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Author Topic: HairyHeretic's ideas thread  (Read 1932 times)

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HairyHeretic's ideas thread
« on: July 27, 2008, 06:15:08 PM »
Active wants and ideas ... semi-constantly under revision :)

I'm in the mood for a few more games .. possibly one on ones, possibly small games, depend on who finds what appealing.

Distinct story ideas:

In a rough order of interest ...

Fallen Princess, now slave - Fantasy **Available again**

Yesterday ...

Yesterday she was the daughter of a Queen, born of a line of rulers that stretched back 1000 years.

Today ...

Today she is a slave, because no sword arm however strong, no mage however wise, no courtier however shrewd can hold back the armies of the Empire forever.

Golden bands encircle her wrists and throat, marking her former status as she is marched through The City as one more symbol of their triumph.

Tomorrow ...

Tomorrow she will stand naked on the slavers block, gold still encircling her throat, and find out who will be the one to own her henceforth.

And the day after that ...

Well ... that is in the hands of the Gods.

1930s Scion - Pulp / Urban Fantasy **New**
Play me before reading on

"And has his holiness managed to produce anything of worth for us?" The tone was biting, the harsh Prussian accent easily recognisable as an aristocratic one, if one knew how to listen.

"The Fuhrer believes he is useful. Until that changes, we carry on as we have been. If nothing else, his hatred of the Bolsheviks makes him a willing tool. But to answer your question, yes, he has. Watch."

The lights in the room dimmed, then an explosion of light filled the air, streaming upwards and outwards from the centre of the table, forming a world that looked much like out own, but with one significant difference. A massive island, or perhaps a small continent, sitting in the Indian Ocean.

"Mein Gott!"

"Has he found it? Has that lunatic of a Russian actually found the location of Atlantis?"

"No." The tone held profound disappointment. "It may have been there millennia ago, but it's not there now."

Fireflies of light began to appear on the map, dotting around Africa, South East Asia and further afield.

"But while it may be gone, perhaps its outposts, its colonies, remain, lost to time and waiting for us to find them. The Fuhrer has decreed that we will seek these lost places out. We will find them, recover what we can from them, and perhaps they will lead us to Atlantis itself. If nothing else, their technology was supposed to be far in advance of anything seen before, or after. And it will be ours!"

"Signal the Werewolves. We have a go."

The year is 1936. Assisted by the legendary Mad Monk Rasputin, the Thule Society and Ahnenerbe Institute are searching the globe for secrets of lost Atlantis, determined to find it, unlock it's secrets and usher in the Third Reich's thousand year reign.

Opposing them are scattered individuals, drawn together by Fate and secret origins unknown to the rest of the world ...

Scion meets the Pulp Era. The Scions are dashing adventurers, femme fatales, plucky reporters, cocky smugglers, masked avengers and with the aid of intrepid sidekicks, mad science and a talent for trouble, they'll be taking on the nastiest that Nazi occult-science can produce, lost cities, ancient curses, legendary monsters, and perhaps the lost technology of ancient Atlantis itself.


I originally tried this as a group game, but I'd like to give it a shot as a 1 on 1 story. Freeform or System, either works.

Crimson Sands - Fantasy **New**

You're probably asking yourself right now how I came to end up in a harem on Mars, and a Mars so different to the one we all know exists, right? Well, I've been asking myself variations of that question a dozen times a day since I started this magic carpet ride. And no, that's not a figure of speech either. It started with a damn magic carpet.

Swashbuckling fantasy on a Mars that is just a tad different to the one we've been told exists. Magic and monsters, ancient tech and prophecy. Wait, just what exactly do you mean by 'The Chosen One'?

Lord of the Gloaming Woods - Fantasy **Game in progress**

"Keep to the path, and they can't harm you. That's the Pact that was made.
Anything on the path is safe, anything off it is fair game for them.
They'll try to trick you, or scare you, and once you put one foot off the path, then it's theirs you are.
And they don't give up what is theirs by right."


Tales to scare travellers.

No one had seen anything in the forest in, well, generations. The guides kept to their old ways, since that was what they had always done, but few believed them any more.

For one party, they're about to get a rather pointed reminder that all stories grow from a seed of truth .. particularly when he who made the Pact stirs in the depths of the forest once more, and sends forth his servants to fetch what is his by right.

