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Author Topic: I'm about to make a chromosome reference, also, romance. (XY looking for XX)  (Read 563 times)

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I'm looking for who-ever feels like one of the stories is something that suits their taste. A quick warning for those who don't investigate, I do mostly vanilla-esque romance, so no NC here. Other than that, just PM me if you're interested and we'll work things out from there. Also PM be instead of posting in this thread, you'll be getting a much quicker reply that way. Thanks!

\\NOW WITH SUPER USELESS ATTEMPTS TO STICK GENRES WITH IT// I know you're excited about this as I am. (They all have romance, I'm as corny as they come)

Ghost 'n stuff

Amazing title, I know, anyway. The ghost of a young woman lingers on in a house, for as long as she can remember, time but a faint notion as families move in and out. Long has she stopped trying to contact the living when the slightest successes in actually being able to affect their lives causes them to move out in fear or simply ignore it. Many charlatans came by, none of which actually did anything to 'exorcise' her, at first the prospects excited her, perhaps finally someone to communicate with, but all of them fell short.

Now she wandered in the empty house, seemingly bound to it living day after day like a day-fly on autopilot. Then finally, one day, a man comes by with the intentions to buy the house and does so rather swiftly, wasting no time to move in. While the man doesn't notice her and things haven't changed whatsoever, a simply thing like being able to observe ones life is one of the few things she can look forward to. Being able to witness the trials and hurdles, but also the joys and pleasures of life in a normal human being as they grow.

But when the man finally does move in and everything quiets down, just him, the house and her, things start to become strange even for her. At times she gets the strange suspicion he throws glances at her when she moves around suddenly or attempts to move objects in another vain attempt to gain any form of social interaction. After a few days she decides to go on the full offensive to dispel any faint sign of hope flickering in her heart by 'haunting' him. It's when she gets extremely close to his face that she notices a nervous twitch, that of a man clearly trying to ignore that which is going on in front of him. Incapable of denying it any further, he finally speaks to her.

Who is this mysterious man? Why can he see her when nobody else ever could? Why on earth did he ignore her presence like that, obviously knowing full well she lingered about this house from day one? All questions that would soon bother her when the initial, extreme burst of joy of finally being able to interact with someone somewhat settled.

Fame and family incest

The thing many young women tend to dream about, one in particular manages to seize the opportunity to make it into a reality. Being scouted by pure chance (acting, singing, what have you) her life swiftly picks up and her fame increases. While before she was just a simple daughter and sibling, a normal teenager doing normal things, it all changes dramatically. As she grows up all the things that come with this fame affect her like it does most normal people when they suddenly become famous. The good; fans appreciation, love received from them. The bad; harsh critique, not being able to spend time with her family in all these years due to an extremely busy schedule in the prime of her youth.

The one she misses in particular: her little brother. The two had been nigh inseparable throughout their childhood, so suddenly having to leave him behind had created a bigger gap in her heart than she could ever had anticipated. At first it was all fun and games, too caught up in the super fast lifestyle, but after 5 years she decides it's time to slow things down and reconnect with her family. With the money she made, there would be no need for her to worry for many years to come after all, and she desperately needed time off and get a reality check by spending time with those she loves most.

Everything was carefully planned out, taking care of the relocation of her family to come to her big mansion, both her parents retired and her little fresh out of college and unemployed. What she didn't plan however, was how detached her precious little brother has become. Their once seemingly unbreakable bond, shattered, but a fraction of what it used to be. Apparently, while good-looking and having a kind personality, the young man had become somewhat of a recluse, spending many days and nights behind his computer locked in his bedroom. Of course, the young celebrity instantly feels like she should be the one to show him how good life is, in spite of him being rather cold to her.

However, what she doesn't know, is that as she went off leaving her family temporarily behind to star in various ads and other things in sexy clothes and poses, the young man was subjected to all these images during the most important time in his life to develop sexual tastes. As such, as the young man kept seeing his sister who he hadn't spoken to in so long yet felt a strong sense of love for, his mind slowly but surely became twisted and dark. The fine line of love for a family member and lusting for a woman eventually got crossed. It became increasingly difficult for him to identify her as his sister and it was far more easy to view her as the sexy celebrity many other young men lusted after. While he knew it was wrong, it was a sentiment he surrendered himself to long ago, not thinking about the fact they might be spending a lot of time together ever again anyway.

