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Author Topic: Bludmagnus and his requests (including a few cravings)  (Read 999 times)

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Bludmagnus and his requests (including a few cravings)
« on: November 01, 2013, 12:01:16 AM »
(I am posting this as, though this is on another board, this contains precisely the amounts of things I want, don't want, will never do, and cravings I want to share.  I have some on the IM request board, but these are her as I feel loyalty to have some of my role-plays for the masses to admire (snicker and smile) . My cravings now are on the bottom, and you will have to scroll down (don't be scared... it's only going to hurt a little at first.... LOL) but then you will be there.)

The basics

I am going to be very specific, not to insult the intelligence of other players, but to be very clear on things I role-play as reverse to things I will not and may never role-play as well.

Basic Wants:


A better, refined definition of this is simply being open enough to go with the idea of the role-play concept, offer both consistent replies and input where it is expected and when it can make it better, and just keeping the flow going with timed replies. They do not have to be every day if you have a block or real life interrupts, just no leaving the role-play hanging for months on end without any kind of explanation.


Kinks: *does best Rod Serling impersonation* Submitted for your approval, the things that stir the cream and all natural sweeteners into the Coffee of Bludmagnus' most intense self, as well as those he will consider, is not keen on, and will never do even if the Comet Kahuteck were to return to the Solar System in this half of eternity..

Part 1: Have done, will do, enjoys (please ask if you want to know for certain on them, and if they are flexible to be included or taken out, as you will not be bitten if you desire one or more removed or focused on

Giving Anal

Anal Regimen - this can mean anal training, but more often means anal as a regular feature in sexual actions in role-play. Can be toned down to a degree.

Giving and Receiving Oral- In real life, there is nothing as sensational as getting a blow job... except for me eating a woman is just as worth the effort.

Oral Regimen - One of the few things that can be fixed even when not broken, everyone can improve oral, even in role-play. Also means oral (throat) training. Oral swings both ways for me like above.  I also see it as training a woman to appreciate oral more as well.  The cultivating and coaxing out of a woman's sensitivity and response to a man giving her cunnilingus.

Multiple Penetrations - I have to specify here. I mean more than one orifice getting taken at the same time.

Physical/Sexual Exhaustion

BDSM Any and all of these may be modified or removed.  if in doubt, consult my preference page for clarification...

A. Bondage - light to heavy binding with leather, silk, rope, and cord, hand and leg cuffs, spreader bars, and use of chain bonds as well as bondage of specific parts (usually breast bondage is wanted from me); binding and placing in specific positions, usually of the limbs but can be the entire body though not absolutely needed (this is were the use of supports and pulleys would fall, anything past basic suspension of body by arms and legs held and spread); sensory bondage or deprivation (blindfolds, earplugs, use of sounds to disorient sub/slave.. also very negotiable as nothing here is absolute, just listing what I have been asked)

B. Breast Focus/Bondage - includes spanking, flogging, cropping, binding, milking, squeezing, kneading, stroking, sucking, nibbling, biting, licking, and molesting of breasts.  Size is not the issue, rather what is desired to be done to them.

B. Discipline - This is not just spanking, as that can be playful and simple in sex and role-play. I am talking about whips, paddles, crops, floggers and such. If I need to be more graphic, ask specific questions please, but the more specific you get, the less likely this will be in our role-play.

C. Dominance - Intense control, of body and mind specifically. This is where things such as breath control, forced sexual participation, wardrobe control, sleep deprivation, humiliation, degradation, objectification, and the like go. Ask if you think something you like in role-play is not being described or hinted at.

D. Submission - This has limits, and those will be respected. Be clear with me on them, and all is well. I have a high threshold and patience, but if you 180 or 360 on me too much, that's all she wrote. A real person is a real person, but if you have agreed to have a character treated a certain way, you have to go through with it or say early on that is off limits. Be honest, as even if this is role-play, I will respect them. Do not lie even in role-play. (I am Dom only!)

E. Sadism - Pleasure through giving pain. Pretty specific? WRONG!. Sadism is pain through deliberate and focused administration of pain and or discomfort, and usually devoid of any direct pleasure given. Torture, prolonged bondage coupled with deprivation of some sort, long-term forced wearing of tight clothing, as well as uncomfortably large doses of cleansing products (douches and enemas) for the purpose of providing discomfort fall here. All negotiable just have experience, but I administer only, not receive.

F. Masochism - The enjoyment of receiving any of the above things listed under Sadism. I do not go here, but have seen the reactions. I will know if you are faking it here.

