Some (Refreshed) Sandbox Ideas! (M for F/M)

Started by White Wolf, October 22, 2013, 07:33:17 PM

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White Wolf

If you're interested in any of my ideas, please don't hesitate to PM - I'll get back to you as soon as I can! If you wanna' do an RP with me check out my O/O page, but keep in mind none of it is set in stone. I only list stuff I like so anyone with a shared interest can call me up on it - I don't mind not doing the things I like, I'm really not picky. I'm here for the writing and the fun, that's what's most important :)

Generally my ideas are extremely open-ended; I'm happy to discuss any format or any idea you may have as to them. I'm only laying down a template from which we can hash out a more detailed idea amongst ourselves. When it comes to what RPs I'd like to do I rarely have exact stories I want to play out - more, settings that I'd like to explore with a like-minded roleplayer and a couple of good characters :) When it comes to sexual content I like a healthy balance of story and sex, and am pretty liberal with what is and isn't included in the sexual side of things - by that I mean, my "Ons" are only listed because I like playing them; I don't need them in every single story. If you want to RP with me something completely vanilla and casual, I am more than happy to oblige. The fun is in the journey, not the destination :) What this also means is that I'm pretty laid back about scope and independence - if you're the kind of roleplayer who, like me, likes to establish a bit of background and supporting characters to supplement your own character outside of their interactions with my own, that's perfectly fine by me. It helps to flesh out the game world and make everything feel more three-dimensional and meaningful, and is the basis of what I mean when I say I wanna' "explore" settings with characters.

What's most important to me, all in all, is exciting characters and settings. The sex is just a single nice part of a very complex multi-faceted whole. I'm really putting these ideas down to explore settings with like-minded writers who have an interest in them too. If our characters have sex, with each other or with others, that's just a fun bonus round.

LittleWhiteWolfy's Sandbox Ideas Thread!

(Don't Fear) The Reaper

Basically, a Dark Fantasy setting - vampires, werewolves, full moons, graveyards, necromancers, witchcraft, most of my ideas I guess 60% - 80% of this I want to be about story, character interaction and world-building, exploring a world we create together - the sex is just the added bonus ;) This is pretty open-ended as to who our actual characters are and what exact form the sex will inevitably take - I don't care if we're two peasant farmers living in this dark fantasy setting, or if one of us is a sentient wolf and the other is the Grim Reaper, whatever, let's do it. The setting is what interests me; any further details are just gravy.

Hallowed Be Thy Name

A young, devout Catholic priest takes up his new position in a local church; one of his parishioners is a nubile young vixen who (for her own reasons) seeks to drag him from the Path of the Righteous Man and weave her web of carnal desire around him. It doesn't sound as sandboxy as my other ideas but I'm open for pretty much anything - it could be a stone-cold sober tale of a priest falling in love and questioning his faith, or we could bring in angelic and demonic elements and turn the whole thing into a great big apocalyptic showdown. That's basically both extremes on the spectrum - if either of those or anything in between those stands out to you as a fun idea, let's run with it!

The Princess In The Tower...

Depending on your own personal predilections in this regard, this can be as vanilla or as viciously dark as you feel comfortable with. A generic medieval setting (either based on history, or a fantasy setting, or any combination thereof) where a princess gets married off to a foreign prince she's never met, and is forced - as the custom goes - to surrender to him "as a wife should." Whether this takes a dark turn, or she meets the prince of her dreams and falls in love with her new husband, that's all up for discussion. Also, the setting offers about a billion different options for plots and subplots so let's play with those ideas too. Maybe the princess is already in love, with a brave knight back home? Maybe the princess loves her husband but hates his father, so tries to conspire to overthrow the king and become queen herself? Maybe there's a curse on the princess or the prince that turns them into a horse at midnight? As with all the other ideas, there's lots of flexibility here, so let's have a chat about it :)

When In Rome...

Four friends (two guys and two girls) go off on holiday together (it doesn't have to be Rome, it can be anywhere). The details of the holiday are up in the air - could be to a villa, a hotel city break, a hostile, whatever. All up for discussion. In any case one night they start to get a little frisky and all four of them begin to experiment in ways they never have before... (This, actually, is really only a template - the idea I wanna' play with is four friends with no sexual history together all hooking up in an experimental, slow-paced orgy of sorts).


I'd be playing a submissive male against your dominant female. A reserved, unimposing college graduate moves to a strange new city pursuing an internship, whereupon he meets your character - an experienced and commanding female vampire who makes him her own, unleashing her predilection for BDSM dominance while feeding on him and using him in absolutely whatever manner she so desires.


Two life-long friends - a man and a woman - are both happily married with families and beloved spouses. Nonetheless events begin to take a turn (what these triggering events are are completely up for discussion) that results in both best friends beginning an affair with one another; despite the love they feel for their spouse (or not; I just know my character will be nonetheless deeply in love with his wife - whether your character feels the same about their husband is up to you). There's a lot of potential for drama as one or more spouses may find out, or not, etc. etc. - the details as to where this plot could potentially go are very much up for discussion, as I've a lot of exciting possibilities in mind.


Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. I'm looking for a real fellow Trekkie to jump into this with me who shares an absolute fascination with and love for Star Trek lore. I'd like this to weigh heavily on the story and world-building side of things, with sex only as an added bonus - my real interest here is in having the freedom to explore the Star Trek universe. As for the story itself, I'm pretty open to suggestions - I'd like it to be set in the Next Generation/Deep Space Nine/Voyager era, and possibly after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, but that latter point isn't really a dealbreaker. I'd like it to be with two original player characters, but they could interact with characters from the canon and serve aboard either the Enterprise or Deep Space Nine (though if i had the choice I'd rather come up with an entirely new starship and situation). Beyond those guidelines I'm really up for absolutely anything at all, I'd be happy to discuss any and all possibilities. As a word of warning, I am only looking for fellow hardcore Trekkies - I'm usually not that discerning when it comes to writing partners, but in this one instance I reserve the right to be picky :P

Please PM me if any of these strike a chord with you :) Thanks for reading!
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White Wolf

I'm back on E after an immediate and accidental hiatus (college crept up on me and beat me to a bloody, swollen pulp :/ ) and have a serious True Blood itch I would like to scratch :) Anybody interested, please be sure to hit me up, I wanna' get something going again! :)
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*raises hand and jumps up and down enthusiasticly* Oh!! Oh!! Pick me! Please? This is just what I need to get me into the right mood for the finale season
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White Wolf

Completely rewrote my RP requests :) I will be adding more soon when I have more time to develop a few ideas. Stay posted!
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White Wolf

CRAVING a DC RP with Nightwing and a female DC character :) Somebody please PM me about this!!
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White Wolf

Once again I've completely rehashed my ideas thread for everyone's perusal :)

As ever, I'm really open to any interpretation of my ideas - if you read something here and it sparks inspiration for a similar idea, don't hesitate to suggest that to me instead!

Anyway, please do PM if anything I suggest takes your fancy :) Thanks all!
The stars are coming right. Is this really the end?