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Author Topic: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!  (Read 5463 times)

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Offline Carlissa

Re: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!
« Reply #75 on: October 29, 2013, 12:56:01 PM »
Well, I was referring to how he would be remembered in he record books... I know people called him the Old Hero King in Fable III, but I doubt he'll be remembered as that in the records because it's a little vague...

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Re: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!
« Reply #76 on: October 29, 2013, 01:18:46 PM »
Well, I was referring to how he would be remembered in he record books... I know people called him the Old Hero King in Fable III, but I doubt he'll be remembered as that in the records because it's a little vague...

Once we know the identity of the King/Queen in this game we can develop a name for the Hero of Fable II.

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Re: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!
« Reply #77 on: October 30, 2013, 10:05:53 PM »
UUUHHHGGG... My profile is done. Finally. I wrote a lot of this when I was tired, so I may come back to edit some things if i find something wrong with it. It's really long too, so you don't need to read it all if you don't want to.

And before you say it, I know my description doesn't look like the reference picture. I just have the reference picture there just in case you have a harder time imagining what she looks like. Just add all that fancy stuff in the description to the picture and you should be good. I hope.

EDIT: Not even 30 seconds up and I'm already editing! WOO FUCKING HOO.

EDIT II: Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that I was aiming for something a little different from what was asked, so if you think the character strays too much away from the original idea, then I'll change her up.

Name: Delilah Silk
Title: None yet. She has very little renown, so no one really calls her anything at this point.
Age: 23
Hometown: Knothole Island
Current Place of Residence: Warrior's Rest House
Father: Tomas Silk, 99 (Deceased)
Mother: A Bowerstone noble. Not present in Deliliah's life.
Tens, if not hundreds, of half brothers and sisters scattered across Albion

Appearance: The historian and fledgling Hero Delilah is a woman that blends the looks of a book worm and a poster girl into one slightly misleading look. Standing at a towering 6'0 (at least compared to most women in Albion), Delilah has a slim but healthy build, boasting smooth curves and a firm stature. Her skin is tanned a healthy chestnut color thanks to the harsh sunlight that berates her island during certain times a year (Delilah developed this tone early on in her life when the island went a couple years without changing weather thanks to her father's absence, and never seemed to be able to lose the tan since. Many of the older townsfolk would say that before she developed the tan, Delilah's skin was sheet white). While most of her body is rid of scars thanks to her lack of battle experience, Delilah's hands and feet have become very rough from all the years of digging and traveling in rough terrains when she went on her personal expeditions to discover more about Albion's history.

Delilah has somewhat of a baby face. She has round eyes colored a deep blue, and a small mouth that always seems to be slightly puckered. Her features are soft and calm, making her look youthful but composed. She has thick, wavy blonde hair that compliments her tan skin. She wears her hair in a bob-like style, with the sides of her hair curving widely around her head, ending an inch below her jaw line. Her bangs are cut neatly in a blunt-like style, but otherwise the ends of her hair are rough and somewhat crudely cut. Her hair is usually unkempt despite its clearly thought out cut, but Delilah makes sure to straighten it out before important meetings.

While her outfit varies between the constantly changing seasons, Delilah is almost always seen wearing thick, circular glasses with no frames. When visiting the mainland for either personal or political business, Delilah wears fine, good quality outfits, fulfilling the need for both a presentable outfit for diplomacy and politics as well as the much needed freedom of movement for exploring and fighting that is essential for a Hero to have. She usually wears a sleeveless leather bodice with a white bustier, along a golden-colored cloth short skirt trailing a few centimeters away from the knees. She also wears brown opaque leggings under her skirt, and leather ankle high boots.

Reference Picture

Weapons: Delilah's father possessed an extremely spectacular collection of weapons when he was alive, gradually collected over time during his adventures across Albion and its surrounding islands. From longswords to maces, bows to guns, Tomas Silk practically had his own personal armory of legendary weapons that any hero would be envious of. Unfortunately for Delilah, she is completely incapable of wielding any of them.

Still new to the Hero life, Delilah is no warrior. She doesn't have the Strength to swing the giant maces and hammers from the old days of Heroes, nor the Skill to accurately shoot a gun or a bow. And while she does have access to all of her father's collection, she is incapable of making any use of the powerful weapons. Instead, Delilah wields a basic Hero longsword and a Hero pistol, two weapons her father got for her on her 8th birthday. While very primitive and weak in nature compared to the plethora of weapons she has at her disposal, Delilah dreams of one day evolving her weapons to be of legendary status in their own right.