As such the two collide, one overly ambitious sister determined to do whatever she can to bring back the little brother she knew and the young man, trying his best to create a gap in between them while trying to contain the desires in his heart.

Trust and painful truths Fantasy, supernatural, high school

In a world where powers and magic alike exist, a girl born into a rich family, always treated as a little princess by all and spoiled materially rather than emotionally finds out she will be spending time in a school specific for those with special abilities. Spending most of her life in the presence of adults and children alike who will behave much like actors pretending to be someone they're not and constantly spouting lies in order to appease her. While most would become spoiled rotten, she however as she grows up takes great resentment towards people and trusts none of them no longer. Unfortunately her power happens to be a rare one, so even thanks to that people's real intentions and personalities get hidden behind even more masks.

On the other side, a boy with a special 'gift' he personally considers a curse. Ever since he turned 12, the boy discovered that he had the capacity to become literally a flawless human lie detector. The only problem? He is incapable of turning it off, meaning all the lies white and not particularly harmful alike get immediately discovered and as such the fact that humans lie almost all the time is something the young lad is extremely aware of. However as he grew older and started his first year in this special school, guided by dodgy officials believing him to be invaluable for interrogation work; another severe side effect arose which ultimate lead him to be known by all school-mates as a perverted eccentric. This is, at complete random intervals his body and mind will force him to reveal the truth of himself. Sometimes when asked a question, otherwise when thinking particular things not meant for anyone but him.

The two meet and something strange happens, the now young man is incapable of determining whether or not the now young woman is speaking the truth. However, him spouting random thoughts and truths about himself does not seem to stop. Ultimately intriguing her as he is someone who simply cannot put up a front.

A noblewoman's lifetime of shame Social ladder difference, fantasy/magic, hate/love, humorous

In this world magic is usually a sign of status and power, as such those of noble birth usually come from a lineage with strong capacities in a field of magic. While there are occasional commoners who also possess a talent for it, they are very rare and often looked down upon. Such a world obviously holds many schools for these children to learn how to make themselves better at controlling their powers and becoming more adept and stronger at using it. With most of those with a strong history of family members with powers being of noble houses, means this school mostly consists of the crème de la crème. There are 8 long years of training, with many undergoing further training beyond that. But on the 5th year a very important day happens for these young adults, they get to summon their first and only familiar which will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Familiars often are a sign of power within this clique of powerful youngsters and more than often compliment their particular abilities, so in a way at their age it's something to show off and determine popularity. Many creatures can be summoned, those from worlds unknown, others magical creatures from their own world but rarely sighted. Even others perhaps a bit more mundane, but all of them are to be part of their master's life and more than likely will become inseparable in the long years they will spent working together.

One such young woman, of a distinct family, is last to attempt her summoning during this class ceremony. With everyone having high expectations, the one with the highest being herself, and her some of her class members already have summoned quite cool specimen themselves, she can't wait to find out what she'll be getting. Though something goes amiss, the summoning itself goes abit shaky and ends with a rather big explosion and a lot of smoke. As the dust and smoke settles, both laughter and amazement can be heard. As what is in the middle of this small crater is a young, muscular man with strange clothes and an even weirder expression on his face.

To have summoned a commoner, a peasant, has never been heard before. But someone, as she experiences it, the Gods themselves decided it was a perfect time to mock her. After all, in a land of magic, muscles were to be despised as it was a sign of the lowest of the low. Those that actually had to do physical labour to earn the food to feed their families, in essence the very opposite of this world, where the young man comes from, where muscles are generally considered to be a beautiful thing and a sign of a healthy physique.

The spoiled little princess is infuriated, but nonetheless is forced by her teacher to finish the contract, which is sealed by a kiss which will allow her and her familiar to understand one another.

The adventure begins as the woman, angered beyond belief, starts to use this familiar practically as a slave lashing out at the stranger from a foreign world for things beyond his control. Believing him to be a useless, worthless bulky peasant boy far beyond her stature who she is now stuck with. Their trials and tribulations begin as the mutual hatred grows between them, the young man tending to hang out with the staff of the school feeling more at place among them. Though one thing soon becomes apparent after the young man insults his 'mistress' and she decides to teach him a lesson with magic, aside from beneficial and simple contracts, if the magic is to cause harm to his body, it would appear it automatically gets nullified before it comes into contact with him, no matter how powerful.

