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May 21, 2018, 03:53:37 PM

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Author Topic: Fallen Angels 1 on 1 RP  (Read 547 times)

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Offline VisionBabyTopic starter

Fallen Angels 1 on 1 RP
« on: November 10, 2013, 03:43:45 PM »
First and foremost, please keep in mind, I have not been approved yet.  Thank you. I am looking to start a RP, with someone, I do not mind the person is M or F, however, that can not have an issue with playing the opposite sex please, and thank you, if it does come to that.   The way the RP is going to go is the two characters have a close somewhat romantic bond, while not sexual in nature it is there, so please keep that in mind when you say yes to playing.

The gist of the RP,  my character, Misha, fell down from heaven, she is scared alone and not sure what to do. she finds herself, laying in a puddle, her dark black wings folded over her, body,  -cept for one feather that stayed white- when she fell.  After she falls she lays there, and she is found by another, a male angel -which can be changed, if the person playing wants to be female, though please do keep in mind the romance part- who has been fallen for a while, and he takes to her, and wants to help her, and keep her same. Finding himself falling in love with her. Unsure of how to help her, when he him self, has issues to work with.   

The RP will go through bit an pieces of their stories, not all at once of course, and the times the spend together, and what they do and how he helps her grow, and the bond they make in a world, with those with wings, and cast off not only from heaven, but from the world as well, seen as demonic, they  have to hide.

I do not have maybe thing else to say, but please fill out the form and a bit of why you would like to join this RP, and what you would kinda like to see yourself if you have any ideas, and a bit about your character.    Thank you.

My Angel
Name: Misha
Age: 189 in Angel years
Height: 4' 11"
Description:  Pale blue eyes, look out from under long dark lashes. Short white hair frames her face, blowing feather soft in the wind, as it frames her face. Her mouth pert, it forever in a frown, or a soft pout, even when she smiles. Wings dark, black, protrude from her back, showing that she, has fallen, one white feather on her shoulder, there for now other reason, but to shame. When she fell it was hard on her, and she screams, and is easy to frighten, and now she is looking for a grasp as to why she fell, and is not quick to trust this new one, but he is all she has.

Your Angel, please fill out.  Thank you.

Offline BlindManDonny

Re: Fallen Angels 1 on 1 RP
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2013, 01:43:21 AM »
Please keep in mind I have not been approved yet. XD
I would thoroughly like to rp, I believe I have given some idea's indirectly. I gave more detail due to the grim details of his wings and did not want to come off the wrong way. If you have any further questions, please do ask. If you would like to change the ideas added and/or like to add some please by all means. Should you need flexibility I am quite able to adjust.

Name: Deki
Age: 223 (he thinks)
Height: 6'0"
Description: Black hair trimmed short, tucked under a ball cap and generally wears blue running trunks and blue long sleeve thermal. When his wings are shown and spread wide, at the center is a grey-ness situated in a manner to look like eyes that could pierce someones soul, as they began to drip a cold reminder to him what he had stood up for (and was correct, rightfully so, for the special circumstances but one of which he is unaware of, *cough~cough*).

Was very quite, and is foolishly trusting, honest, and still cares almost to a fault. He doesn't like to address his own emotions as he finds helping others helps himself. When he was in heaven, he found most to be chatty, boisterous, work-holics, he did not fit in as well as many others did. Despite the clear fact he cared and genuine loved others. Heaven was slowly turning into a personal hell that was filling him with more resentments each day. Until that day when enough was enough and he spoke up for someone else well being. His heart felt for them. Sometimes, he likes the fact he was kicked out, other days he worried about the people who where good to him. He has found a life of sorts for himself around "modern" man. Over time he has learned when to hide and when to live. He likes to cook, fish, garden and go-kart racing.