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Author Topic: Vigilante City [EX, Freeform, somewhat superhero-based]  (Read 312 times)

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Vigilante City [EX, Freeform, somewhat superhero-based]
« on: December 16, 2013, 01:12:27 AM »
The location is a large city named Petelen, nicknamed Vigilante City, home to several hundred thousand people. Unfortunately, these people all take a risk with this location. Law enforcement ranges from incompetent, to flat-out criminal. Crime itself is less an aberration and more of the main business of the city. Luckily, there are those who are willing to do what the law enforcement cannot: fight crime. Of course, when fighting criminals who come back no matter what they do, some of these vigilantes have almost become criminals themselves. Not that it matters. There is an aberration beyond the high crime level. Some criminals just won't go away. They've been arrested, but freed almost immediately by the police. And in at least one case, a serial murderer got caught by a more extreme vigilante and strangled. This murderer was dead. The next day, the same murderer was back on the streets.

What is going on, and can whatever is allowing the criminals to come back be shifted to help the vigilantes? Maybe it's already happened, but no vigilante has been eager to test the theory that has floated around: that no matter what, violent deaths just won't stick. Natural deaths do. That's been examined and proven. But violent deaths seem inconsistent.

As you can tell from the story outline, this will be a darker RP. Multiple characters are definitely allowed, especially with three sides up for play.


Sworn to fight these criminals at any cost, this is where all the (at least in theory) good guys will go. If you want to play a full hero, or an anti-hero, maybe even an anti-villain, this is the category for you.


Needless to say, these are the bad guys. They are out to make their living illicitly in some cases. Others are simply out to satisfy violent urges, or worse. Whatever their motivations, these villains seek to live their lives on the wrong side of the law and morality.


This family has been almost the rulers of Petelen for the last 25 years. Little is known about them, other than the fact that they seem to have no interest in combating the crime rate. This mafia has been known to fund several organizations, from weapons manufacturers to drug operations. So why is it that all of these organizations seem like window dressing? It's clear that the law doesn't affect this family one way or the other, but what are they really planning?


With all that said, this RP will be somewhat plot-driven, but mostly focused on the world. If you want to join any of the three categories, do not hesitate. Keep in mind, this setting is more grounded in reality. Batman-style vigilantes/villains are about the level I want, as trying to control more fantastic superpowers could result in problems. In addition, remember that no hero, no villain, and no Penoso is untouchable. Don't try to make them so.

That said, there are some caveats. I'll explain more with my character sheet layout.

Name: This is, obviously, where your character's name goes.

Alias: This is where the alter ego is named. Obviously, since they are not crimefighters or supervillains, Penosos can ignore this category.

Gender: Do they have boobs or not?

Race: This is if you are playing a demi-human. Try to keep it somewhat grounded, along the lines you'd potentially see in a Batman comic.

Powers: Same as race, try to keep this on the level of a Batman comic.

Relationship (Penosos only): This is to say where the character fits on the family tree.

Specialization: For Penosos, this is what they do for the family, what role they play. For heroes and villains, this is the method they use to fight crime, or the type of crime they specialize in.

Equipment: These are what the characters use in their crime-fighting, or crime causing, or simply in their daily lives.

Description: What does your character look like? You can either use a picture if you have one or text description.

Biography: Why did they start fighting crime? Why did they start causing crime? How did they get involved on the family?

Notes: What limits do you have? What else do you want known about your character?

If I haven't bored you yet, and you want to join, don't hesitate to post a sheet, or express interest.
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