Melee Rank I: 20 - Despite her father being well known as a master of Strength, Delilah apparently inherited none of his physical prowess and melee vigor. While not particularly talented at any of the three traits of a Hero, Delilah is by far the worst at Strength. On top of her non-existent experience with a sword, Delilah is not physically strong, made apparent my her slim frame. Her naturally clumsy nature also hinders her skills with a blade, as it takes a great deal of concentration and caution just to prevent herself from accidentally cutting an arm off. But one cannot simply be bad with a sword when she is the daughter of a great Hero known for smashing skulls with hammers and maces twice his size, so perhaps in time she will make for a fine swordswoman yet.

Ranged Rank I: 20 - Where Delilah lacks in physical combat, she makes up for in ranged combat. While not very good with guns either, Delilah not only has the most experienced with range weapons but also finds herself at home many yards away from the opponent. In her youth Delilah would often play with toy guns with her friends, so shooting things from a distance will naturally come easier for her than hitting someone with a sword. However, playing with toys and shooting someone in the head for 50 meters away are two different things, and Delilah is far from being a respectable shot. Her skills with a gun are below par, even compared to a rookie soldier with only 2 weeks of training. She rarely hits what she's aiming at when she shoots, and is slow with aiming and reloading. This is to be expected for someone new to the Hero life though, so it's too early to count her out as a potential master of Skill. With enough experience, she could become one of the best sharpshooters Albion has ever seen... Or not...

Will Rank I: 20 - Possessing no magic gauntlets to harness her Will power, Delilah has no way of using Will as an option for combat. Her father, while always preferring to smash a bandit with a mace than blow him up with a fireball, was one of the last Heroes to be able to use Will unaided by gauntlets, and therefore owned none to pass on to his daughter. Delilah does have a great interest in Will however, as it holds an important part in Albion's history. She hopes to somehow tap into her hidden powers and learn how to use Will without the assistance of gauntlets, and revive many of the spells and techniques of the era of Heroes. After all, if Heroes are to fully return to Albion, someone needs to resurrect the old ways of Will. Heroes can only rely on gauntlets for so long until Will completely disappears from Albion forever...


Landowner: 20 - The community of Knothole Island is not a wealthy one, as it has changed very little from its backwater days when it was first visited by the Hero of Bowerstone over 50 years ago. While now an official part of the Kingdom of Albion once again, the industrial revolution and development of the economy has failed to reach the shores of the island for the most part. Factors such as the island's limited space, small population, and most importantly the ever changing weather has restricted the community's growth, and therefore remains fairly primitive compared to most of Albion.

While Delilah inherited all of her father's assets when he passed away, she gains almost no revenue from owning buildings on Knothole Island. Any buildings he did own were on the mainland of Albion, and still produce a small amount of revenue for the colony. But Tomas was no businessman, and had little interest in money he didn't earn with his bare hands. Delilah hopes to expand his landowner business for the good of the colony, so she can develop a more up to date economy for the community.

Entrepreneur: 10 - Most of the gold that Delilah earns from business comes from the Island's interactions with outside sources, such as pirates, wandering traders, and formerly her father's earnings when he traveled Albion. While trade with the mainland has begun, it hasn't been bringing in as much revenue as Delilah would like, as there is little her Island has to offer in regards to crops and materials (thanks to their peculiar weather situation). Therefore, Knothole Island relies on the products they get from external sources to obtain wealth. Acting as a sort of middle man, Knothole island collects rare and useful items (such as potions, weapons, and clothing) and sells it to the people on the mainland, obtaining a small but steady profit. While still a small cog in an already small system, Delilah hopes that this trading method will grow and make Knothole Island both wealthier and popular.


Friendly: 10 - Delilah is a good lass, for she really has no reason to be otherwise. She has a fairly good reputation among her people as being both an intellectual and a kind, respectful person, something which is a rarity among the other people of Albion. She takes pleasure in helping people with their problems, and enjoys doing good in society. She does her best to be kind to everyone she encounters, even though she may not go out of her way to be nice to complete strangers.

