He needed a Whore but not just any whore (M seeking F)

Started by Flying Ferret, November 08, 2013, 05:21:40 PM

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Flying Ferret

Have this idea rolling round my head of a woman whose past catches up with her...need someone to play the woman.Can work out where this goes or just go with how it flows also the relationship between the two that develops.

I will happily introduce more characters and play them but it is not necessary for you to do so unless you feel comfortable doing so.If interested please message me.....I have put the first post below to give you a heads up of a start for this story line

He sat back in the booth nursing his lone cup of coffee. Just about the only thing he could afford right then. The waitress had given him second looks when she had delivered it. He was used to that. Some said his dark wavy hair and chiseled chin made him handsome. Women though wasn't his problem. He liked them, a lot, but knew how to keep them from getting him into trouble. Well, usually.

No his problem was gambling. He had a big debt and Jabo wasn't getting any more patient for his money. So far Carl had forked over everything including the retainer on this case. It was going to be a big one. A woman wanted to divorce her hubby but wanted proof he was fooling around on her so he could take him for millions. Carl  had trailed the guy for three weeks like a little puppy dog. The guy was clean. Sure he’d look at flirt in a miniskirt but that was all. Look. Nothing, zada, zero. It was frustrating.

Why the woman wanted a divorce also made no sense. It wasn't like she was being kept penniless. The guy gave her a five thousand a week allowance for god’s sake. Still, it was a job that would pay off his debt and then some. Even more if he shook her down for more pay on a difficult job.

He rubbed his knee. Not broken but could have been. Jabo didn’t want to cripple him yet since that would end the case. No case, no payoff. It was looking hopeless until he caught sight of her on the TV. His memory caused him to go digging and sure enough he found her. A prostitute or more likely an ex one. In a position that if her past came out…well, she probably would do anything to stop it.

Then the plan formed. Since he couldn't catch hubby playing around, he would send someone that would educe him to play around while he documented the whole thing. Who better to get than her? Hubby certainly wouldn't suspect. With the docs he would get him to settle with his wife out of court so no publicity either.

It would work perfectly provided she cooperated and was still good enough. The hubby was going away for a convention. A golden opportunity. He would take her with him, she would seduce the hubby, and back they would come for the payoff.

So he started the wheels in motion. He had sent her a card with her old street nickname on it. Telling her to meet him here at this diner. It was a dark cozy place. No one to see them, no one to over hear them. With him were copies of her records if they were needed. He would let her pick up the tab for the dinner.

Carl looked at his watch and began to sweat a little. She was late. There would be no time for him to get another to take her place with any guarantee not to blab. If she didn't show up…. Carl didn't like where that thought went so he went back to looking at his watch and nursing his coffee.



I was just scanning the Rp Want-Ad's, and came across your request. I have to say, it sounds very intriguing to me, and I would like to discuss the possibility of playing this game out with you. Please feel free to look through my O/O and recent posts, or old games, for an idea about my style and preferences, and let me know if you think we might work well as partners, for this concept.

I look forward to hearing from you,


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