Rather quickly the joke of the entire school becomes a powerful presence, as his muscles mean nobody can really beat him in a fight, and any magic the magicians use to directly or indirectly harm him become nullified. Meaning the only real way to beat him is hand to hand combat, even more troublesome if her mistress would decide to beneficially enhance him.

The story focuses on the two's interaction and the school life, with it mainly being a hate/love relationship as they come to hate each other with their clashing personalities but can't help but feel attracted to one another at the same time. Plus many potential for things going amiss and adventure awaiting them, of course!

[Assuming direct control experimental, fantasy, magic

Hurrdurr video game references. Anyway, this one is perhaps more liberate considering my tastes, though NC is still a no-no.

(Medieval-esque times) A young and promising man capable of great magic starts taking a liking to the more forbidden arts of it all. Believing nobody should tell him what and what isn't off-limits, his thirst for knowledge exceeds the realisation of it's repercussions. In but a few years he does not only grow older, but arrogant and dangerously powerful thus putting him in view of just about any authority of city and country he comes into contact with. Soon the heat becomes too much and he devices a genius plan to hide somewhere where they'll never expect him, a slave market. After undergoing decent make-over he uses his contacts he used to acquire the illegal books and research to 'sell' him to some simply minded woman who thinks she'll get a good looking, simple slave for a bargain price.

It is a brilliant plan, with the only problem being his arrogance. He is so full of himself that he doesn't even consider just how quickly he'll tired of being treated as a slave or even just equal to someone so weak compared to him. Soon the young man begins lashing out when he arrives at her mansion located in the middle of nowhere. At first simple things to entertain him, which even she herself wouldn't know it was him, to more confrontational things later on.

The woman herself doesn't have to be as weak as he thinks, I'll leave that up to my partner. This is a young man with an obsession for magic and thus little time spent on his sexual exploration, so the idea is that he tries to torment her and when she does begin to realise it him she quickly learns of his inability to deal with the advances of a beautiful woman. As a retaliation he might make his magical 'attacks' more sexually oriented, anyway, I think you get the picture.

Creating your own predicaments Shenanigans, mind games(?)

This one is about a young lad dubbed Cupid's helper (setting can be just about anywhere) and has the rather unfortunate rumour going about him that whenever you try to contact your crush or love interest through him, your chances get infinitely higher of making it a successful relationship. Plus he never refuses which somewhat enforces his position as a selfless do-gooder. Nobody really quite him that well, but if they did they'd find out he hates the predicament he is in quite ferociously. The reason he always obliges being that he just has a genuine hard time saying no to people, especially women and thanks to this whole ordeal he comes into contact with love-struck women with their loving gazes, albeit they are never for him. Aside from being so popular for that aspect, his personal love life is non-existent no matter how much he longs to spark a flame between him and someone else.

A woman knows one of the reasons he is not approached by anyone or even given signals is his silly 'status', basically anyone getting into a relationship with him and then potentially having it crash down on them will be the one who "ruined" cupid. In a way he's untouchable, not really even considered as relationship material because of that. She however thinks she has the perfect plan to boost her own popularity, being the type that loves being in the spotlight. This is to blackmail him into being her fake partner in love, this way there is really no fall-back of hearts being broken as there isn't a relationship to begin with.

On a happy day (for her), she catches him rather loudly ranting to himself about his predicament when he thinks he is alone and records it, thus starting the beginning of her blackmail plans and surprisingly swiftly the realisation that she likes his kindness and sincerity even if he knows it's all fake. Though with him suddenly being in that "relationship", the invisible wall has been shattered, and suddenly he becomes far more easy to approach for others who were genuinely interested before but had no courage.

A maturing heart with adult needs Drama, young adults, stuff

The setting for this could be just about anything or anywhere. The story itself revolves around three friends, two male, one female. One of the boys and the girl early on discovered that their friendship meant something more to them, and decided to date. Fortunately, the odd one out had no romantic feelings for her and just friendship, thus there was hardly any awkwardness when it all came to be. During this relationship of theirs in high school and onward, the couple would both heavily rely on their mutual childhood friend in case there were any issues. He had always been able to soberly look at things and knew the two of them best, thanks to this, what could otherwise have destroyed the relationship for others, theirs managed to flourished through the years.

