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May 21, 2018, 08:13:51 AM

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Author Topic: [Interest Check][FAE] A Stitch in Time  (Read 289 times)

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[Interest Check][FAE] A Stitch in Time
« on: October 22, 2013, 08:42:18 AM »
Game Title: A Stitch in Time

System: Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE)

Number of Players:3 to 5
Required Post Frequency: at least 1 per day, preferably more
Required Post Length: variable, but no one-liners

Setting:the present day, with some modifications
Background: The world is changing. You can feel it. Everyone can feel it. Something has shifted, something intangible. Religious fervor is bubbling up all over the place, alternative medicines and esoterica are gaining in popularity... the world seems on the brink of a paradigm shift, a shift back to Belief (with a capital B). Mythologies don't seem quite so safely fictional anymore; silly superstitions are starting to take a more serious hold on people's lives; horoscopes capture more attention; tales of cryptozoological sightings seem more possible. The world is changing.
Player Knowledge: The core idea of this game is that magic has, after millenia of being conspicuously absent, started to seep back into the world. As for why, well that's for you to find out. You will be playing ordinary people who are not so ordinary. Each one of you will have a High Concept that connects you to this change: you could be an investigative reporter, a cryptozoologist, a skeptical physicist, a church leader, a mythological historian ... in fact, anything at all that gives you a reason to want to explore what's happening and not just shrug and accept it, as most people seem to be doing. You're one of the few who have noticed that something doesn't just seem different, something is different.
A Word on Magic: Of course magic will play a big part in this game, but it's very dimly understood. Can you play a magic-user? Yes and no. You can play someone who has been touched by magic, who has magical abilities that they don't understand, but it will be highly unpredictable. If you want magical abilities you will have to deal with the consequences of that uncertainty; at best you'll have a tenuous control of any such abilities. Of course, practice might lead to a better understanding...
Kink Level: This will vary greatly as the game carries on, but you can expect everything up to and including Non-consensual Exotic (after all, who knows what you'll be facing). I hesitate to allow Extreme, but if it makes narrative sense we'll see. This is going to be a kinky game, but it's still a narrative adventure, character-driven not kink-driven, so please bear that in mind.

What to do if you're interested: Well, the first thing to do is to let me know that you're interested by replying to this post. The second thing to do is to get yourself a copy of the Fate Accelerated rules, which are (happily) available for free download from Evil Hat Productions (just search for Fate Accelerated), and browse through them. Please note that you can also download the Fate Core rules from the same page; make sure you go for the Accelerated rules, as those are the ones we'll be using. The third thing to do is to come up with a character concept, including a Name, Appearance, High Concept, and Trouble. You can also get a sense of your Approaches. Please don't decide on your other Aspects, or your Stunts at this stage. Please do consult the few house rules listed below.

House and Character-Creation Rules:
1) Humans only. This game may end up with all sorts of weirdness, but it starts in the real, modern world, and you're all humans.
2) Don't choose your other Aspects yet. These will be made more according to the Fate Core rules, and we'll do all that in the first session.
3) Don't choose your Stunts yet. We'll cover that in the first session too.

Final Words (for now): I hope to see some interest in this game. I'm new to the site, but not to RPing in general, and I'd like some willing participants to help make my first Elliquiy RPing experience a good one. Depending on how many people show interest, I'll choose the players based on enthusiasm, writing style, character concept, and party balance. See you all soon!