Good Parent: 10 - While not having any little tykes of her own (being sexually abstinent will do that for you), Delilah loves children, and seems to feel more comfortable around them than she does adults. She has a lot of experience caring for children thanks to the large amount of youth on the Island, and tries to act kindly to most children as if they were her own. Now the Chieftain of Knothole Island, Delilah goes out of her way to be a good role model for the children, as the future of their colony rests on their shoulders. And besides, children are adorable. How could she dislike them?

Dog: Delilah doesn't have a dog. Dogs are hard to find on Knothole Island. Probably because there are none.

Personality: One subject in which Delilah fails at excelling is making a good first impression, as she does little to hide her… less sophisticated side. Despite her appearance giving her an air of composure in public, the newbie Hero is clumsy, bumbling, and a little disorganized. At times her mind moves too fast to process the things around her, and gets distracted easily from her thoughts. She likes to move fast and efficiently, but doesn’t seem to have the best motor skills to match. Delilah has shown the ability to move carefully and competently, but only seems to do so when she’s around historical things, like artifacts, ruins, or books. It’s like a switch in her head that turns off her clumsiness that’s triggered by historical studies, but turns on again whenever Delilah is doing something else.

 As the newly appointed Chieftain of Knothole Island, Delilah tries her best to act the part of a respectable leader, despite being young and inexperienced. While a smart girl at her core, Delilah is somewhat of an incapable leader, as she isn’t very charismatic or strong, both physically and emotionally.  Normally she comes across as somewhat timid and outspoken, and obviously lacks self-confidence as both a Hero and a Chieftain. This most likely is due to her living in her father’s shadow all her life, never having to stand up for herself or learn how to be strong because her father always did it for her. And even when her father wasn’t around, Delilah always had someone protecting her or willing to stand up for her, always protecting her from danger she couldn’t handle by herself. But now that her father is gone and there is no one else to look after her, Delilah is forced to face the world by herself, and is quite intimidated by it. This doesn’t mean she’s a coward though, as she loves to explore the world and discover new things, as she’s been doing such ever since she was a child.

Delilah does have a strong side to her, although buried under her regular demeanor. She’s a very intelligent lass and therefor very reliable when it comes to problems that require brainpower. She’s a very good debater and stands by her position when she strongly believes in it. She always keeps her promises, no matter how hard they are to keep. She also loves helping people, and is willing to put herself in harm’s way if it means someone else can be saved.

One of Delilah’s true passions in life is studying history. Being a self-proclaimed historian of Albion, Delilah takes every opportunity to study the history of the great nation, which has hundreds of years’ worth of history to learn. From the Old Kingdom to the days of the Heroes Guild, Delilah studied it all. She views Albion’s history as a sort of puzzle, as the country has developed so much over time and yet not everything in the textbooks makes sense. She loves discovering old things like books, artifacts, or legendary weapons, and enjoys adding them as pieces to the puzzle that may never be finished. Delilah hopes that, with enough research and new discoveries, she’ll be able to change the world by understanding Albion’s roots to the soil, and maybe discover something that will change the face of Albion forever.

Delilah seems to have a closeted distain for the common citizens of Albion. She looks down them, viewing them as incompetent human beings. Their severe lack of intelligence and backbone is the source of Delilah’s contempt, as they never seem to have anything good to say and come across as very cowardly and dependent.


Tomas Silk

Delilah Silk has always lived in the shadow of her father, who was a man of many talents. Known for his amazing strength and vigor at such an old age, Tomas Silk was a Hero and an adventurer that never grew old, even if his body began to wither and grey. The man would travel all across Albion, searching for new adventures to partake and new rivals to concour. He lived without fear and went about every day like a new opportunity to surpass his limits. He was a mighty warrior as well, and was substantially acquainted with the disciplines of a Hero. A master of Strength and adept at Will, Tomas used his

Born on Knothole Island, an island far off the coast of Albion well known for its peculiar weather problems, Tomas was raised in an isolated and relatively weak society. Being a rambunctious child raised on stories of Heroes and warriors of old, Tomas dreamed of being a Hero himself, traveling Albion while slaying monsters and ridding the land of evil. He would often wander off near the Weather Shrines to play and explore, reenacting the old warrior traditions of the Island. But unfortunately for Tomas, the warriors he heard about in stories did not exist on the small island, and there were no men he could turn to learn the disciplines of war, thus making his dreams

Realizing that there was little on Knothole Island for him, Tomas took the first opportunity to leave the island when pirates visited the island by chance. He joined a crew and there learned how to fight and survive in the harsher world outside of his home island. After many adventures he left the crew to make a name for himself by becoming an adventurer and mercenary on the mainland of Albion, where there was plenty of trouble and adventures awaiting him. Through his journeys across the mainland Tomas went on many quests, fought many enemies, and slept with many women. By the time he was in his late 20's, Tomas had already become a fierce warrior with a respectable reputation across Albion.

