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Author Topic: An Extreme RP, (Sub F for Dom M/F)  (Read 711 times)

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Offline NightfallRoseTopic starter

An Extreme RP, (Sub F for Dom M/F)
« on: November 07, 2013, 09:12:00 PM »
I'm currently looking for one more RP to play with someone. I'll start by saying that it'll probably be a more smut oriented RP as the 3 other RPs I'm writing right are very plot heavy. However if you wish to expand on the plot I won't complain however ^.^ This will also be very far into the extreme category as well, as I am looking to include being on the receiving end of Watersports/Scat play. So this won't be for everyone. These two kinks aren't required however, but I would like to at least try them. Now onto the story idea.

The Wizard's Assistant- Fantasy
Unknown to the modern world, wizards did exist. Fallen into myth and legend over the years. However one woman is about to find out first hand that they did exist. Mysteriously transported back in time, she is taken by slavers and sold to a powerful and sadistic wizard. Slaves were quite common among wizards as either unwilling test subjects, or used for pleasure. Being sold to a wizard was considered worse then a death sentence, as the amount of suffering one would endure before being cast away, or simply killed was nearly unimaginable.

Major Kinks: Master/Slave, Extreme, Torture, Humiliation, Verbal/Physical Abuse, and Watersport/Scat Play.

Well its a little basic, but if it piques your interest, please shoot me a PM. I would prefer a partner that can handle writing at least a few paragraphs. Below are two samples of my writing.

From Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Silence seemed to reign over the car for some time as her Master seemed to be lost in deep thought. Which left her time to relax, something she hadn't done in a long while. She wasn't out of the woods yet, but her Master didn't seem so bad, so far. It was rather disturbing that calling this man her Master came so easily, and it was so automatic. She shuddered remembering the past two weeks she had spent being trained. Had they done such a good job that she'd never escape this life? To be nothing more then property, and personal whore to this man? Would she have the courage to escape if she had the chance to? Looking into the amber liquid she couldn't find any of the answer that she sought.

Raising both hands as they were still cuffed at the wrist she ran a finger across the leather of her collar, other then her name it was her only possession. A symbol of her status in this society. A slave. She wanted to cry, before this life had been so good. She had a loving family, friends, and she had high hopes for her future after high school. It was almost laughable now but she had wanted to be singer, practiced every day, and she had even been in a band. Now she was here the property of some perverted rich business man.

Glancing up she found her Master looking her over. Something in his eyes almost looked predatory as his eyes wandered over her body. Much different then before and it made her shudder. Whether it was out of fear, or even pleasure she couldn't tell. Being in his presence, it was strange. Although he hadn't said much, he seemed to be used to being in control, and getting what he wanted. It was also easy to tell that he had quite a dominant personality.

His voice was just as powerful as his presence. She felt happiness, or at least something other then utter despair when he said she could keep her name. A faint smile graced her lovely lips as she responded simply, "Yes, Master." She wanted to continue, even if it meant he would punish her, however the limo came to a halt. She felt a shiver as the door opened to let in the chilly night air. Looking up she found that her Master's hand was offered to her. She reached up hesitantly before taking it. It was much larger then her's. She felt a jacket thrown over her shoulders and buttoned up. She was grateful however she also knew it was to conceal the cuffs that adorned her wrists. She was ordered to follow and so she did.

Instantly she didn't like the man who had come to greet her Master. Something about him felt slimy. Thankfully he left and the elevator arrived. Traveling all the way up to the penthouse the doors opened to one of the most lavish apartments she'd ever seen. Two men greeted them, probably bodyguards. Neither of whom commented on the fact that their boss had come up with a woman in a revealing dress, handcuffs and collar. Though she wouldn't be surprised their paychecks covered enough that they didn't really care who their boss brought.

