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Started by MasterTristan, October 23, 2013, 07:35:43 AM

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A merging of my Genie and Haunting stories. A Sex Demon is trapped within an ancient sex toy. Using it has awoken it, and it begins to manipulate the world around it to get more women to use it. Each usage of it gives it more powers, to the point where it can float, move from place to place, talk, maybe even grow a body attached to it. It must be used 13 times in order to be released, and the thirteenth must be concentual.   

Adventures of SuperBimbo

Two potentials for this story.
1, A Super-heroine, who's only super power is getting men to surrender by emptying their balls. Her costume is revealing, her body is abnormally proportioned and has a love for her "job". She genuinely believes what she does is threatening to the men she "fights", but most villains hope to run into her, and join the army of men in jail who've had the young girl.
So this is my idea for "Bimbo Heroine". This is a porno-parody, so be prepared for ridiculousness.

Most (if not, all) her powers are designed to make her a desirable lover/slut.
I'm thinking "adaptable orifices" that stretch wide, or tighten up to give the most pleasure to the male that's fucking her, and to take in any sized cock.
Breast and ass size control.
Unlimited Sexual Stamina.
Instant costume change (like Wonder Woman's spin).
Perfect control of her tongue.
Empathic flirtation/shapeshifting. (knows just what to say, to anyone. Can change hair color/length at will/body type at will)
X-ray Vision, that only works on clothes.

And her "killer power"; hypnotic control over anyone she's made orgasm. Her MO is literally fuck baddies, then make them turn themselves in.

I'm also thinking Wall-flower/bookish secret identity.

Many ways she could transform: magic sex toy/collar. Magic word. Just spin round really quick.

Every "week" she can face a new villain; sentient sex toys, lesbian gangsters, BBC owning bank thieves, sex slave traffickers, alien cock invasion etc etc
I believe it would be better if she had a wall-flower secret identity.

2, A legit Super Heroine tackles a villain that's only super power is Mind-Controlling Semen and Pheromones. When a woman is in close contact she gets distracted. If she get's 'had' she has a hard time not thinking about being had again.
Another side-effect of the Semen could be a loss of powers, or body transformation.

Wishes do come true

A lady (you) finds a ring/pendant/random antique. Polishing this item unleashes a genie.  A very lustful pent up genie, who can only be free by having their way with a mortal woman. However he is still obligated to offer 3 wishes to you. However he can interpret the wish however he wants, much to your frustration, humiliation and eventual pleasure.
Contains transformation and bimbofication.

Erotic Tales on Haunted Hill (Potentially 2 Fs)

I want to begin an erotic horror story.
It will be a slow starter, with plenty of plot building, before breaking out into pure smut.
Eventual kinks will include inhuman/undead partners, inanimate objects, force/reluctance, and incest.

Basic plot: You (or Two sisters/friends) arrive at a house to begin a new life in a new town. They're moving in to a house that has a dark, hidden, history. Slowly unexplained occurrences happen, these escalate into bad dreams, the feeling of being watched, and eventually ghostly rape.

Alex in Pornoland

Is like a preferably submissive GM to take my character into a world in which the outlandish sexcapades that take place in low budget porn become everyday occurrences. Every man and woman is sexually attractive, and sexually active, and almost everything is an excuse to have sex.

I'm currently GMing a handful of stories involving one woman being the object of desire of a world full of men/monsters. I however would like to be placed in a world and given a multitude of women to have my way with.

Around His Finger

This is a story of a ring and locket, that are both blessed and cursed. When a man wears the ring and woman wears the locket magic happens.

They were forged by a wizard for an evil king obsessed with gaining land/power, but unable to gain it through warfare.
The ring/Lockett combination allowed him to seduce Ladies and Princesses to gain power through marriage.

That was a long time ago, and the items have been kept together and passed down through family, became pawned and eventually ended up in my hands.
A few rules of the locket.
The wearer CANNOT take it off.
The wearer CANNOT disobey an order from the ring wearer.
The locket causes, in order, forgetfulness, ditziness, confusion, increased femininity (enjoyment of pink/shoes/glitter etc) submission, eagerness to please.
Physically it causes, in order, gradually steady breast growth, slight leg height growth, full lips, genital and nipple sensitivity, increased sex drive, increased fertility.

Master Benn's Magical Costume Shop
I propose an adventure based on a concept in the Mr Benn cartoon series.
Each episode had the main character enter a costume shop, try on a costume, and enter a magical doorway to have an adventure appropriate to the costume.
With a bit of creative license the main character will be a sex obsessed young woman (you), the costume shop can be a seedy sex shop, and the adventures will all be overly sexual.
So this would involve multiple fetishes, scenarios and settings.

Hentai High (Potential Small Group)

This thread will contain every hentai cliché we can imagine. The goths have summoneda tentacle monster, that now has taken over the basement. Every other student is an expert in some type of martial art, and many are nekos. The nerds spend their time building mechs, to battle the weekly giant monster attack and the teachers are all unashamed perverts.

Also,  it was an all girls school, until I showed up. I'm the only boy in the whole school, due to an admin error. I'll say sexually attractive,  but naive/inexperienced. Because that's another cliché. 

Porno Dorno Doo! (Potential Small Group)

Porn Parody of Scooby Doo. I'm the monster/s, the girls play the Scoobies. The gang must consist of 1 Jock; who takes charge as the leader,  1 Bimbo airhead;who always seems to have that1 skill or obscure information JUST as it becomes useful, 1 Nerd; who's secretly a depraved bitch, 1 Stoner/Sloth and 1 Half-breed.
Orc Raid

A small band of orcs raid a campsite/caravan of elves, slaying the guards and snatching the prettiest of the women as war trophies.
This could work as a small group rp, it could be a band of orcs against a single traveler, it could be something alone and be a larger and more powerful creature like an ogre.

A variation on this could be that elven women are kept isolated from the world because the males don't want them to know the difference in male size compared to other species. Or that orc dick is highly addictive to female elfs, so they're kept hidden away to prevent the elf race from being bred out.

Humiliating defeat

Very similiar to the Orc raid fantasy, this one is focused on a single heroine or a small group, being over powered and outsmarted by a group of weaker monster's such as goblins. Where the orc fantasy focuses on the humiliation of being bettered by an enemy that just overpowered you in a straight fight, this fantasy focuses on the humiliation of being bettered by an enemy that shouldn't have even been a challenge. In a 1 v 1 fight you should win every time. Hell even a 1 v 5 shouldn't have been too difficult. But through sheer back luck, over confidence, or an error in strategy you're now at the mercy of smaller, weaker, and malicious creatures. I think Goblins are the best suit for this story, as they're known for being malicious, cunning, and only strong in large numbers.


This would be the story of ownership and dominance in a universe where female slavery is the complete norm. Feminism and equality have been entirely eliminated and all women have become registered property of men. Total insane misogynistic power fantasy.
If you're familiar with the work of Erenisch you'll know what I mean.


Recently added "Adventures of SuperBimbo", "Wishes do come true.", and "Erotic Tales on Haunted Hill".






Bumping, as I'm considering returning to this site after a 6 year absence.


Having once again needing some time away from writing smut online I feel like I'm ready to return. My bottom two fantasies are still the ones I would prefer to work on.


Trying again. May need to play privately off Elliquiy.