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March 08, 2021, 06:58:01 pm

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Author Topic: Seeking Ruler for fun open Plot (sub Female seeking Male or Female)  (Read 531 times)

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Offline MissRozielTopic starter

((When I originally wrote this I was just seeking a male partner but I have actually played this story line with a queen character instead and really enjoyed it so this plot is open to a female ruler instead :)))

For centuries the villages in the land have been ruled over by a fair and just ruler,  their lives are comfortable, peaceful and light,  they are happy,  but there is a cost to this perfect life,  every 20 years a virgin maiden is selected by the villages, she is chosen to be sacrificed to the ruler who is (monster, Vampire, demon, dark wizard, your call) and requires life energy to keep themselves powerful and so that their Powers/magic can continue to keep the land safe from invaders and disease.

It's widely assumed the sacrifice is killed by the Ruler, and while this is a horrible thing, it's in the peoples opinion a small price to pay for peace and prosperity.  The killing is never seen,  the selected girl is Lain upon a stone table at the edge of the forest, where castle lies,  and sometime during the night, she vanishes.  taken by the ruler and in her place are gifts of thanks.  rich ripe fruit,  young fresh live stock, meats, and other foods and resources,  the villages use this food to host a massive fest  celebrating the start of another 20years of safety.

This Year, My character has been chosen as the sacrifice,  not because she's anything particularly beautiful or stunning, but because She an energetic happy young woman full of life and love, they feel her liveliness will provide the ruler with lots of good powerful energy.  When the ruler comes to collect her they  are surprised to find she's utterly miserable crying and very upset, this is strange as usually the girls are sedated and left sleeping,  intrigued by this the ruler asks why she's crying and she explains she dosen't want to die, she had a good happy life, she wants to live.  So the ruler makes an offer,  they could devour her, there painlessly or they'll let her live in the castle she'll be provided anything she likes, but she has to fulfill their every need.

While the ruler dose need the life energy to protect the villages after all there is really no reason to kill the sacrifice, that's just simply how it has been and there are many other enjoyable ways to draw the energy of such a charming young woman.  Innocent to the rulers meaning she eagerly accepts and returns to the castle and walks willing into the rulers hands.

This game is very open to interpretation,  the ruler could be male or female, any type of creature you like,  their desire can range to anything you like, a lot of the decisions are in your hands allowing for a lot of different ways to play out this plot,  this is just the basic opening so what happen after My character agrees to live with yours is up in the air to what happens as we play ^^ if you want to add soemthing say so I'm always happy to add things,  if you want to toss in your own plot elements do so It's always exciting for me when people add their own spin.

I have one rule

Have fun ^^

(Oh and no poo or pee play please that's just a bit... nye for me)

Offline MissRozielTopic starter

Re: Seeking Ruler for fun open Plot (sub Female seeking Male or Female)
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A little bump here a little nudge there ^^