"Yes, Master." She replied and obediently followed him upstairs and into another room. She found one of the men before, the one in the black suit had arrived and removed the cuffs from her wrists. She was once again grateful and rubbed her her red wrists, having been stuck in shackles, cuffs, or rough rope for the past two weeks. She hesitantly approached her Master. When she was in front of him, she looked up and met his eyes for the first time. Ruby had sparkling green eyes, outlined with similarly bright silver. However beautiful her eyes were, was overshadowed by how broken she looked when their eyes met. It was evident that what ever horrors she'd been forced to suffer before being purchased had almost completely broken her. "Thank you, Master. For letting me keep my name." She said honestly. Once again a smile graced her lips it was small, but evident.

Though almost as soon as she smiled her gaze once again was focused on the floor.. Her submissive demeanor returned full force. "I'm sorry Master, I shouldn't have disrespected you by looking upon you like that, please punish me however you see fit." She lowered herself to her knees, and bowed to him in submission of his will.

From War is Hell
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Anna felt a smile grace her full lips as the other woman explained that she didn't care where she had been born. It was honestly a very refreshing change of pace. She always thought that too much of what people thought of you was based on where you were born. She never quite understood it. Especially when you hated someone solely because of something you had no control over. That sort of attitude was prevalent in the town, whether it was because someone was German, or Norwegian. She wasn't guiltless of it either as much as she tried not to fall into such habits.

She took the offered glass, and raised her glass as Erika did. She shifted slightly, and was thoroughly surprised at how well the woman handled her language. Learning Norwegian had been more out of necessity then anything since no one in the town either spoke German, or simply talked in their native tongue to spite her. She giggled as well as her friend waved cheerfully to the Luftwaffe soldiers. Erika's rather happy demeanor rubbing off on her a little. As the barman approached she ordered a simple sandwich, as it was the cheapest thing on the menu. The amount of money she spent even weekly left her little left over to do, well anything with.

Their food arrived, and her sandwich was at best described as meager. However after a long day of headaches and idiots it look absolutely delicious. She quickly inspected her food, as was her new friend. With the slim scraps of meat, and vegetables there didn't seem to be anything wrong. However with a squad of soldiers now keeping a closer eye on her, she doubted that they'd try to do something to her food. However it seemed that Erika hadn't been so lucky. She watched as she spooned out what was obviously someone's spit. She felt a small wave of guilt come over her. "Its..something." She laughed. Taking a small bite of it.

"I'm a transmission operator for the garrison." Anna replied to her earlier question as she took another bite out of it. She had half a mind to ask her what they were building, however such information was indeed above her. She was again surprised by this women. She seemed to be Norwegian in appearance, however it seemed she was here on official, and very important Luftwaffe business if she had such high security clearance, and the personal seal of Herr Goering. Still despite her better judgment she decided to ask, although playfully. She leaned forward on the table, resting on her elbows. Her ample bosom sat enticingly between her arms as she leaned forward. She whispered playful, while looking over the rim of her glasses. "So what is it that you're doing here? Or is it something that if you tell me, you'll take have to take me somewhere quiet and make sure I never speak of it?" Her tone was playful, and a little flirtatious. It took herself a moment to realize what she had just implied with her question, and was a little shocked. She didn't know where that had come from.

Anna had always had a quick tongue, much to the discomfort of many friends, and boyfriends. However it wasn't like her to be so forward with someone, especially another woman as she had just done. After all she was supposed to be a good German woman, marry a blonde haired, and blue eye man, and have plenty kids with the same features. To was relieved that she had been talking in a whisper, and it didn't seem anyone but Erika had heard her. She quickly reasoned it was simply playful banter, and it was because of Erika's happy attitude that she hadn't thought about what she was saying. Which she thought felt really nice not having to watch every word that she had to say. However the impact of what she had said still lingered for a moment and she quickly changed the subject matter.

"So, you came here from Oslo? What did you do there?" She inquired, taking a subject as far away from what they had been talking about. It was a rather blunt, and obvious change in subject and she silently hoped that the other woman would simply go with it.
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