Eventually Tomas's adventures led him back to Knothole Island, only to find that the community was in a bit of a calamity. While the snow he grew up with had turned into rain (meaning someone finally managed to collect the weather totems), the Chieftain had been banished from the island, and the community was without a proper leader. Jessica, who was acting as representative of the people, vouchered for Tomas to be the next Chieftain, as he had the most experience with the outside world and had the makings of a leader, traits that no one else on the island could boast. While flattered with the nomination, Tomas temporarily refused the position, as he felt he was not ready to take on such responsibilities (in actuality, he really didn't want to be tied down to a position of power when he would prefer to adventure more). He promised that he would return someday however, and would take up the mantle of Chieftain when the time was right.

Of course, while he never stayed on the island for very long, Tomas still acted as a leader for his people, even when he refused the mantle of Chieftain. By the time he was 55 years old he officially became the leader of the tribe, but still refused to stop adventuring on the mainland. Over time he became more powerful and renowned, going so far as to serve under the Old Hero King for a time, as well as picking up some skills in Will, thus proving he was a Hero (although rumors of Tomas being a Hero were around for many years). Even as he got older Tomas showed no signs of slowing down, and only seemed to get more youthful as time went on. His laid back and reckless ways never faded from his being, as he was always looking for a fight or chasing women wherever he went. Despite all that he was a good man, helping people with their problems and never stepping outside the law. He was a good citizen, even though he had some moral problems.

And while most of the townsfolk were aware of his violent, womanizing ways, none were expecting him to bring such problems into the Island, where he made an effort to be a positive role model for his people. After returning from one of his adventures on the mainland, the 77 year old Hero returned to the Island carrying a small child, who was no more than 1 year old. Apparently, the child came from Bowerstone, and her mother accused Tomas of being the father, thus making the Hero obligated to take her. The child's mother, a Bowerstone noble, was a young woman that hailed from a noble family, and thus couldn't keep the child as it would ruin her chances of marrying into another noble house. Using their plethora of resources, the family tracked down Tomas and forced him to take responsibility for the child, thus forcing him to take the child to Knothole Island to raise her on his own.

Despite appearing to be a spry Hero with little sense of duty, Tomas was no man to go back on his responsibilities. The child needed a home and a parental figure, and as the person who brought the child into the world, he was responsible for taking care of her. Reluctantly deciding to "act more his age", Tomas postponed his adventures to raise the child as well as take up his duties as Chieftain of the tribe. Such a commitment was a hard one for him to make, but being a man of his word Tomas had to take it. He could only run from getting old for so long...

Of course, he never stopped being a Hero completely. There would be times he would go off to the mainland to chase new adventures and explore new places. Keeping in touch with the mainland was important after all, as any current nationwide problems or tragedies could possibly affect Knothole Island. And it wasn't long before those fears came near into actualization with the rise of King Logan's tyranny across Albion, several years after the Old Hero King's death. Tomas caught wind of Logan's surge of power when on one of his adventures, where he had a fateful encounter with a few ragtag warriors who claimed to be part of "The Bowerstone Resistance", a rebel group fighting to free Albion from Logan's rule. Saving the soldiers from a brutal death by Hollow Men (these rebels weren't very adept at combat), Tomas learned about Logan's rule after he escorted the rebels to safety. While shocked that such a drastic change in government could happen over the short time span that he was gone from the homeland, Tomas didn't show much interest in joining the Resistance at first. But upon hearing that other Heroes were a part of the Resistance, as well as a few convincing words from Sir Walter Beck, Tomas threw his hat into the struggle.

While not playing a huge part in the battle, Tomas was one of the first men to arrive on the battlefield, and one of the last to leave. Not a part of any platoon in particular, the old Hero had only one job to fulfill: kill every royal soldier he saw. The 97 year old Hero fought platoon after platoon of soldiers, never faltering from fatigue or injury. While this battle was the bane of many soldier's existences, Tomas had the time of his life. Never before had the opportunity came to him to go all out against his opponent, and with so many people out for his head, he was nothing less of challenged by the ordeal. Using his hammer, mace, and cleaver, Tomas racked up a total of 147 kills, refraining from using any guns or Will, as melee weapons were "much more fun".

