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Author Topic: Angel/Demon Story  (Read 706 times)

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Angel/Demon Story
« on: November 07, 2013, 05:34:08 pm »

This is the story of Samael, a demon that had been imprisoned with the rest of his kind for thousands of years.  Only to be free and trust into a great was between demons and angels.  The angels have won the war and enslaved the demons.  This is the tale of Samael turning the tide against the angels, going from a slave to a master and following his darkest desires to a place that would change the world forever.  I am looking for a female to be his closest angel slave and journey with him to find that he is indeed one of the most terrifying and mad creatures to ever be on earth.

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves” - Abraham Lincoln 1859

“Welcome to earth, a humble battleground for the humans.  That is what they call it.  Those dirty winged beasts.  Earth has always been the setting for battle, but it was ours, not theirs.  The humans don’t deserve it.  It was the home of my demon brethren and our pets.  The werewolves were the pets of demons.  The vampires soon came about, lesser demons born of the dark.  They had hoped to kill us, so we sent our pets to deal with them, we cut the wolves lose.  That was how the rivalry began between the vampires and werewolves.  However, then the deities arrived.”

“Our humble planet filled with life, slowly being taken from us.  In truth, the demons were the creators of the earth as it were, however, the deities held power similar and far stronger than our own.  They were capable of such amazing feats, if only they hadn’t been driven by their arrogance and lust for power, then perhaps things could have been different.  The deities created a portal, and sent us to rot in their prison while we were forced to watch our world taken from us.  our pets and the vampires were nearly wiped out.  However they survived.”

“The deities left the rest of the life on the planet alone.  We believe it was to keep a power balance in effect.  The lesser animals were nothing to werewolves, vampires, and especially us.  Then the angels were born.  Winged warriors, to serve the deities.  And the humans soon followed.  Each was meant to support the deities, the humans on our home, and the angels where the deities resided.  It would be thousands of years before our chance to take back our world.”

“The year was 2025 CE.  The humans were on a blood path and we were ready.  The rumors of the deities seemed to be correct.  The humans have stopped serving them.  The violent little apes, they were destroying our world.  While we watched in agony.  The rumors of the deities had to be true, that they fell into a comatose state.  They were sleeping and have been for the last thousand years.  Our way home was opening, and with it a new era.  The blood of the humans was like the blood of the deities to us.  The prison they created for us was falling apart.”

“Near the end of summer, the first bomb was dropped.  Human blood began to spill.  And soon enough the prison came down and we entered our home for the first time since being sealed up all those thousands upon thousands of years ago.  The first thing we did was decimate the humans, destroying all their weapons and bringing out the surviving vampires and werewolves from hiding.  We were at home, and after all the human weapons were gone did we being to execute any humans we found.  However, this gave us some unwanted attention.”

“The angels came down from the sky and issued an edict.  The demons, werewolves, and vampires would have to throw down their arms or risk war with the angels.  And so the Great War began.  We teamed up with the vampires and werewolves to fight the angels.  It was hard enough for the Kings of our races to come together and work towards slaying the angels.  And that’s where I come in.  I knew that the war would be won by the angels, and it was.  So I took some precautions.  I met with the three kings.”

“Abaddon, the king of the demons.  He was a frightening man, very large with a big scruffy beard.  He was prideful, but even he would submit to my offer.  Then there was Lucien, the king of the lycans.  I was confused at first, but it appeared that our pets have had a lot of time to change with their freedom during the demon imprisonment.  They had taken to calling themselves lycans and to be called a werewolf was rather insulting to them.  However, Lucien was surprisingly wise considering he was so young.  He was only about 20 years of age, but he was wise and exceptionally powerful, and in fact very agreeable.”

“Then there was Ciro, the current vampire king.  Ciro was very hotheaded and extremely dangerous.  It was known that within the time of the demon release, Ciro had overthrown the previous king Clemente with sheer power and brutality.  It was quite a shame as Clemente had been a peaceful and well mannered vampire.  But it mattered not for my plan.  In fact for my plan Ciro was by far the better choice.  And so they all made a blood pact with me.  Something that would bring about a change.”

“The war actually lasted a while, at least far longer than I had anticipated.  It had appeared that Ciro wasn’t just a hotheaded and violent psychopath, but he was actually a brilliant tactician.  He led a battalion of vampires and werewolves right into the middle of an angel circle and had another battalion strike them from the outside.  An Angel circle is a group of five or more angelic sorcerers that can work fluently together to destroy a battlefield from a distance.  At least that was what we called them.”

“In the end however, I was right.  The angels power overwhelmed and destroyed us.  The kings were captured alive and the demons, werewolves, and vampires that were alive surrendered and became slaves to the angels.  It might seemed like we as losers of the war deserved to be disgraced after being defeated, however the angels were cruel.  They were the ones that declared war, and they were the ones that enslaved us.  So my plan would come to fruition years after the great war.  Years after being enslaved.  It was during execution day.  Five years after the Great War ended, the Kings were going to be sentenced to death.  And so it began, my foolish endeavor.”

~ Samael

What you need to know:
- This is an NC Solo RP
- Please Read my O/O Page and My RP Preferences first.
- This is a long term RP.  I want someone to be in it for the long haul, I've put a decent amount of time into it and I would like that same respect.

Post here or PM me with any questions.  Thank you for your time.

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Re: Angel/Demon Story
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2013, 06:20:35 pm »
I would love to do this Rp with you

Offline StingWolfTopic starter

Re: Angel/Demon Story
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2013, 09:49:00 pm »
I'm sorry but I prefer to RP with a female partner.