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Author Topic: Haze Riders [A beta test] (OPEN)  (Read 774 times)

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Haze Riders [A beta test] (OPEN)
« on: October 31, 2013, 04:32:34 PM »
((Character Creation rules and Player need-to-know information can be found HERE. If you have a question feel free to leave it as a comment highlighting the section you are inquiring about.))

  Haze Riders

A world where magic and curses have polluted the realm to cause mutations between the material and astral plane. The four main civilizations (Beastfolk, Humans, Scalebreed, and Soulbound) struggle against the tide of undead spirits attempting to re-inhabit the land and its dwellers, not to mention monstrous beasts and mythical creatures at each city doorstep. As other sentient species are discovered, the four spearhead the advancement to a brighter future. Humans bring forth technology and persistence against the laws of the realm. Beastfolk commune with the spirits of nature and hope to find a sanctuary where the past can be preserved without allowing their wrath to fall upon the other races. Scalebreed scatter across the land in search of the long-forgotten remnants of their civilization, hoping to find a way to undo the curse bestowed upon their ancestors. Soulbound break free from the astral plane to inhabit inanimate objects in hopes of staving off the corruption found where the undead legion has found grasp. With bow and blade, firearm and magic, vehicles and companions, these four collective fronts are the hope for life and civilization for this realm.

Would you be one to join their cause?

Character Creation: Information can be found above. Just fill out the character 'sheet' below and post it in a reply. Questions about creation or possible concepts coming to fruition are allowed both in this thread and the rules document itself.

Code: [Select]
[b]Username[/b]: Account Name
[b]Name[/b]: Character name
[b]Race[/b]: Must be one of the races in the rules document. Possible custom races that are not generic adventure sorts can be discussed.
[b]Racial Benefits[/b]: List the benefit(s) you have chosen.
[b]Archetype[/b]: Archetype title
[b]Archetype Benefits[/b]: List the benefits you have chosen. (includes specific proficiencies)
[b]Hit Points[/b]: Total Hit Points
[b]HP Regen[/b]: Hit Points recovered per round
[b]Magic Points[/b]: Total Magic Points
[b]MP Regen[/b]: Magic Points recovered per round
[b]Statistics[/b] (should total 25. Max of 15 points to a single stat. Allowed to have 0 in a statistics but would not be advised)
[i]POW[/i]: Determines Potency of basic attacks, and most damaging effects.
[i]DEX[/i]: Determines Accuracy to make basic attacks, and skill to Parry incoming attacks.
[i]AGI[/i]: Determines extra Actions the character can make on their turn, and skill to Dodge or Evade incoming attacks.
[i]END[/i]: Determines Health and Health Regeneration, and skill to Block incoming attacks.
[i]MAG[/i]: Determines Magic and Magic Regeneration, and skill to Deflect incoming Magical attacks or effects.
[i]LUK[/i]: Determines Critical Hit rate and is added to Critical Damage. Also boosts chances when outcomes are undefined (such as ties).
[b]Equipment[/b]: (characters start off with one Trainer's grade equipment. Include natural attacks if any)
[b]Spells Known[/b]: (Characters start off with one spell they are capable of casting. Branded, Hunters, and Priests begin play with a bonus spell)
[b]Notes[/b]: Extra information you want to keep on your character, such as general background or character traits.
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Re: Haze Riders [A beta test]
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2013, 04:33:36 PM »
Example Characters
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Username: [Redacted]
Name: [Redacted]
Race: Human
Racial Benefits: Combat Trained (Light Blade Prof.); Inventive (Natural Caster)
Archetype: Hunter
Archetype Benefits: Ranged Weapon Prof. (Bow)
Hit Points: 50
HP Regen: +2
Magic Points: 45
MP Regen: +2
POW: 4
DEX: 5
AGI: 5
END: 4
MAG: 3
LUK: 4
Equipment: Cloth Armor; Trainer's Bow; Trainer's Sword
Spells Known:
Ensnare - [Medium AoE; Inflicts [Entangled] on Enemies; Long Range; 4 Actions; 5 MP]
Nature Touched - [Enchants Weapon Touched; +1 HIT; [Snare]; 1 Action; 5 MP]
Cloth Armor [+0 Armor; +2 Resistance]
Trainer's Bow [+1 HIT; 0+4 Dmg; Medium Range, 2 Hand]
Trainer's Sword [+1 HIT; 2+4 Dmg; 1 Hand]
[Analyze] User can scan all objects, structures, allies, and enemies in sight to view their information. Can also be used to locate hidden or otherwise difficult to discern information. New characters begin play already having Analyzed one Animal of their choice.
[Animal Mimicry] User can replace this trait with two traits from an Animal they have Analyzed. Can also copy the Animal's natural attacks.
[Feral Slash] User targets all enemies in a Melee ranged Cone to deal damage equal to their basic attack. Can be used in place of a basic attack.
[Natural Caster] User has access to spells attuned to Wood, and can use these spells while wearing armor without penalty.

