no wielder of words, but as you hopefully garnered from this thread, I am quite literate and intelligent of speech. I am also friendly, and love to please.

What I seek in a Master:

My new Master should be in one word: dominant. In every aspect. I am seeking an experienced Master that enjoys the kink, maybe even a fetishist, rather than a role player just seeking to experiment. When I envision my perfect master I see someone who goes to the extreme of traditional sex roles between men and women. The Man is the head, the lord, and the woman belongs to him as much as his house or his dog does. She is his, not they are theirs. She should be submissive to him in every way, and he should demand submission in his speech and actions. If she should disobey, she should be rightly punished. I also need this partner to be either at the literacy level of my own or greater, with active posts about every 2-3 days or more. It would also be divine if the Master already had a modern harem of obedient slaves he lorded over. I would love to be an addition and thicken the interpersonal relationships among the slaves and the Master.

Be aware that I am the one searching for the right Master, which gives me rights to be particular about who is my final choice. Don't expect that just because you respond that you will be chosen. I will go through your profile for post history, post frequency, post quality, and so on to ensure I have found the right mate.

Bring on the elements:

I want a lot to go on in our relationship. As the Master, it goes without saying that you are the decision maker, and I the obedient servant. So what if we come across something I am uncomfortable with? Sh*t happens. In a sense I want my boundaries to be pushed. I consent to being your plaything. That takes my freedom away and grants it all to you. I have no longer a say. I can speak up and hope you are gracious enough to grant me pardon, but it is really up to you. However harassment outside of our threads or messages will not be tolerated. Keep it in the realm of Elliquiy, and out of my role plays with other people.

I also want to include that while I am seeking a Male D to my female /s, I am a bisexual and thoroughly enjoy escapades with other women. You can use this to your own pleasure, and I can use this to encourage other women and/or men to submit to you.

Carrying on, this is a list of the kinks I think I would rather enjoy sharing with you:

  • Anal. I love that men love the taboo, and seek their own pleasure. I derive a bit of physical pleasure from this as well, but get most hot from the notion that you can have any of me you want, despite my drawbacks.
  • Vaginal. Penetration is obvious, but I enjoy your enjoyment at getting me wet as water.
  • Oral. This is purely for your physical pleasure, although mentally I get a kick from watching the intense pleasure derived from it.
  • Non-consensual. Take me when you want me, if you want me. I may protest, but a shove back in my place will serve as a swift reminder.
  • Pet Play. Collar me, call me 'pet.' Make me feel owned. Tell me to call you Master, or Lord, or whatever suits your fancy.
  • Humiliation. Make me vulnerable and weak to other slaves, or to your guests. Loan me out like a pimp loans a street walker. Call me your whore, tell me I'm dirty. Make me feel below you.
  • BDSM. Tie me up. Although I am not particularly interested in extreme bdsm as I do not enjoy real pain or blood, I can enjoy a little slap here, a pinch there, some rope on my wrists binding me to the bed.
  • Father/Daughter. I really enjoy elements of a father/daughter relationship without actual blood relations. You need not be a cruel owner to please me. In fact, loving caresses, followed by harsh lovemaking and domination will drive me wilder than I can think. Tell me you spank me because you care for me. And spank me often. It's discipline, not torture. Make me feel like you care, then confuse me by holding me against my will.
  • D/s Force me to do your bidding. Be rough if you must. Make it a game you always win.
  • Harems. Not in the traditional sense, but in the modern sense. Such as having other slaves, and I a part of that group, us all serving you. Within that group would arise it's own ladder of classes, each slave either beneath or above another.
  • Group Sex. Have another, or possibly many, accompany us during lovemaking. Have me service them, or the other way around depending on your whim.

As I have said before, there is nothing really barred, pending your command. Incorporate your own kinks.

The logistics:

So how will this work? With any luck, we can maintain a fresh and exciting relationship that never dulls. A plot isn't necessary in my eyes, so long as we are descriptive of sensations, emotions, and thoughts. The hope is to play out a relationship, not a story, which means there is no clear ending. It ends when you decide it over, Master. You decide when you want to use me. For example, one day you decide you want to play out a scenario. We may not really play again until a week later, when you crave something new. However we should keep in touch. Both are obviously allowed outside of this relationship to maintain other role plays, but some outside relationships may be incorporated into our own.

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Offline Modern Fairy Tale

Re: Masters and Dominators Inquire Within | F seeking M to own me.
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2013, 04:40:40 PM »
I would really like the chance to play as your master.  I have done some dark stuff, though it has been awhile.  Most often this is NC, I have softened up since then, more often looking for a good story with a nice streak of sex down the middle.  Here are a few stories which I think might illustrate my talents in such scenes, though admittedly this will be new territory for me.

Closest... a girl chosen and taken by an assassin

Heres a post apopcalyptic one

Here is Space Opera... a relationship between a family and one slave girl

I really enjoy the idea of a willing BDSM relationship and I really love your O&O listings.  I would love a chance to woo you and be your master.  Possibly as the father/daughter pairing.  When I really enjoy a story, I cant get enough of it.  I can post multiple times a day.  Thanks for your consideration.

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Offline vivaciousvixenTopic starter

Re: Masters and Dominators Inquire Within | F seeking M to own me.
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2013, 01:42:33 PM »
Thank you for your interest Modern Fairy Tale.

 However, as you readily admit, this would be new for you, and I am looking for an experienced Master. Hopefully someone with real-life experience in the BDSM community or privately. A responsible, wise Master. Someone who can teach me, rule me.

But thank you again, and maybe we can play in another rp together.

-Vixen xoxo