That was Zen, this is Tao - Urban Fantasy

The first time I laid eyes on her I thought she was out of this world. If only I'd knew just how true that was.

Most people don't have to deal with millenia old curses, evil wizards, stolen magic items, ghosts, demons, monsters and supernatural partners. Aren't I the lucky one?

Of course, if I hadn't been hired to steal it, I wouldn't have ended up on this whole magic carpet ride, and wouldn't have met the granddaughter of the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea either.

So .. it's not all bad. If you discount the moments of mind numbing terror and all, that is.

Exalted - Magitech Fantasy
No firm plot in mind yet, but I'd like to get one of my various Exalted characters out for some over the top action :)

Kheldaran - Eclipse Caste Solar
Peleps Daishan was born and raised a son of the Household of Peleps Kaizoku, and like many of this household, he spent a lot of time learning about, on or near the sea. With his family's status of unofficial Realm pirates, that's to be expected. He doesn't have a great many memories of this time though

Peleps Daishan died at sea. A great storm arose, his ship was separated from the rest of the squadron, damage taken in a battle with Lintha pirates having slowed it to the point it could not outrun the storm. Damaged, and short of crew, the ship was buffeted and battered. Sailors were plucked one by one from the deck by waves that seemed almost sentient.

They were. The storm was not a normal storm, but a hunting party of the Fair Folk, far from their normal waters. Peleps Daishan was one of the last taken. Perhaps that was why he survived, the Fair Folk having sated the worst of their lusts on those already lost. He was not as fortunate, to be killed out of hand. Instead he was taken.

He who was Daishan was now a slave, to be used by the Fair Folk in any way that amused them. They took him to deep, dark, places and changed him there, so he would last longer, amuse them for longer.

He can't recall how long he was amongst them. Months. Perhaps years.

His escape was a shock to many. The hunting party had encountered a group of water spirits and were seeking uncontested passage through their realm. Their slave suddenly addressed one spirit, calling on ancient pacts in the name of who he was before. The spirit saw the reincarnation of one he owed a debt to, and fulfilled his oath. The hunting party were slaughtered, the few survivors fleeing before the spirits.

The once more Exalted Eclipse solemnly thanked his old friend, and acknowledged the debt paid. As a last boon, the spirit took him safely back to the shore, leaving him on a beach with Port Calin a distant blur on the horizon.

Unused to being above water, he was weak and uncoordinated. He was found by a Guild caravan, and having nothing of worth to pay for any help they might give him, they promptly enslaved him once again, shackling him and tossing him in a wagon with others who were to be sold in Nexus. Once he recovered his strength, he taught them the error of their ways. Recovered and now equiped with clothing and equipment that had been Guild property, he set out to explore.

Over time, some memories came back to him, enough to know that his former family would likely want to see him dead. Not only had he not fallen gloriously in battle, he had been taken as a slave, something that would mar the entire family with dishonour, and then worst of all, had exalted as Anathema.

Peleps Daishan died at sea. The man who stood on that muddy trail took the name Kheldaran. It would serve well enough for now, and could always be discarded later, if necessary.

His wandering around the Scavenger Lands found him creating a number of identities, and finding several useful tools along the way. A poorly thought out excursion to the haunted city of Denandsor almost cost him his life, but he escaped it bringing the Nymph Calinara with him, having rescued her from the empty city and its curse. She decided to stay with him, as he usually ended up in such interesting situations, mostly unmanifested and inside of him, but taking her true form around expanses of water that she judged worthy.

Ulric - Full Moon Caste Lunar
"You want to know my story? Alright, I'll indulge you, this time. I'm from the north ... a small village, near Whitewall. You'd never have heard of it. We provided food, and some workers, for the mines. Close to the Fell." He paused, eyes unfocused, before continuing. "Marama's Fell. It's a Shadowland. Didn't know a lot about it back then, but I've learned a lot more since. Back when I was a boy, if you were lucky, and good, you could get it, look around some of the old ruins they had in there, maybe find something you could sell in the city. Lots of nasty things in there for the unlucky, or the unwary, and that's before night even falls."

