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June 29, 2022, 05:19:50 pm

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Author Topic: Escape marathon [Extreme bondage, semi-consensual]  (Read 887 times)

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Escape marathon [Extreme bondage, semi-consensual]
« on: October 25, 2013, 05:58:15 am »
I would like to play the role of Felina, the Queen of Escapes, as she enters the famous escapology show "The escape marathon". I am looking for a sadistic and bondage enthusiast, detail-oriented partner to play the roles of the stage host and assistants. She or he will have to devise the bondage, devices and obstacles Felina will have to struggle against.

The rules of the marathon are exposed below but I am quite open to discuss and edit them to better fit your own tastes.

Rules of the Escape Marathon
Adding restraints
  • There are 16 levels of restraints (see below). They get "unlocked" when Felina succeeds in struggling out of a restraint belonging to the immediately lower level.
  • Restraints cannot attach Felina to any fixed object.
  • Initially, Felina is bound with 5 level-1 restraints (ropes and strings).
  • One restraint is added to her body every 3 minutes (the chronometer is stopped while the new restraint is added). Optionally, the bondager may choose to wait 6 minutes and add two restraints in one shot.
  • One restraint get added whenever Felina succeeds in passing over an obstacle.
  • A restraint or device cannot bind too many parts together. Let's keep it reasonable.
  • Restraints already present cannot be untied before placing a new one, even if they are almost completely loose.
  • Instead of adding a restraint of level 4 or higher, the bondagers can use 3 level-1 restraints, or 2 level-2 restraints instead.
  • Instead of adding a restraint of level 7 or higher, the bondagers can use 4 level-1 restraints, or 3 level-2 restraints, or 2 level-3 restraints instead.
Struggling out
  • Felina may struggle out of her restraints in any way she chooses.
  • After at least 3 minutes of unsuccessful struggling against a device, she may choose to have it removed and replaced by two restraints belonging to lower levels (except, of course, if the original restraint was of level 1). The new restraints cannot bind the same joints that were bound by the removed restraint. If a restraint cannot be removed without removing another one, then it cannot be replaced in this way.
  • The track is one metre wide and has obstacles at regular intervals.
  • Felina can choose her clothes. However, any piece of clothing that interferes with a restraint will be removed or altered when the restraint is added.
  • To win, Felina must reach the end of the track and perform a surprise special task.
  • Whenever Felina crosses an obstacle, she must stop and one restraint will be added to her.
  • Should Felina be on the verge of dying, she will be immediately be saved by the staff. The action cannot advances her along the track. Each restraint that would have been removed in the process must be replaced by two new ones belonging to a lower level.
  • The entire challenge happens in front of a seated audience and is broadcast on live cable TV. Felina has no say about what kind of images, camera angles or sound from the stage are used in the broadcast
Restraint strictness levels
1SoftSoft, narrow and light-weight restraints that are bound by means of knots (rope, string, twine, ...)
2StrapsSoft, wider material that is bound by buckles, zips, velcro, etc. (leather straps, tape, etc.)
3HardUnyielding restraints, usually made of metal not using padlocks (chains, steel cable, wire, )
4LockableAny restraints closed by a means of a key. The key must be made available, no farther than 5 metres from the contestant and forward along the track - or logically possible for her to retrieve, somewhere on her body (including in those of her cavities she can logically reach, even if by several steps). Restraints of higher levels may all be lockable, but this must be stipulated in their description and the availability of the key remains valid.
5ClampingRestraints that are clamped with serrated or studded jaws on Felina's body.
6HeavyDevices that are very heavy
7PainDevices that are mainly designed to cause pain.
8HumiliationFrom this level on, each new restraint can be accompanied with a humiliation (action or device)
9Internal restraintsAny device that enters a body orifice and get anchored in it by its own
10Breath controlDevices that are mainly designed to hamper breathing
11CementRestraint based on the drying of cement or similar material
12AnchorAttached to some fixed object along the track
13SuspensionHanging from something by any part of her body
14ElectricityDevices that can send electric jolts
15Double devicesThe number of devices added each time is twice what they normally would be
16Risk of deathDevices that can potentially cause death (but not immediate death)
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