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Author Topic: Pick a Character (Let's Have Some M/M Fun)  (Read 1484 times)

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Pick a Character (Let's Have Some M/M Fun)
« on: October 27, 2013, 03:00:27 AM »
Hello All,

I like doing character based roleplays, so with this in mind, below are some generalized characters I want to play (with Pics to boot). These are very generalized and can be tweaked a bit, but they are meant to be vague to add more depth to them in our collaboration efforts.

Any character that are in RED are those characters that we can do a blind game for in which we learn about our character during the roleplay. Please remember to read my O.O's before pming me on these types of games.

You can either PM me or you can respond to this thread.

The Teacher

RP Type(s):
One-Shots, Seduction, Coercion, NC

Sexuality: Dominant Top

Your Character: A student (personality is up to you)

Possible Scenarios:
  • Detention.
  • Tutoring.
  • Bribery for a better grade.
  • Blackmail.
Personality Traits: Typically that teacher that everyone knows and likes. Usually really understanding with the kids. But what a lot of people don't know is that this teacher has an eye for his students and he would love nothing better than the chance to bend one over his desk a teach them a thing or two.

The Married Man
RP Type(s): One-Shots. Seduction. Blackmail.

Sexuality: Dom/Sub Top/Bottom

Your Character: The Other Man

Possible Scenario:
  • Play out a scene of gay sex and have the man he slept with blackmail to tell his wife.
  • Play out a bachelor party that gets a little too wild.
  • Best man gives him a wedding present.
Personality Traits: He is either nervous about his relationship, unsure of it, or bored sexually with it.

Birthday Boy

RP Type(s): One Shot. Seduction. Coercion. First Time. NC. Light BDSM.
Sexuality: Submissive Bottom
Your Character: Dominant Top
Possible Scenarios:
  • You are the Birthday Boy’s present
  • A Stripper at his party
  • Wasted at the Bar
  • Coerced by his friends to have sex with someone in public (really like this idea)
  • Goes home with the wrong kind of guy
Personality: Usually pretty shy, but his friends want him to really let loose tonight. He is just turning 21 so his experience so far is limited (if any at all if we want to play that way).

A Vampire’s Familiar (a working title)

RP Type(s): Fantasy with a slight hint of coercion and possible bondage.
Sexuality: Vampire – Dominant Top; Familiar – Bottom (not submissive)
Your Character: Both available
Scenario: All right, this one is a little more thought out. A vampire who has been asleep for about 500 years has awaken and now needs a human to help him integrate into the new world. Plot and Story points can be discussed.
Vampire FYI’s: They cannot be in direct sunlight, though they can be awake during the day.
Familiar FYI’s: Blood from the vampire without taking any human blood from the familiar is required to make them a familiar. A familiar does not need to eat bugs or something like that. They are constantly aware of their master’s presence and whenever they are about to do something, anything, if it would act against the wishes of their master they will be unable to complete the task.
It is imperative that we collaborate on this as I want this to be a regular roleplay that will have plots and substance. Possibly a group roleplay once we get it rolling, but would rather start off small.
NOTE: Though there is going to be m/m sex in this, it is more about plot than sex. If you wish to work with me on this story, be ready to commit some time to planning it.

Public Slut
[/size][/color]RP Type(s): Anything sexually public (light bondage is maximum)
Sexuality: Bottom
Your Character: Open to discussion
Possible Scenarios: The sky is the limit on this one. I just want it public. Will we get caught? Are we being watched? Lots of fun to be had here.

Poly Paulie - M for M/M/M/etc..?

RP Type(s):[/b} Romantic Comedy with smut, though it plot driven.
Sexuality: Versatile
Your Character: Open to a polyamorous male relationship and obviously male
Possible Scenarios: I pretty much want to make a combination of Will & Grace with Friends, with a bit of Queer as Folk thrown in for the smut. I want these characters to be open to a polyamorous relationship. Obviously, if you can play multiple characters that would be awesome, but I would ideally like to find one writer for each character. Here is a bit more information on Paulie (my character).