"I was .. thirteen, forteen maybe. Full of my own confidence." He broke off with a chuckle. "In other words a fool. I'd been into the Fell before, never found much though. I heard stories of a new find though, deeper in than we'd ever gone, full of all sorts of things. I figured I could be in, take what I wanted and be back out before anyone was the wiser. I was wrong. I spent the next day ... and night ... running, hiding, fighting when I'd no choice. The following dawn I was backed up against one of those old ruins, a pack of hungry ghosts closing in on me, and armed with a pair of silver tonfa ... what I thought were tonfa ... and resolved to try and sell myself dear."

"Next thing I know, there's a full moon overhead, I'm hearing a voice I'd never heard before telling me all kinds of things, and then I change. I don't know who was more surprised .. me or the ghosts. Well, I tore through half of them, sent the rest scattering, and made my way back out of the Fell. Didn't realise how I looked til I scared some poor traveller half to death. He ran off one way screaming about a giant monster, and I decided I'd best go another."

"I got found a month or two later, brought to the Pack, and taught how things really were."

Peace is a lie - Star Wars
Star Wars:
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

If you know it, the SW:TOR storyline of the Sith Warrior has a lot of potential for a good game here.
SWTOR Sith Warrior Storyline Spoilers
Starting with receiving your slave Vette the Twi'lek, and your later corruption of the Jedi Padawan Jaesa.

Could work nicely with 1 or 2 other players.

Adopting a stray - Modern / Urban fantasy
Somewhat nebulous at present
Guy crosses path with homeless girl from the streets, cold, hungry, tired, perhaps in trouble with the law or running from someone / something
He takes her as his pet. Gives her a home, food, shelter in return for placing a collar around her neck.
Girl could be human or demihuman, depending if it plays out as modern or urban fantasy
Lots of possible permutations.

What? You never seen a demon before? - Urban Fantasy

A millenia ago a powerful demon was defeated by a mighty demon slayer. Though unable to kill it, the demon slayer pinned it to rock with an enchanted spear, where it has remained trapped until the present day. Someone (perhaps a descendent of the demon slayer?) stumbles across the imprisoned demon, and inadvertently manages to release (or summon) some others. The only weapon that would allow them to fight these demons is the enchanted spear ... which means having to release the demon impaled on it. The demon is willing to swear an oath of fealty in return, so it ought to be safe .. right?

This is inspired by the manga Ushio and Tora, yes :)

More open stuff:

A personal favourite of mine. Almost always interested in this one.

I'm generally up for a game of Exalted, single or group, freeform or system.

I generally play Solars, occasionally Lunars. Haven't tried others much, but I'm open to most types.

Black Crusade:
I swear, 40k games seem to be under a curse here, but I still want to try. I could go for Dark Heresy, or Rogue Trader, but a chance to play a CSM in Black Crusade is really what I want.
Ave Dominus Nox

Legend of the Five Rings:
Another setting I'm very partial to. I favor playing Scorpion clan Samurai.

I have a great fondness for D/s stories across any number of genres, settings and pairings (modern / fantasy / sci fi / urban fantasy)

While I enjoy playing in a variety of canon settings, I don't play canon characters.

If nothing there interests you, but you like my writing, feel free to pitch your idea and it may appeal to me as well.

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Re: [MUL / UN] A variety of ideas
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2008, 06:40:31 PM »
Presently Inactive ideas

Or else already running / ran

But hey, if you like it, maybe you can convince me to blow the dust off of one.

Bjarni wondered if the pain from the wound in his leg that the boar had inflicted had caused him to imagine the Kings words. Or perhaps he had simply misunderstood them. His grasp of D'Angeline was better than most of his kin, but still not perfect. The looks of shock on the faces of the other feast guests, and the heads that turned to both him and the petite Princess seated at the royal table made him realise that he had not misheard after all.

The King had just announced she was now his betrothed, given as the hinted at prize of the hunt. His head turned towards her, and even at this distance, she seemed as surprised as he was.

This was a plot development in another game I was playing that ended soon after. I'd like to give it a whirl and see how the story might play out.

Beneath the Eagle's Wings

My name is Lucius Aquilinus Aurelius. I have the honour to serve as Centurion in the Aquilo Legion, commanding a mixed century of Salararius drop infantry and machinamenti pedestris war machines. The year is 2500 ab urbe condita, From the Founding, the founding of Rome, the eternal city. My Legion has been in the vanguard of the conquest of the barbarians across the Western Ocean in Nova Hesperia, or Vinland as they named it. They fight well, but their individual prowess cannot long match the discipline of the Legions. Already the first territories taken see the benefits of our rule, and what the Pax can bring them. In time they all will.

