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Author Topic: Looking for a Male or Female  (Read 366 times)

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Offline LeznaTopic starter

Looking for a Male or Female
« on: October 21, 2013, 06:01:31 AM »
Hi there [you] I'm Looking for a partner who can post around a paragraph of content on a somewhat regular basis. I typically play male characters but I have played female characters before and I am fine with playing them upon request. As such this roleplay I’m fine with playing either roles. As I said earlier I attempt at least a paragraph of content per post I can manage two but that’s around my limit. Grammar also isn’t a huge problem for me, I’ve likely made plenty of mistakes already, so I’m not really fussed about that.

Pairing: Average Joe/numerous characters.

Kinks: Semi-mind control, Body alterations, Humiliation, Mind breaking, Slave and master, Anal, Oral, traditional sex, (if there are any I didn’t list and you are curious about feel free to ask me)

Essentially the idea for this plot is rather simple our average Joe (either me or you we can discuss it in-depth if you get interested) has been recently been tormented by a co-worker, or classmate if they are in university. Since they have done nothing to deserve this a devil comes to him and offers him a interesting offer. The devil offers him a notebook a plain looking notebook. This book is capable of controlling not only people but the world around whoever writes in it. Now with this power the man immediately lets the power go to his head his first target being his tormentor from his work place. 

This follows the story of our average Joe going through any girl, and/or guy, that ever fucked him over and extracting his revenge. Examples could include obviously his workplace annoyance, his old school bully, eventually moving to being so caught up in getting back at people that he’d get back at a police officer after getting a simple ticket.

Seeing as this book can do anything that means that when it comes to the revenge almost anything goes the only real rule for the book is that the writer can’t kill the victim. Also when it comes to mind control the wielder of the book can’t actually control the person just places suggestions into their heads which they find extremely hard to not follow.