Seeking Females for some Fun!(M for F)

Started by Vanetias, November 11, 2013, 05:59:05 PM

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I would want a female partner for the following ideas. Rarely males playing as females though.

(Ideas Listing)
All of these ideas are from SeventhSanctum:
You can pick any of these, if you want to play that character/idea, PM me. One char is fine with me, but it might be good if you could play mutliple characters. ;)
2+ Paragraphs and good vocab/grammar is all I ask of you

I could RP either through Fourm posting or through PMs if needed be.

All chars are in the legal age of 18 or 18+


  • The other-dimensional nymphomaniac swordswoman who prefers to wear nothing!

  • The exhibitionist acrobatic nymphomaniac who prefers to wear nothing!

  • The other-dimensional shape-shifting nymphomaniac who prefers to wear nothing!

  • The exhibitionist tatooed jungle girl!

  • The exhibitionist acrobatic nymphomaniac who focuses obsessively on one master!

  • The exhibitionist voloptuous princess who wears only a loincloth!

  • The oversexed shape-shifting nymphomaniac demigoddess!

  • [The loving curvy nymphomaniac!

  • The insatiable voloptuous nymphomaniac!

  • The sophisticated adult actress nymphomaniac stripper who runs around in a skimpy bikini!

  • The curvy nymphomaniac cheerleader!

  • The acrobatic nymphomaniac idol singer who focuses obsessively on one master!

  • The seductive tatooed nymphomaniac!

  • The virginal adult actress nymphomaniac!

  • The seductive acrobatic nymphomaniac who wears tight leather!

  • The other-dimensional nymphomaniac schoolgirl!

  • The erotic nymphomaniac swordswoman!

  • The naive jungle girl who wears only a thong!

  • The other-dimensional nymphomaniac who runs around in a skimpy bikini!

  • The jiggly cheerleader who runs around in a skimpy bikini!

  • The exhibitionist robot jungle girl!

Added Ideas(Rehased from another request post):
The characters for women are in Bold

A new emperor has been chosen, and as done in tradition within the nation, he marries a girl from another nation in order to secure both his power, and also because he also loves her, who also loves him back, making a happy couple.

The plot for this one is more a bicentennial-man type story in which both a male and female androidlove each other, but can't consummate, so they went to their manufactures, who planned for them to test out their new bodies.

The Third is that a monstergirl seeks out a mate to produce some offspring, who finds a monsterboy lurking around for food. They meet each other, then they get aroused by each other, then they mate.

A fourth idea is to have a Doctor tests her new 'drugs' onto her 'assistant'....

The last on is moreso of a honeymoon getaway to japan in which my character(the male) during the trip, gets turned into a girl(with penis and balls intact.) as a two way transformation by accident, a few days after the honeymoon smut. Things get interesting from there.

5) A married couple goes on their honeymoon, on a famous sex resort where they lavish themselves in carnal delights and romantic dreams with each other.

6) A holy pilgrimage to a sacred site falls upon a young couple who are sent to traverse various places, while making out with each other in various environments.

7) A odd curse has befallen on a young, loving couple that twists their libido into having them doing kinky things, not that they don't mind.

8) An all-female crew of a spaceship/space station gets its first male crewmember. Hijinks ensues as he's staffed into the special 'boy-toy' position for the crew.

9) A young kid lands/is stranded on an island, of which the only company he has are a few girls(Either natives of the island or stranded/landed as he was) who keep him feed, fucked and protect him from the dangers around the island itself.

10) A colony consisted of a few women and one guy gets raided by space pirates, of which they fend the invaders with a combination of tactics and sexiness.

11) A kid starts his own adventuring party, in hopes of landing himself both riches and women on his journey to prosperity in a fantastical world.

12) Court politics between the now-married Prince and Princess as they deal with assassinations, kidnappings and such while enjoying their luscious lives as royalty

13) A idol and a popstar perform the world's first erotic sex-concert, of which they would fuck with each other in various positions while doing their performances

14) An art exhibit features its new art piece: Living statues, both naked, both horny, that screw with each other as one of the (main) attractions of the statues themselves.

15) The life of a student, in a specialized sex-school no less! <= This prompt/idea I'm looking for the most for me currently.


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Updated with a little rehash. Plan to add moreso in the future.


Bump as I added in new RP ideas for you peeps.