Of course, there is unrest in every Empire. Bandits. Agitators. Those who think themselves more suited to rule than the rightful rulers, or those who think they can declare themselves no longer part of the Empire. A foolish thought, and one that is inevitably proven wrong. Those not killed will frequently find themselves sold into slavery.

I suppose that is where our story begins, does it not ....

An alternate history of the world, one in which the Roman Empire never fell, and now spans much of Europe, Africa, and now is making inroads on the North American continent. A military officer, returned to his home in Rome on leave purchases a new slave.

After that ... who knows ... the story could develop in any number of directions. General level of technology is about late 1800s ish, though with a magitech/steampunk feel.


    Even a man who is pure in heart
    and says his prayers by night
    may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
    and the autumn moon is bright.

To see

Spotted in a club.

To see. To want.

Separated from who she is with.

Edged out into the night, into the storm, in a city she does not know, a country that is not her own.

To see. To want. To take.

Chased through a darkened maze of streets, til finally, exhausted, battered, she can go no further.

And then ...


Mine now.

Man or monster? Is there a difference between the two?

Stranger in a strange land - Urban Fantasy

There is another world that exists just beyond the corner of your eye, inhabited by fables, stories and things that everyone knows aren't real.

Except they are.

For the main the two worlds are kept separate, but what happens when a noble inhabitent of of that other world finds herself forced into the mundane one, and into one particular mortal's life?

Hunter Hunted - Fantasy

"MINE! She's mine. Send word to seal the valley, no one gets in or out." He raised his finger to his throat where the blood was drying to a trickle. "I'll hunt this bitch down myself, and when I'm done with her, she'll learn what it means to try and slay me."

His voice boomed out into the forest. "Do you hear me assassin? You've failed, and now I'm coming for you."

Two races at war, and one headstrong young huntress who has bitten off more than she can chew. What fate will await her if her target makes good on his threat?

Lord of the Night - Superhero

The dreams. Every night it's the same. Every day, I suppose I should say. I don't sleep at night any more.

At least, I think it is the same. Or parts of the same dream. It's like watching a movie that keeps skipping. A scene here, a scene there, and I'll be damned if I can make sense of it.

Who is she? Why did I lose it, go into a total red rage over some street girl I've never seen before? Why can't I remember?

Fine, I'd probably have taken the pimp down on general principles. What's the point of having powers if you don't use them for .. good? For justice? The papers seem to favour the term vigilante, or menace, depending on how deep in the crime families pockets they are. Meh, fuck 'em. They've had it their own way for far too long. Rules have changed, boys and girls. No more slaps on the wrist. No more thousand dollar an hour lawyers to find loopholes and technicalities.

Justice is coming for you.

Damnit, who is she? Why does she matter so much? Why can't I remember?

A superhero (of sorts) with no memory of his past, and dreams that torture his sleep. A face of a girl he can't remember, but one who stirs powerful emotions in the shadowed depths of his mind.

This is a character I had in a Supers campaign which ended before he could explore his own backstory. I'd be interested in giving it a go here.

Feng Shui:
Watching this Shoot Em Up BEST ACTION SCENES !!!!!!!!!!!! (this guy so embodies the Carnival of Carnage schtick  :D ) and this Equilibrium has got me in mind for playing some Feng Shui, as a gun weilding Killer (archtype), part of the Secret War, opposite someone ignorant of it, who gets drawn into it, becoming a Hero themselves. Someone like a Cop, Thief, Journalist or Private Investigator would fit the bill nicely.

What's Feng Shui?
For those not familiar with the setting, it's every Hong Kong action movie you've ever seen, all rolled into one. Seen 'Big Trouble in Little China'? That's a quiet Feng Shui session   :D

This Secret War is fought by those who know a simple, elemental truth of existence: certain sites harness and intensify chi (the life force). History belongs to those who are attuned to these sites, as they gain great fortune in matters both mundane and mystical. The scramble to possess the world's feng shui sites has now begun in earnest.

This battle rages throughout time and into the Netherworld as well, against sinister eunuch magicians of the past, secretive power groups of the present, and the twisted scientists who control the future. Fighting against them all are the pitiful remnants of the Dragons, fighting the good fight for freedom and justice.

