The Price of Power [EX] [MUL]

Started by Xilos, July 29, 2008, 02:38:04 AM

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In the world of Elantium there exists beings with awesome and supernatural powers.  These individuals are blessed and cursed with abilities that others can only dream of.  The very existence of these powers, known as "Boons", has caused havoc and war to cover the land.  Many small townships and cities constantly exist on the very brink of destruction, due to the skirmishes which break out attempting to entrap of slay those with useful Boons.  There are those whom can manipulate the elements, those who can transmute objects, those who can fly, disappear, and teleport.

However, there must be balance within the world, and thus for every Boon there is an equal and opposite curse, known as a "Bane".  The more powerful the Boon, the more profound the Bane which accompanies it.  Those with Boons of great rarity are often sought out by bounty hunters as types of living treasures.  Sometimes, however, they are simply slain based upon the idea of having too much power, and the chaos it could potentially bring.

The character (played by you or me, I'm flexible) will have an extremely unique Boon, the Boon of Summoning, which is the rarest and most difficult to master Boon in all of Elantium.  The character (which should be a young female of any particular race, Human, Elven, Furry, etc and she'll just be coming into her power) can summon powerful symbolic creatures to their aid (Mighty Minotaurs, Destructive Dragons, Narcissistic Nightmares (the equine kind)), but in return, their Bane is that they must...ahem...satisfy the creature.  I'm a fairly extreme member, so imagine a good deal of NC, bulging, over-sized sexual organs, comedic amounts of semen, and impossible fits that make the character seem like they're made of rubber to come into play as the character uses the Boon for whatever reason the player wishes (fending off bounty hunters, trying to be a hero, or even trying to destroy those that oppose them to gain further power).

If this sort of thing interests you, feel free to let me know, send me a PM, whatever floats your boat and we'll hash out the details.

Inerrant Lust

A rather interesting concept... I might be inclined to play the female role  :-[, since my hands are a bit full with dominant roleplays (Err..Dominant in terms of GMing (more or less) the game. :P)

Edit: Do note, I'd feel rather inclined to play a subversion of the usual 'hentai female' archetypes. IE: She's not enthusiastic about all the sex, but she won't scream and shout in a high pitched voice, either. I'm rather inclined to make her a source of comedy (Though slapstick doesn't quite work in sex scenes, so dry humor will be thrown in if it strikes me fancy), though the character herself is deadly serious. ::)

Muff Diver

Oh my! Goodness, this is a really neat idea and I'm certainly into your type of turn-ons. I'm sending a PM now!  :D
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Sadly it appears I've lost my writing partner for this topic at the moment.  If someone finds themselves looking for an Extreme game with similar turn-ons as my own, let me know, I'm flexible on the setting.  Also, I've a second game premise I've been thinking of.

So This is Hell [Ex]

A sick, twisted, and notorious murderer-rapist has finally found met his maker, the death penalty.  Captured by authorities and sentenced to die, the sentence has been executed, and he finally gets the chance to see for himself if such a place exists, it does.  It is desolate wasteland filled with demons, monsters, fire, and ash.  Here the true penalty for his crimes are carried out as he is transformed into a fragile young female, hunted, brutalized, and raped by the terrifying denizens for his penance, being forced to experience the horrors he inflicted a hundred fold.

Yeah, you can imagine what this would have.  You can put this in a setting of your choice, be it modern, fantasy, medieval, etc, and replace "Hell" with "The Abyss" or whatever floats your boat.  I'm perfectly amiable to being the monsters, or the "victim".