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Author Topic: Nuala's random desires (Mostly F seeking F, maybe M)  (Read 876 times)

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Nuala's random desires (Mostly F seeking F, maybe M)
« on: October 24, 2013, 10:24:38 PM »
Nuala's Desires

I've been lurking for a good long while and have decided I'd like to participate a bit. 

Hello! My name is Nuala and here's what I'm into right now. Please take a moment to read my ons and offs before proceeding. Right now I'm generally looking to play submissive female characters. I'm not always looking for BDSM (although right now my story ideas say otherwise) but I am looking for someone else to really take the lead in the story. When writing I create at a minimum a few paragraphs per post and I need a partner who will do the same. Short, few sentence posts do very little to progress the story and will quickly cause me to lose interest. Important: If you'd like to talk to me about any of my plot ideas or any ideas of your own, please contact me by PM only.

Subjects that interest me
Below are some topics that I'm into right now and would really enjoy making a story out of. If you have a good story idea that fulfills any of these, let me know. My story ideas are below in the next section.
-Sci-Fi dom/sub/slavery
-Chastity/Denied/Forced Orgasm
-Humiliation.  I love being "dolled up" and shown off

On to the story ideas!
consider all titles "working titles"

This is another first for me, I'd like to get into a world of fantasy and magic. I had an idea for a normal every-day young woman who was reading a special (maybe adult ;) )book about a series of amazonian tribes that live in a world with no men. She is somehow or another pulled into the world of the book and finds herself facing one of the tribes. The tribe has a strict hierarchical system and takes my character as an invader of some kind. She is taken prisoner. I'm looking for someone to play the tribal leader in this scenario who believes that my character is a spy from a rival tribe and at first interrogates her for information, then decides the subjugate my character as a slave/servant with the eventual goal of brainwashing her and making her a loyal member of the tribe. My character would not initially be a lesbian and would need to be "converted" by the Amazonians since there are no men in the fantasy world. I would like to try some new-to-me things as well, like magic. I am a big fan of forced orgasms/chastity-denial and I would like for the tribe to use "magic" toys that could torment my character in such a manner throughout the story.

The isle of Lesbos
This one is kind of goofy too. This would be a story set in an alternate universe/near future type of world. The world's most popular television show is about an island, where a pair of girls are dropped and forced to fend for themselves, all while being superstitiously filmed and broadcast. The girls are kidnapped unwillingly in some for or fashion and wake up on the island. The girls have to make their way through the island to an eventual goal, which only one girl will reach. That goal lets them off the island. The girls who lose will be enslaved. The island is full of traps and challenges to keep the girls from reaching the goal. One of the girls on the island is the "mole" and her goal is tricking the other girls into the traps. My character would be a random girl kidnapped and dropped off on the island. Your character could either be another girl who befriends mine as they move through the island, or you could be the mole. I like this story because it's a chance to come up with some creative traps, and could end in a variety of different ways.

The fashion show
  In this story I would like to have my character be successful but new fashion model. I would like someone who would play the part of another successful and experienced model who is a lesbian. The experienced model sees my character and decides that she is love-struck with her, and has to have her. The only trouble is my character isn't interested in women. The experienced model sets on a mission, slowly at first, but eventually leading to kidnapping to make my character her lesbian lover. I see the experienced model of having more of a "creepy-stalker" style mentality, even though the two are friends professionally at the start of the story. The experienced model becomes so infatuated that she will resort to anything to have my character as her lover. This story would of course include NC/bdsm and could eventually lead to a romantic ending.
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Re: Nuala's random desires (Mostly F seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2013, 01:05:53 AM »
The company
This one will be my first attempt at a sort of sci-fi setting. I'd like to have this story set in the future or near future.  My character gets a job as an office worker/secretary a large corporation's "special projects" lab. The catch is that the corporation secretly tests all its new inventions on its employees.  The company would start small on my character with simple, hard to notice experiments, maybe drugs or other easy to hide experiments. Later they'd move into "devices" being attached to my girl, all the while she's expected to go about her normal job and tries her hardest to hide what's going on from everyone.  I'd like to find someone to play the boss/manager in this situation who tricks then later forces my character into the experiments.  I'm looking for someone who can be creative in devising devices and experiments. There is a lot of potential in this scenario for things I haven't tried before like body transformations, weird toys, drugs, and maybe even temporary mind control, although I'm still a little on the fence about the last one.

Mother always gets her way
This on is my big craving right now. I know it's a bit strange, but I'm that kind of girl ;). I would like to play a submissive, successful woman in her late 20s who is kidnapped/blackmailed/tricked/or otherwise forced by another woman into being her "little girl" complete with frilly/baby clothes, diapers, and other humiliating situations. I also would like for this scenario to include chastity/forced/conrolled orgasms. I guess I would be more like a lesbian sissy-girl. The "babyfication" is there more for the humiliation factor. I'm looking for someone to play the dominant woman in this story. I had the idea that this story would take place in the near future where there could be some "interesting" modern technology. The story could go a number of different ways, either my character is captured to be turned into a full-time slave, or is just being taught a lesson.

Island Getaway
This story would take place in the near future. In this future there is a resort island where the rich and successful go to live out their fantasies. The staff and workers on the island are there to fulfill the needs and desires of the guests whatever they may be. But, the island has a dark secret. The majority of the workers are actually kidnapped and forced into slavery on the island. This will be a BDSM/NC style story where your character is a wealthy individual on vacation to the island. My character is a newly arrived recruit that you "rent" for the duration of your vacation with the idea of playing out a BDSM fantasy to break and train a slave. The neat thing to me about this story is that the setting for the events can take place in any number of different time-periods or settings that are all being replicated on the island. There could even be several, all depending on the wants of the "guest." The dominant character isn't necessarily a bad person as she is just going on vacation and indulging her secret fantasies. Will the vacationer find out that her "slave" really is there against her will? And what will happen if she does?

Midland High
Ok, this is another generic-ish story but I've always wanted to play with something along these lines. In this world women are kept in school up through their late 20s. The schools are restricted environments and are all-girl. Think of them as "adult high-schools." The premise for this plot is simple. My character is a new transfer into the school and I'm faced with a dominant character intent on making me into a slave. It could be a teacher, another student or the captain of the cheerleading squad. Anything goes! The emphasis on this story would be humiliation of my character. Make me wear revealing clothing, abuse me with toys, tie me up, like I said, anything goes!

That's all for now. I will update this page often as I get more cravings. If you have anything that you'd like to try please PM me.
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Re: Nuala's random desires (Mostly F seeking F, maybe M)
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2015, 11:34:12 PM »
I've been lurking for a good long while and have decided I'd like to participate a bit.  Updated this post.