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November 26, 2021, 05:47:19 pm

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Author Topic: The humiliation of Super-Girl [NC or EX] (looking for M or F villain)  (Read 955 times)

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The humiliation of Super-Girl
[NC or EX, bondage, humiliation]

I would like to play a NC or EX game where I have the role of Super-Girl who gets totally degraded in public by some villain (male or female). The villain should not have any super-power but s/he can have as many minion as s/he wants. Also, s/he has an unlimited access to Cryptonite and the tools and knowledge to work it into whatever torture/bondage device s/he can imagine.

Please check my Ons & Offs. I'm not looking for rape here, but rather for extreme humiliation and bondage (rape is only one piece of it). Why the villain wants to humiliate Super-Girl publically is for you to find out, and we can discuss it beforehand.

Please note that I am not a fan of Super-Girl. The only info I have comes from the old movies. I am not interested in reproducing every details of the character. I am actually interested to play a very strong woman who gets overpowered by ruse and humiliated. I could have invented my own super-woman but that would just have been a copy-cat of Super-Girl, so…

Below is how I envision Super-Girl's powers and how they are affected by Cryptonite. I am totally open to discuss the plot with my partner before we start, so do not hesitate to contact me, either here or on PM, but please check my Ons & Offs first.

Super-Girl's Powers:
* Flying at mach 2
* Strength: Carry a truck, punch through a brick wall
* Skin: Resistant to anti-aircraft shells
* Audition: can hear a conversation up to 2 km
* Eyes: Steel-burning Lasers active up to 3 m
* Breath: Can hold her breath for 6 hours
* Healing: Regenerate an organ or bone in 12 hours, heal an open wound in one hour
* Resistant to drugs and poisons

Cryponite properties:
* Same properties as steel to a normal human being (resistance, weight, perforation power)
* It can be wrought much like steel with common tools
* Weakens the muscles near it, bringing them to human strength
* Resistant to laser eyes
* Disagreeable to the touch, slightly burning/scratchy sensation, like nettles.
* Large quantities make SG feel nauseous
* Make her feel sick when ingested
* Placed close to her eyes, it prevents her from using her laser eyes
* Placed close to her ears, it stops her super-hearing
* Placed close to her respiration tract, it blocks her super-breathing
* Placed next to a wound it slows its healing to normal
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