Though as the three started growing up to the point of going to college, the girl noticed as she was maturing in many ways, her boyfriend was not. Where his childlike attitude and carefree nature was what she fell for when she was younger, it was now becoming a great concern.  Not having studied as much as her, thus not being accepted in the same college. No plans or views towards what job or career he would be pursuing, or if he wanted a family later in life. Spending money the first thing he got it without any indication of saving it, in essence while she was growing into an adult, her boyfriend wasn't making even the slightest indication of doing so. It had been an issue for longer, but with no change even with the help from their mutual friend, it was the first time she feared the relationship might not work out.

So, while her boyfriend was enjoying the last week of vacation with not a care in the world, in spite of them being apart for a long time as they'd both go to their respective colleges, she turns to their mutual friend in the hopes to receive that help she had always so appreciated. The boy, nothing like her boyfriend, was going to the same college as her having spent appropriate time on studies. His sober attitude having helped mature him into a dependable man with a few childlike quirks.

The help she expected however, quickly turns into a preach as the years of frustrations and headaches finally pour out of him. Quickly she learns that their mutual friend was getting quite tired of having to glue their 'rocky' relationship together, even going as far as admitting that he never thought it would last as long as it did. While it angered her, the event also opens her eyes tremendously, realising as far as relationships on his end and the way he thinks was something neither she or her boyfriend had any idea of. After all, they mostly went out partying together back in the day, and when they were alone together it was mostly about her relationship.

After spending more one on one time with him in college, she slowly begins to see through his interactions with other girls that most of the thoughtful gestures and romantic visions came from her friend. And as her boyfriend and him are now separated, the childlike and the non-serious way her boyfriend seems to view the relationship in the long run becomes apparent, all the while being slowly drawn closer to a friend she never before even considered or even imagined being a perfect partner to build a future with.

tl;dr; three friends and stuff happens

An eternal grudge from a simple mistake High school more drama and superserial intrigue

In high school, a rather at the time scrawny and nerdy looking kid was friends with a girl who as she entered her teens looked like she belonged more to the popular clique. Long story short, while the two of them had always gotten along, kids will be kids and while she had always thoroughly enjoyed his presence towards her new 'friends' it was played out as her being so kind taking pity on him. However, when the day came that the boy was courageous yet stupid to write down his feelings and admits to being in love with her and asking if it were at all possible for them to be a couple, things go awry.

What was suppose to be a secret letter somehow gets found out, not even her intentions, but soon all her friends and pretty much the entire school hears of it. To save face she laughs about it, making fun of him along with her friends driving him into a long year of ridicule and torment in the process. Whatever form of friendship was between them instantly shattered and any form of contact thus lost. Her sometimes still feeling regret, but never being able to set things right as he's avoiding her entirely.

Years later, the start of the last year of high school, the boy who seemingly vanished from school or at least was very adept at keeping himself hidden suddenly becomes the talk of all the girls around her. Though none of them seem to realise who the guy actually is. A delayed grow spurt had already set in motion, giving him a height others would envy, but during that particular summer and even before that the boy went for a complete make-over. Day in day out spending time in the gym, taking care of himself in more ways than one, taking time to make himself look presentable, advice from his older sister in the fashion department to get rid of clothes that used to almost beg him to get bullied.

For this guy, the nerdy/geeky side of him is endearing. His knowledge about certain things is suddenly charming intelligence. As she too becomes lured in by his charisma, she is blissfully unaware that for him a long awaited revenge has finally set in motion.

Taboo among species Adventure, fantasy, monster-girl.

This story is about a certain affection I have for monster-girls, that being said it can vary from extremely light the ears and a tail to a bit more extreme. That's just dependant on your taste.

It's in a world where mankind lives in a world among these half humanoid creatures. (Think medieval era) Their physical weakness compared to these various kinds of creatures protected by their extreme curiosity and tendency to stick together and organize extremely well. As such, cities and small towns alike of humans are heavily fortified and forests and other wild areas are only travelled in packs. The other creatures too have their societies, but these are well hidden within the wild and not nearly as vast and plentiful. To humans, the other creatures are feared greatly. Some more than others, however, above all they are considered not-pure and while they do not actively seek out to exterminate them in fear of retaliation, they are known to violently defend themselves at any sign of trouble against the creatures that dare do so.

