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May 20, 2018, 08:48:14 PM

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Author Topic: A few ideas for a couple fun RP's (M seeking F maybe M) UPDATE  (Read 428 times)

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Offline BoredMale777Topic starter

A few ideas for a couple fun RP's (M seeking F maybe M) UPDATE
« on: October 29, 2013, 11:32:59 PM »
I am going to update this a little bit because I posted this rather quickly, and didn't get to flesh out a couple ideas as much as I wanted too.

A couple of turn offs just to let you know
I'm not into Vomit, or smut or anything in between
I don't like rape.. I don't mind an aggressive character that goes against my protests to get things hot and heavy, but Rape not for me.
I don't like mutilation, or excessive torture.
I am okay with young looking characters, but as long as it stays within the bylaws of the site.

I haven't RP'ed on this site before, but I am not really a novice to the whole. I usually try to get 5 or more paragraphs in, and would appreciate the same from you. Sex in Rp's is great, I love it, but you can only describe one sex scene so many different ways before it gets redundant, so I do appreciate a good strong story, that is what usually makes the sex scenes more interesting, because I am far more engaged in the story.

I am vampire. Looking for Female
1.) Male vampire is followed by a new female hunter. He is old and strong, but bored, so he plays with her, taunts her, and turns her fellow hunters against her, ultimately she needs him to live, or she will be destroyed by her own brethren. While she hunts him, he toys with her, let's her get close, maybe hits him, let's her confidence grow before he runs off. The game is fun, and he likes the hope in her eyes, but she is ill equipped to deal with him.
I would be the Riddickesque character. Looking for female
2.)Set in the universe of Riddick.
I am someone who has followed in Riddicks footsteps, going so far as to getting the same eye shine, and as such, sometimes mercs have confused me with the real deal You happen to be such a merc, and come-a-hunting. At first you don't know what to expect, there are always rumors about the ghost known as Riddick, and the pay day on him is ridiculous. As you near the desolate planet with your crew you can't believe a person can survive in such a place. Not long after setting down your scanners pick up a life form. Everyone is excited, they finally found him... but you keep ending up one step behind your intended target, and soon your crew mates start to disappear.

Looking for either male or female
3) I am a Jedi Knight. I have left on a mission, but I know it is more of a pilgrimage. The council knew I didn't agree with all of their philosophies and could feel a little flicker of a disturbance in the force from me. So I am off to a distant world looking for Jedi artifacts. As I search for the artifacts I feel a disturbance in the force.

Either male or female
This is HumanXNeko character. I am the human. This can be either I am a human on Earth and have never seen anything like you. I am both enthralled and kind of scared of you.  Or you are a feeble creature who is begging for food or money, and I decide to help you. Bring you in.. feed you.. bathe you.. and whatever else happens.!

I haven't really done any M/M rps, I mean maybe one or two, but I know that I might not be dom, but I am NOT sub... just to clear it up!

If you have any other ideas I am all ears... I am looking for Any type of

I can supply setting and background for whatever it is that you wanna do!

thank you....

Oh yeah.. easier if you private message me.. I mean I do check recent posts, just sometimes I figure I won't be that good at checking it.. so a message will be loads better!
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Offline BoredMale777Topic starter

Re: A few ideas for a couple fun RP's (M seeking F maybe M) UPDATE
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2013, 04:08:48 PM »
Update. New RP idea added.
Other rp's updated