Mystic fu powers meet advanced technology from the future, whilst awakened animals battle bio enhanced Abominations. Gamblers and spies match their wits with ancient sorcerers against a backdrop of explosions.

The Secret War is ready to be discovered.

7th Sea, The Princess Bride, Musketeers, it's all good. Daring deeds and witty banter, flashing blades and heaving bosoms. [one on one, possibly small group]

In a similar vein to the above, a story set in mythic China (or something close to it). Mystic powers, impossible stunts, hopping vampires, ghostly romances, it's all good.

WAR: A Private Reckoning [NC-H]
It will help if you watch before reading the plot I have in mind. Specifically from about 2:15 (the first appearance of your character on the rooftop) , to 3:39 (my character - or rather a male version thereof - leaving). It will set the scene nicely.

The Great War has begun, the forces of Disorder swarming over those of Order. In some nameless town of the human Empire, a Druchii (Dark Elf) wizard comes across one of his hated High Elf kindred, one of their Shadow Warrior scouts. Catching her by surprise, he intends to take his time killing her, to savour her feelings of helplessness, but a recall is sounded. He turns, leaving her alive, leaving her to wonder why. They meet again, several times, on the fields of battle, til finally he is able to capture her. He withdraws with his prize to the Black Ark that is his base. Killing her would be simple. Breaking her would be a challenge, and one he could relish ... and he does so enjoy a challenge. To take her, possess her again and again, crushing her spirit til she will become his willing slave.

[Bon-H] Ad Astra
Having come across this comic recently   I think it would make for a good story. Its worth a quick read for more details, but here's the short version ..

We never thought that First Contact would be this way. A shipload of refugees fleeing from a war between two alien superpowers, they told us what it was really like out amongst the stars. We'd been lucky up until now. A quirk of geography had placed us way out on the fringes, but the way that wars spread, that wouldn't likely stay that way.

This was war to knife. No quarter given. The smaller races had been sucked into it. Neutrality wasn't an option. The refugees confirmed that, telling tales of genocide, entire planets slagged to the bedrock. Well, if humanity was going to get sucked in, best we found out first hand about things.

That's why a handful of Explorer Corps were sent out to what we hoped were fringe systems, where we could gather information, and hopefully make a peaceful contact.

That was the plan anyway ...

Urban fantasy
Based on this picture I found.

You knew that that line had a bad reputation, but you dismissed the stories. People don't just vanish. Well, they do, but there's a reasonable explanation for it.

It was late. You were tired. You should have caught a cab, but the weather was foul, and there wasn't a single one to be seen.

With what happened though, you had to leave, to get out, to get away from everyone, and everything.

So you took the train. It was empty. The vibration of the tracks lulled you to sleep.

And now you really have got away from everything.

What next?

A dark mirror realm, sort of Noir / Sin City-ish. Towers that loom high overhead. Badly lit alleyways. Fog shrouded streets.

And a helpless little morsel, lost and alone.


Yes, my dear, I will use you. Rest assured of that. But I'll use you less harshly than others here will.

Of course, you're quite free to reject my offer of assistance. But one word of advice. Don't be out of doors when the sun goes down.

This vid

Repo Zydrate Anatomy [HQ]

gives a nice feel for this idea, and I could easily see the character Graverobber (or something very much like him) offering to help our little lost waif .. for a price, naturally.

Take a listen to this

Mercedes Lackey - Battle Dawn

There's definitely a story waiting to be told. Dark deeds and treachery, blood and honour, and at the end of it, who will stand triumphant on the field of battle, and what will be the losers fate?

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Re: [MUL / UN] A variety of ideas
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2008, 12:16:13 PM »
Works in Progress:

Half formed ideas, cool images, things that aren't finished going bump in the night yet.

The Return of the Scarlett Empress. Might wait on 3rd ed coming out and then see which of my Solars I want to dust off for this one. It should be epic though :)

Klingon Star Trek game

Space: the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the cruiser IKV Sompek. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and conquer them for the glory of the Empire.

The Four Years War is over, the Treaty of Axanar signed some 6 months ago. The Empire has taken it's measure of the Federation.

Destroying an Empire to win a war is no victory. And ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat.

With the Empire rebuilding, exploration missions are dispatched, to seek worlds and races to bring into the Empire and strengthen it for the future. The IKS Sompek is an experiment, a crew that is far more mixed than KDF vessels tend to be. The ship itself is a prototype, an upgraded and upscaled D7, about on par with the later K'tinga class.