Special note: Marking, such as branding or tattoos apply to the Dominance/submission and Master/slave concepts.   

2.  Possible things that have done before but am very wary of and will have to have clarification by asking directly.

Age differences-  This one I give as a freebie, for example of clarification.   I have played characters from the age of 18- early 50s.  I know there are good looking women that are at the MILF stage of life or older, but DO NOT ASSUME PLEASE.  Just because I have in the past doesn't mean I will now play with characters that are over my own age. Also, the cutoff is there, so I really shouldn't have to say what it is.

Body modification

"Flexible Consent- explained below in section about ideas I have done and liked

Prodigious cum


Animorphs - some furries apply here, but I also mean in the vein of things like TMNT (Have done several INTENSE April/Michelangelo role-plays in the past).

3.  Maybe/perhaps in the context of the role-play

Stretching (this is not just gaping)

Highly unlikely unless the role-play REALLY can explain it happening


Removing all of the repeats of some major dialects and tongues... this section falls under...

Nee, Jo, La, Voch’, Deyil, Ez, Bù, Nee, Hindi, Ei, Ara, Nein, Ohee, Pa, Lo, Nahi, Nem, Ni, Nai, Aniyo, Non, Tidak, Ma, Na, Nie, Não, Nu, Niet, Naha, Na, Ne, Hapana, Nej, Illai,  Naaku Vaddu, Naaku Akkaraledu, Avasaram ledu, Mai, Hayır, Nei, Không, Nid oes, Illa, No, No Way NOT HAPPENING!!!

Gratuitous violations of even the simplest and loosest of comic book/ sci-fi/ fantasy level fiction suspension of disbelief   (I have done some extremes in these realms/genres.. but COME ON!!!)

Multiple same orifice penetration- Sorry... I saw the Gauge video of her getting two cocks in her ass at the same time... that shit is not happening even in role-play where I am concerned. If you want your female character gaped, try large cocks.

Bestiality (Weres, Furries, and Animorphs do not count here)
necrophilia  (Vampires and their offshoots do not count here)

I restate that I am not attempting to scare anyone. I can do all or some of the things here, all is negotiable and can be worked out. I derive great pleasure from role-play, and have done many with none, a few, some, and in a few cases all of these things in them. I am open, so you can feel free to be open as well. Just because I like something, do not be afraid to ask that to be left off the plate. My talents are like a buffet, and you can pick and choose for the most part.

Role-play ideas I have done and liked -

Forced sex (most kinds)/Non-consensual (blackmail, manipulation, coercion, etc)
Arranged Marriage/Coupling
Institutional (explanation below)
Supernaturals (involving vampires, were-creatures, mages, spirits, etc.)
Real person/fictional person (can be flipped, but the male always in charge)
Ruined Wedding (explanation below)
(If it is not specifically listed here or explained below, just ask)

Variations I have done on ideas needing clarification - (ask on these if you are interested... and just because I list them doesn't mean that I expect all of it in one play... just like with kinks...)

(all characters have been of legal age that I have done on boards)

Non-consensual (including -)
Forced sex
Coercion (both physical and psychological)
Uncorrected Mistaken Identity
Prostitution (can be coupled with any of the above)

Arranged Marriage/Coupling

Mainly this involves a bride either of station or wealth being made in some way to marry another. I have done most variations, so just ask and I may.

Institutional (explanation below)
Teacher/student (age must be as I state above!!!)
Superior Officer/lower Rank - enlisted
Police Officer/citizen
Corrections Officer/prisoner
Parole Officer/parolee

(If yours is not here, we can discuss)

(Any and all of the above and below have been tweaked and modified to make this a part of the situation with the following additions)
Married man/mistress (also the reverse, with the married woman submissive to her paramour)

(This is the same as Master/Slave)

Real person/fictional person
This includes characters from:
The works of Laurel K. Hamilton
Charlaine Harris
MaryJanice Davidson
Kim Harrison

(I am reading Sherrilyn Kenyon and a few others, so bear with me, ladies lol)
This also includes characters (in their legal incarnations) from:
Harry Potter
Dark Horse
Star Wars
Star Trek

As well as assorted selections of the following from multiple sources/genres of:
Science fiction
Soaps (this is a special category, as most of the ones here are a female from one is ravaged and forced.. has personal issues attached, but if interested, ask)

Ruined Wedding
Bride taken/abducted/forced or wedding party member combination pairings such as:
Best man/bride
Groom/maid of honor-matron of honor
Best man/maid of honor-matron of honor
Groomsman/maid of honor-matron of honor
Best man/bridesmaid
(These always have at least one or both of them supposedly with/married to others... you get the idea...)