For the creatures, the humans are vicious monsters, destroying nature in order to put forth their own creations. In the same way most do not actively seek out to hunt or fight them, but when threatened will lash out first and ask question later. As such both sides sort of live in their own worlds, a very tense and rigid impasse which neither side wants to cross. An almost respectful border between the two, only respect created out of fear and hatred towards one another.

Nevertheless, on both sides sometimes there are those select few who are simply too adventurous and curious to let any of that stop them. Too naive or perhaps too brave to take lessons of the past. One such human, a newly, self-proclaimed mercenary of good takes the human trait of curiosity to a whole new meaning, for it is in his nature to do what he's told not to. All by his lonesome he sets out into the wilderness near his town, looking for adventure.

This could work many ways depending on the opposing character. Perhaps he finds a like-minded, naive soul first and it leads to an awkward yet eye-opening experience to the both of them. Or maybe he steps into the territory of a more feisty specimen, earning mutual respect when it turns out fighting one another only leaves both of them drained and weary, maybe even forced to temporarily band together against an even scarier foe. It could go many ways, this one.

Vanity and lust Demons, the hunting thereof; medieval-esque. This one will be more naughty but still with a romantic inclined underlining. You ain't gettin' smut out of me!

In a world where demons and angels exist, the former far more prominent than the latter yet also generally much weaker, the two co-exist in a not very peaceful but forced manner. This due to the dangers it brought the world itself in a war a long time ago. In stead the two sides seek to recruit out of the somewhat oblivious yet very populous human race. As such some can become divine protectors or succumb to their biggest sin. On the more active demon side your power depends on your personal followers but also on how much of that sin you possess. One such young demoness, under the sin of vanity, has recently been freed from the grasp of her master who has been killed by the notorious demon hunters. A distinct set of humans after all, hunt these supernatural beings, some demons, some of the darker inclined even angels. But in rare cases, there are those who hunt both, hoping to rid mankind of both their influences.

One such hunter is notorious for being incredibly clever and dangerous to all things supernatural, known to have taking down countless of demons and even an angel. Not surprisingly a lot of his existence is covered in mystery. But the young demoness, eager and vain enough to believe that her beauty will entrance this dangerous foe, plans to attempt to find out what sin is hidden within him and recruit him as her follower, knowing he will be a powerful one as already he can take on many foes in a weak human form.

Using herself as bait and with a lot of luck, it takes her not long to discover the identity of the man and soon after meets him face to face. Instantly it becomes obvious what his sin is, lust, so much so that he refuses to kill her simply because she looks "extremely arousing" and thinking it to be a shame to dispose of such a wonderful creature. Pretending to be extremely weak and frightened, she suggest to travel with him in trade of his protection. But it takes not long before she realises this man is actually an old friend of hers, back when she was still fairly pure and human, even more, the man's goal in this incredible slaughter of his is to recover her and kill her if she has turned in order to 'lay her human spirit at rest'.

Fortunately, thanks to her demon transformation to both body and personality, the man has no clue that the woman he seeks is right next to him, but while she does her best to find weaknesses in order to overpower him and turn him, she is also reminded by how she used to be. As occasionally during small chat the man who would view almost any woman as a sex object, speaks with no such mindless lust about his old acquaintance, only respect and love. Has she found a weakness in him, or in herself?

Popping inflated egos sci-fi, horror-esque

I did a fairly big (bigger than I liked anyway) description down here v . But here's a shorter info run on the characters anyway, where the woman in question is mainly for you to craft (personality), few things aside. One a scientist in the far future, in love with the magnificence of technology and fascinated by all the wonders in the world but very vain about herself when it comes to her intelligence even towards men and women who in theory have the same amount if not greater intelligent capacity. The man one from this day and age, not the smartest of people of his era, but definitely no idiot either. Rather than pursuing knowledge, he followed his hunger for action. A soldier first and foremost, dangerously fearless, bulk, Alpha-male tendencies and the type to shoot first and ask questions later.

