Outlast and Mount Massive Asylum (Open-ended discussion)

Started by Cerulean Dreams, November 10, 2013, 02:38:56 PM

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Cerulean Dreams

So my guess is a lot of people haven't heard of the horror game Outlast. If you have, you can skip this paragraph. If you haven't, I've provided a link to more info in the header above. In essence it's the story of a reporter who enters an asylum, Mount Massive, in which the patients have taken over. His aim is to uncover the secrets of Murkoff, the shady corporation that ran the place. Through his journey he has to navigate past the psychotic inmates and staff in order to get out alive.

This may be my vaguest story request yet, but that's because I'm not sure what I'm looking for right now and would love to discuss with people. If the premise catches your attention drop me a PM, and we can start to have a chat about how to work with the pre-existing story. I'm open to all PMs, so even just drop me one if you want to ask some questions. As ever, partner gender is irrelevant.

Best wishes,