Any of the above idea can have this added, but here are some specific ones:
Olympic athlete/fan - ex
Pop star/fan - ex
Actress/fan - ex
Writer/fan - ex
Model/fan - ex
(Also, the flip side, where the famous person is who takes the fan /ex is also something that I would not mind either)

Totally fictional, but a real celebrity as a character, though prefer the female variety I have no issues playing a male one for a "special lady".  Again, can be added to any of the pairings above in some fashion

If anyone is interested, let me know, and we can discuss any ideas and role-play options.

Cravings/role-play desires/feenies

(I add these as now my tastes are known. I love doing cravings that you ladies have and need, but here are a few of the things that I love to do in role-play as well.)

Broken Dreams??? - Inspired by the basic premise of Phantom of the Opera, a female has hopes and dreams of being a famous (doesn't have to be singer, but that is usual), but she is being forced out by a (older? more "experienced"? more self-centered and ruthless???) female and her hopes are all but gone. A mysterious man appears to her, and in exchange for her giving herself to him, he becomes her sponsor/patron/ally/ace in the hole all in one. He is very Dominant, and is more of blend of Raul and Eric than just one. His past is caught up with the Prima Donna rival, and the disdain betwixt the both of them is palpable, even to those who at first are the Prima Donna's "friends". What is the secret connection, and does it have to do with the fact that the Patron has scars he refuses to show anyone.. at first...

Preternatural High - Inspired somewhat by Anita Blake/Sookie Stackhouse novels. This is a private school setting, and the two principles are a human female from another school that has been absorbed into the larger school, and the Alpha Male, who happends to be a Were, but not just any Were, but a Chimera (a panwere that has multiple forms). Not insane as the bulk of his forms are in one area (such as Cats), but intense, very Dominant, very possessive... and very keen on making the new girl his..... This cuts both ways, in that he is also very protective and not cotton to her getting abuse she has not brought on herself...

The Best of the Best - She is a world class athlete who has be wrangled and taken to the domain of a man who is very intent on making her his own. Very Gorean in some aspects, she will be put through the intense physical and sexual gauntlet he has planned for her, but is his intent just sexual and psychological dominantion of her? Or is there a higher purpose?

The New Face Of...... - A takeover, some claim it was a hostile one, of a major fashion industry iconic company has happened. There are no real changes from the upper middle management down, rather just the very top have been disposed of... with one exception. The leading model has been informed that, because of the takeover, she now will have her contract interpreted by the new CEO of the company.... who she soon learns is someone from her past, who she doesn't remember and who wants her... and can use her contract to make her comply.

Also, my other three request threads have ideas I would be willing to do with someone who really prefers one of them and wants to do one of them on here...   
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Re: Bludmagnus and his requests (including a few cravings)
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2014, 09:54:07 PM »

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Re: Bludmagnus and his requests (including a few cravings)
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2014, 01:57:44 PM »

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Re: Bludmagnus and his requests (including a few cravings)
« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2014, 05:13:19 PM »
Hi, Id love to play out either a kidnapping/abduction one, or an uncorrected mistaken identity one with you. Perhaps one where Im a writer of fetish/bdsm, and you're a big fan, you find out my true name and address, and kidnap me to put me through what I put my character through, things like bondage, lactation, having me as your fetish maid, ponygirl, puppygirl slavegirl. If this appeals and if you're not too busy at the moment, let me know.

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Re: Bludmagnus and his requests (including a few cravings)
« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2015, 01:40:57 AM »

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Re: Bludmagnus and his requests (including a few cravings)
« Reply #5 on: June 27, 2015, 06:29:18 PM »
Bumpity bump

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Re: Bludmagnus and his requests (including a few cravings)
« Reply #6 on: February 29, 2016, 03:25:14 PM »
Bumpity bump bump.

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Re: Bludmagnus and his requests (including a few cravings)
« Reply #7 on: February 29, 2016, 04:36:21 PM »
I'd still love to do an uncorrected mistaken identity one with you, perhaps my twin sister, jealous of my success pays you to abduct and transform her, but gives you my details, so that i'm taken instead, so she can take over my life.

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Re: Bludmagnus and his requests (including a few cravings)
« Reply #8 on: July 08, 2017, 12:04:21 AM »