Many, many years into the future mankind finally has found a way to traverse the mysterious undiscovered edges of space. As mankind tends to do, most of it was spend researching all the new and peculiar wonders and mainly colonizing the planets that after careful examination were deemed habitable. While this young race of space explorers are still in fairly young shoes, scientists have found evidence that life indeed exists outside of earth. Unfortunately, this discovery is a big secret. As progress in technology was being made, the morals of mankind along with laws were constantly updated as well. Forbidding any further research in certain aspects of science. Mainly those that edged close to playing God, in other words, playing with things carelessly without truly knowing the implications.

Human experimentation of course being one of them, but also things like trying to create an entirely sentient A.I. or even extreme exploitation of certain planets declared sacred.

Of course, curiosity and greed are both big players in the traits of mankind and as such a rogue, massive ship is hidden in space filled to the brim with scientists and other bright minds who do not care much for these rules. Some do it for greed, as it is a project largely funded by a very large criminal syndicate and protected by corrupted politicians. On this ship, they meddle with everything and anything they find. Others do it merely to quench their thirst for knowledge, a thirst so powerful they don't seem to care about what they are doing is extremely illegal.

The life form, found by this ship of law-evading scientists and their guards, eventually leads to the disappearance of the ship. The men and women on this ship have become extremely dependant on the technology they already have, even more so than other humans. Deeming themselves flawless and all-powerful. At first the life-form, found in a dead fossil, just looked like traces of DNA and doesn't even inspire that much interest in the investors, as it being news is pointless if it's not profitable.

However, at some point, unaware to anyone, something happened in this seemingly dead fossil. What was really hidden within was the remains of a virus, but nothing like anything they had encountered before. This one, despite being a virus, ended up more behaving like a parasite and it was extremely swift at adapting and evolving both themselves and their hosts. So begins the infestation, the equipment and protection not fully configured to scan a virus this alien and fast adapting, as it started off looking just like the friendly neighbourhood bacteria. Completely harmless.

In a swift tempo a vast majority of the ship becomes infected, but no symptoms or signs indicate this, until the virus went from completely harmless and dormant, to volatile and active. In a manner of weeks the bodies of infected hosts began transforming veraciously. Their minds warped and with most so twisted that their original personalities were completely erased and replaced with a beast with mere primal instincts. After all, just like anything, the goal of this virus is to spread and reproduce, while it does not have strong airborne capacities it did have, now, an entire army of willing hosts capable of spreading it directly.

From a thriving pirate space ship to a completely dark and transformed husk in less than a month, nobody seems to be able to escape the monstrosities. The guards' weaponry entirely ineffective as centuries of warfare had only produced things effective at killing other humans, extreme concentrated heat and radiation. Unfortunately, the virus rather than getting hurt by it seemed to thrive from the radiation.

One female scientist, always locked up in her own private laboratory, has thus far avoided it all by keeping herself tightly locked in and being quiet. However, as food rations and water in her lab begin to dwindle, desperation sets in. Believing there is no way to escape the terrifying nightmare she is in, she tries using one of the 'illegal' projects in the hopes of at least sending out a message to anyone able to receive it, not having any usual form of communications in her lab it is her only option. The device is rather large for their standards yet is only capable of doing one simple thing, transporting matter itself over to another place, unfortunately for her, only very small things. So she sets out, creates a tiny memory data-chip explaining the situation as best as she could and asking anyone to receive this to destroy the ship in it's entirety. Where it would end up was beyond her knowledge, but she had a few tries and she could only hope one of them would find it's way to human hands.

Then, on her first attempt, something incredible happens. The experimental device which rarely even properly worked in the first place (which was why it was abandoned) for some obscure reason seemed to have made a trade when she send the data-chip away. Matter for matter, only the size of what she got back was far beyond that of a mere micro-chip. In her cabin now lies an unconscious man, seemingly from ancient times with extremely primitive weapons and a ridiculously outdated camouflaged uniform. A man of which everything indicates he is from around the second millennium using the also very outdated Christian timeline.

Extremely confused at the absurdity of the equivalent of an ancient cave-man being in her cabin, she soon finds out that those primitive, pathetic pieces of technology he insists are weapons prove extremely effective against the creatures.

~A bit chaotic right now, but I'll clean it up later on.

Cheers for taking the time to read this, I'll add more stories eventually, no doubt.
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