Fantasy/Sci-fi-loving ladies, please inquire within

Started by DartimusRae, October 22, 2013, 02:51:28 AM

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hello, I am looking for a female partner to work on some fantasy plots i've been thinking of. the settings can be worked with, and I'm good with anything from Medieval to modern, to future. I'm fine with most races within reason, please do see my on/offs before replying. I realize that it won't be fluffy writing all the time, and drama will more than likely take point, but that's what makes for great writing. If you have an idea to supplement any of the storylines, feel free. My mail box is open, or feel free to comment on here. I am open to running all three threads if there's interest in them. I hope to hear from you very soon. remember, these are fluid concepts, I need you, to make them more concrete.

Enter D'Artimus Rae. Rich, supernaturally handsome, world traveler, and vampiric assassin. He's the spoiled, gets anything he wants without taking no for an answer type. and he's set his eyes upon you. perhaps he woos you, with glimpses of the glamorous life of wealth and luxury you have only imagined in your dreams. Perhaps he claims you , and coerces you into his servitude, until you start caring for the very man who enslaved you, and starts returning your feelings, his heart thawing over time. The pace is set by the woman, and there is more to the plot than I want to reveal, so let me know your interest. There are also several key points in his long life I would love to play through, if you would like to play some time within the last three thousand years.

Enter Larrin Tarok. Rugged Scotsman, a bit of a loner, and always on the run. this plot can run two ways. you find him, looking on the brink of death from some savage animal attack, clinging to life by a thread. Will you nurse the handsome stranger back to health, and find out the secrets that plagues his very existence? and can you bring yourself to stand beside the man in his darkest hour? can you stand to fall for a beast, in the literal sense of the word? Alternately, you are saved by a werewolf, supposedly a myth, who almost dies in the process. The rest can play out as described above, but the course of the story is still dictated by what you wish.

Enter Deagen Connor. Former Celtic rock band member, college graduate, and newly turned vampire. His goal in his new-found unlife, to find his maker, and the man that made her cast him aside, and make them both pay. enter the woman that gives him guidance and perhaps, get him to abandon his goal of vengeance, or inspire him to do so in a not-so suicidal manner. It could start with simple friendship and blossom into the kind of relationship that would be the envy of any man, or perhaps the teacher taking a liking to the young vampire. You decide the overall flow of the story. This story would work best with you playing an older, more experienced vampiress or other teacher-like figure.

Enter Shade Delorna. Masked man of mystery, cast in shadows, and never in the fore of anything. This outworlder is seeking a way to save his people, and the young woman he stumbled upon many hold the key. He doesn't know how, but he knows that his Goddess had guided him to them for a reason. now, he has to protect them from forces both supernatural and mundane, and still find the key to saving his dying race of shadow people. There is much more to the story, so if you are interested, please pm for details.

Enter Micah Levay, winged fox anthro. A striking creature for his race, and raised in a life of servitude. However, he dreams of open skies and adventure, free to exist as his own person. The plot can split in a couple of different ways. You find him on the auction block, ragged and filthy from neglect. Do you spend the money to free him, or do you break him from his cage? Alternately, he's  escaped from his captors, and is on the run. You stumble upon him while he is trying to hide, revealing him in the process. How do you aid his escape? The setting is open for discussion, as is the race of your character. As above, please pm me for details.


Deciding to see if there's any interest, so bumping this thread after 3 years.


Larrin and Deagen are closed to any further games until further notice.


New and random idea. Based in the Warhammer 40k universe. Will edit with further details soon

Set on one of the Empire controlled fringe worlds. My character would be a Sword Brother of the Black Templar, stationed with a small cadre of initiates and neonates to guard against an impending Xenos attack. The enemy can be determined later. During the first wave of the attack, my character rescues a woman from a swarm of Xenos, which earns her admiration. The. Story will follow the pair through the rages of war and the calms between waves. Feelings can develop, maybe a taboo relationship, since space marines aren't issued wives, and relations are frowned upon.

There are a couple alternatives here, which can be discussed. One option is the female is a Sister of Battle, one of the few females augmented like the space marines. Open for discussion. Prefer at least a basic knowledge of the universe please.


Opened up a story plot, and am bumping the thread. As always, my inbox is open for suggestions