With Extra Custard ( F/Futa )

Started by Dhi, October 23, 2013, 08:36:52 PM

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This is not a highly complex story, just a fun little romp with gokkun and anal.

It's a Sunday afternoon and you're a frustrated futa girl working the register of a fast food chain. It's hot, the customers are rude, some girl blew you off last night, and you're probably going to be fired for letting the freezer defrost. You weren't even supposed to be working today. Along comes this girl, icy blonde hotness, preened and fashionable, wound so uptight, not even looking at you as she orders. So, maybe to blow off a little steam, maybe as a fantasy, maybe just to go out with a bang instead of a whimper, you take her grilled chicken combo into the back and add your own secret sauce in generous portions.

I see the story as beginning at the end of your girl's shift, when icy blonde hotness comes back for seconds. She's a valley entrepreneur, the owner of a girly little bake shop and cafe catering to exquisite middle class women, and she'd like to hire your girl on as a chef with benefits. So begins a culinary adventure for icy blonde hotness, and for your girl, some much-needed self esteem taking out considerable frustrations on a dainty creature's poor bottom.

I am a lesbian so it's important to my enjoyment that a girl with a cock be 98% girl and 2% cock (3% cock is also within my margin of error). If you'd like to provide a character image, please don't pick one with a prominently displayed penis. I trust you that it's there!

This story contains
  • Cum eating
  • Anal (exclusively)
  • Valley speak
  • Food porn
  • NC in the form of customers unwittingly eating cum
If this is your thing, drop me a line here or by PM, and tell me about the character you'd like to play!