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For Rent [m/m] 60% or more plot

Started by traci80, November 10, 2013, 04:24:54 AM

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I am thinking of a role play involving a pair teenage boys who have figured the perverts have money burning a hole in their pants. They want that money. They are tired of spending it on girls and getting nothing more than a kiss at the end of the night. This money is for themselves. While they both may have a touch of bi-sexual in them they'd never admit to be anything less than straight. But for money they can be whatever as long as the guy isn't too creepy. For plot there will be their life at school, skateboarding [or whatever], hanging out with their friends , getting into trouble and maybe even a stray girl, or two.

We would each play the part of one of the boys. Everyone else would be NPCs. Tho maybe we can take on secondary characters eventually.