Username: [Redacted]
Name: [Redacted]
Race: Wildkin [Eagle]
Racial Benefits: True Form; Human Shape
Archetype: Branded [Water]
Archetype Benefits: Light Blade Proficiency; Magic Weapon Proficiency; Conjure; Element Presence; Purification Element; Sweep
Hit Points: 50
HP Regen: +2
Magic Points: 50
MP Regen: +2
POW: 5
DEX: 5
AGI: 5
END: 5
MAG: 5
LUK: 0
Cloth Armor [0 Armor; 2 Resistance]
Trainer's Bayonet [+3 HIT; 0 Dmg; Light]
Trainer's Rod [+2 HIT; 1 Dmg; Magic]
Spells Known:
Fountain - [+2 HIT; [Knockup]; Medium Range; 2 Actions; 5 MP]
Icicle Spear -  [+0 HIT; 1 Dmg; +4 Dmg if target has been hit with a [Water] Element ability or spell in the previous 2 rounds; [Frost]; Medium Range; 2 Actions; 5 MP]

Username: [Redacted]
Name: [Redacted]
Race: Soulbound
Racial Benefits: Armored (Heavy), Soul Detection
Archetype: Guardian
Archetype Benefits: Unarmed Weapon and Shield Prof.; Medium Armor Prof.; Barricade; Intercept; Protect; Thornmail
Hit Points: 65
HP Regen: +3
Magic Points: 55
MP Regen: +3
POW: 4
DEX: 6
AGI: 3
END: 6
MAG: 6
LUK: 0
Heavy Trainer's Armor [9 Armor, 2 Resistance; Weight [Negated due to Race]; Block]
Trainer's Gauntlet [+3 HIT; -1 Dmg; Unarmed]
Trainer's Heavy Shield [5 Armor, 1 Resistance; Bash; Block 2]
Spells Known:
Crush - [+0 HIT; 7 Dmg; +2 HIT and +3 Dmg if target has [Knockdown]; Short Range; 2 Actions; 8 MP]
Notes: Extra information you want to keep on your character, such as general background or character traits.
Approved Characters

Reserved for approved and finished characters.
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Re: Haze Riders [A beta test]
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2013, 04:34:05 PM »
Reserved for later use, probably a summary of over-arching stories.

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Re: Haze Riders [A beta test] (OPEN)
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2013, 10:49:21 AM »
Updated to include the following:

7 Spells for each Element, include a 'God' spell which takes 20 actions and 50 MP to cast, but changes the environment around the caster.
Crafting ingredient lists (still working on them btw)
Vehicle and Companion rules

Still open for character creation.

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Re: Haze Riders [A beta test] (OPEN)
« Reply #4 on: November 17, 2013, 08:50:44 AM »
The Mire has been added to the playable races. This species is a slime or ooze styled creature capable of the stereotypical abilities most know for that type, and are a welcome addition to this, hopefully still grow, universe.

Lots of peeps from the chat rooms helped making this one, and I greatly appreciate it. u w u
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