Gorn: Bordering the Empire, the Gorn Hegemony consists of a number of clans spread across a score of worlds. The world of Axelot II seceeded from the Hegemony and joined the Klingon Empire some 3 generations ago. The large size and great strength of Gorn makes them a valued part of Klingon ground forces.

Orions: The Orion Syndicate can be found across most of the worlds of the Alpha Quadrant, and those of the Empire are no exception. Orions are noted for their abilities where .. less than honourable ... activities are necessary. This makes them occasionally useful to have around. While not present in great numbers, some have made themselves useful in the KDF.

Ferasans: Ferasans are a genetically augmented felinoid species from Ferasa that split off of the Caitian race 800 years ago. Unlike Caitians, Ferasans are saber-toothed and some have telepathic abilities. They are bipedal, have tails that assist their balance, extended maxillary canine teeth and large eyes with excellent night vision. Their skin is covered with a soft fur coat, and their felinoid ears can pick up frequencies that most humanoids are unable to detect. Some Ferasans have telepathic abilities.

Letheans: A telepathic species, Letheans are feared and respected as mercenaries throughout the Alpha Quadrant. Letheans are bald, with a vertical bone ridge that runs across their face and heads. They have small bone protrusions that can grow along this ridge and on their cheeks, and their skin is mottled and has multiple cartilage folds. Their eyes have a reddish tint. Letheans are descended from reptiles and prefer the dark.

Command crew roles:
First Officer (Tactical and Civilians)
First Warrior (Security)
Chief Engineer (Engineering)
Chief Medical Officer (Medical)
Chief Science Officer (Science)
Chief Operations Officer (Operations)

Departments and Specialities Crew: 800+
Conn Officer
Energy Weapons Officer
Ground Warfare Specialist 
Projectile Weapons Officer
Shield Distribution Officer
Space Warfare Specialist

Armory Officer
Assault Squad Officer
Explosives Expert

Damage Control Engineer 
Diagnostic Engineer 
Fabrication Engineer
Maintenance Engineer
Matter-Antimatter Specialist 
Systems Engineer
Technician (non specialist)
Warp Core Engineer

Flight Deck Officer (Fighters and shuttles)
Hazard System Officer
Systems Officer (Deflector, Sensors, Tractor Beam, Transporter )

Astrometrics Scientist
Development Lab Scientist 
Gravimetric Scientist
Photonic Studies Scientist
Research Lab Scientist
Warp Theorist


Bartender / Chef

Bekk (Enlisted)
Corporal (NCO)
Sergeant (NCO)
Ensign (Officer)
Lieutenant (Officer)
Lt Commander (Officer)
Commander (Officer)
Captain (Officer)

Changeling: The Dreaming
It's a game I've always wanted to try, but never had the chance to. Would work best as a group game, rather than a solo, I think. My character preference would be Seelie Troll.

Dawn of Worlds
This is a collaborative story telling game, where the PCs are the Deities of a newly formed world. You start by using your powers to shape the world itself, move on to creating races, and go from there. The game isn't really about conflict with each other so much as jointly creating an interesting world and story.

Into The Far West
Wuxia western steampunk. Just go check out the website, it'll be quicker :) Still waiting on this one to actually come out so we can get a proper look at it.

XCOM inspired
Got an idea for a group game, sort of XCOM with low level superpowers / abilities. PCs recruited to an XCOM like agency due to the fact they have a unique genetic makeup that reacts with an alien substance to create superhuman abilities.

Images without plots (yet)

Images of characters I'd like to play

Scion of Thor or Odin I think. More Odin than Thor it feels like. An assassin before his Visitation.


Kinda reminds me of a Zenith caste I once played, whose goal was to take down the Mask of Winters.

Images of characters I'd like to play opposite



Urban Fantasy

My life before hers. An oath foresworn in one lifetime will be honoured in another.

Dresden Files, or High Fantasy?

Sci Fi





This makes me think Exalted too.



I've been playing around with creating my own world. It's still extremely WIP, but you can see my ideas here

And just because :)

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Re: HairyHeretic's ideas thread
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Updated, tweaked and modified. Added a few new ideas, and interest ranked, shifted a couple of older ones to presently inactive

If you see anything that interests you, let me know. Please PM me though, rather than posting in the thread.