Name: Paul (Paulie) Stone
Age: 25
Sexuality: Gay versatile
PB: Stephen Amell

Paul, or Paulie as most of his friends call him, has actually done fairly well for himself. By the time he was 21 he had started and sold his first business, building websites for non-profit organizations to better facilitate sponsors and donors. He receives royalties from the business to the tune of $3,000 per month and is currently the web master for a marketing firm in New York called Bright Ideas, who specialize in marketing for tours and attractions in and around New York including Broadway. He is also openly gay, though he does not broadcast it. His last relationship ended about 6 months ago because he found himself wanting to be with other men, but still not wanting to cheat on his boyfriend. This eventually caused bitterness with Paulie and he broke it off and moved to the Los Angeles office of the marketing firm which promptly ended the relationship. (This ex could be a fun addition as well if you wanted to play him).

I figured the story would start off with him casually dating a couple of guys and not being able to pick one, but I am open to suggestions on that.

Why Cinna?

I don't know about you guys, but I have always wondered why in Hunger Games did Cinna have so much rebellion in him? A theory I have is that he had a lover who was a tribute. I would like this to be an M/M situation, mostly out of preference though there is plenty of reason to believe that Cinna was gay.

I am willing to play Cinna or have you play him, as long as his character is believable from the books. If you have not read the books and only seen the movies, it may be difficult to RP this with you but I am not opposed to it. Besides, everyone should read this series.

If you are wanting to play the Tribute, definitely should be a guy and I am actually open to having it be anyone in any district. Ideally, the story will begin at Cinna being introduced to his new tribute that he has been assigned to. It will likely end with the Tribute leaving for the arena, with a post afterward about his death (no need to go into full blow by blow details unless we want to).

Rising Star
AU Glee, Post Graduation

Taken. If you would like to see how the story is progressing, you can see it here: Glee Across the Pond

RP Type(s): Human-Light, a little seduction but more bubbly fun.
Sexuality: Versatile
Your Character: A Broadway director, no older than 35. Dominant/versatile male

Scenario: All right, I know that in my O.O's I state that I do not like doing fandoms because they are hard to believe, but I also mention that I might consider doing them under the right conditions and AU is completely possible. Well, here it is. I know it is pretty stereo typical gay and I expect that a lot of guys are going to be waving their fingers at me, but I don't care. I want a "Gleesy Romance".

Blaine graduated from McKinley with a dream of being on broadway and a broken heart. Kurt felt that he was going to hold Blaine back after Blaine got accepted into Julliard. Blaine tried to make Kurt see reason, but Kurt eventually broke it off fully by convincing Blaine he was no longer in love with him. Details of that can be covered in private messages if it needs to come up at all.

Blaine decides to throw himself into his studies at Julliard and goes for every audition that he can. One day, he is auditioning for a brand new musical, (Name to be Discussed) and Your Character meets him for the first time. Do they like each other? Will your character think he's naive but see true talent in him? Will Blaine be so intimidated by your character that he can't think straight? All of this can be discussed in private messages.

I am looking for this to be a long game, and I fully intend to do something called Song Writing or Song Fiction. Meaning that while Blaine is doing or thinking about something, there will be lyrics italicized around the actions or thoughts. It would be nice if my partner could do this as well, but not completely necessary.

On this one, I am being a little picky because I want it to be good. So, if you are interested in this, please send me a private message and give me at least one paragraph to this writing prompt:

Your character is conducting auditions for your upcoming broadway show. The last audition was dreadful. Write a paragraph as to what your character is feeling and how they respond to the actor's question of, "How did I do?"

So those are my thoughts on the game, always open for intrepretation.
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Re: Pick a Character (Let's Have Some M/M Fun)
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2013, 08:03:24 PM »
Added Rising Star and updated a few other story ideas.

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Re: Pick a Character (Let's Have Some M/M Fun)
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Updated some stories and added "Poly Paulie"

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Re: Pick a Character (Let's Have Some M/M Fun)
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Updated Status of Glee RT.

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Re: Pick a Character (Let's Have Some M/M Fun)
« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2018, 04:46:01 PM »
Added "Why Cinna?" to RT.

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Re: Pick a Character (Let's Have Some M/M Fun)
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Updated some information and moved "Rising Star" to bottom as it is already taken.