After the Battle for Albion was won, Tomas returned to Knothole Island, only to be called back to the mainland one more time to face an even bigger menace threatening Albion. With the appearance of The Crawler and his army of darkness, the entire world became endangered by the bloodthirsty corrupters, including Knothole Island. Tomas contributed everything he can to the kingdom's cause of stopping The Crawler, from money to weapons and, when the final battle came, his muscle. While the battle at Bowerstone made the Battle for Albion look like a stroll through a field of daisies, Tomas had the fight of his life, and made sure to enjoy every second of the bloody battle. For the first time since he was a young man Tomas felt like he was fighting for his life, which excited him to his very core. He fought until The Crawler was killed by the Hero of Bowerstone, where the Darkness was destroyed from the face of Albion forever.

After the battle Tomas returned to Knothole Island, where he resumed his duties as Chieftain. There Knothole Island officially became a part of the Kingdom of Albion, and Tomas became a member of the ruling council. Unfortunately, Tomas died of a sudden heart attack before he could attend the first meeting. After he died he left all of his belongings and responsibilities to his daughter Delilah, who was less than thrilled to take her father's place...

Delilah Silk

Delilah Silk, the bastard child of the Hero Tomas Silk, is the only Hero on Albion's ruling council to have played no part in the revolution against King Logan's reign, as well as the battle against the Crawler. The inexperienced Hero was forced into the position of Chieftain of her home island, Knothole Island, after her father suddenly died of a heart attack.

Born in Bowerstone but raised in Knothole Island since she was an infant, Delilah was the only child of the Chieftain of the village, who was well known both for being a Hero and a womanizer. Ever since she arrived on the island many rumors and speculations have arisen about the Chieftain's go getting ways, and that there may be many more bastard children of their Hero leader still scattered around Albion. The rumors had little impact on her reputation however, at least directly, but she was always known as a motherless child, and was constantly teased with the fact that she would never know what it would be like to be held by one.

Her motherless life didn't matter too much to Delilah however, as her father was both a great Hero and the leader of the village. Having a father of such social status proved beneficial to Delilah, as her father would often pamper her with luxuries such as chocolate and toys from Albion’s mainland, something most kids in the village could never have. She also was one of the few that was privileged with the chance to leave the island and explore the world outside the small community.

Some of the best times of her life was exploring Albion with her father. While never getting into any real danger, Delilah’s adventures with her father across Albion were filled with excitement and peril. She experienced the thrill of adventuring without the danger of getting killed, which led to some very fun experiences. She was exposed to many kinds of landscapes, cultures, and even time periods (not time travel, but rather old ruins and the like), broadening both her imagination and interest in the world outside of Knothole Island. And doing all of this with her father, a youthful old geezer, made the experience much more fun.

Over time Delilah’s interest in history developed, and soon became a passion for her. Ever since she was little Delilah had a strong interest in the Heroes of old, as her father would tell her stories about his adventures as a Hero. Her father’s large collection of ancient and legendary weapons also fueled her interest about Heroes, and motivated her to learn more about them. She began by researching the history of Knothole Island, which had an impressive history in and of itself. She read the multiple volumes detailing the history of the island and its people, and explored the old weather Shrines outside the village. This only satisfied her taste for history for a time, as she eventually learned all there was to know regarding Knothole Island and wanted to learn more.

Delilah spent a lot of time in the mainland with her father looking for new ways to study the history of Albion. She would beg her father to explore ruins or places with history, hoping to learn more about the mysterious past of Albion. With her father they discovered many artifacts hundreds of years old, from old weapons to forgotten books and lost records. She began to collect these objects of old and bring them back to Knothole Island, and over time built an impressive collection of old things.

As she grew older Delilah’s knowledge of Albion grew ever greater, so much that she began to surpass other historians on the mainland. When she became old enough Delilah ventured off into the mainland without her father, going on private historical excavations in places with unrevealed history. When she wasn't on her excavations Delilah found enjoyment in sightseeing and people watching, and even kept up to date with current events both locally and in the country as a whole. She even followed politics, which she had a strong dislike for.

By the time King Logan’s reign as king turned for the worse, Delilah was already a highly capable historian, having superior knowledge on Albion’s past than the majority of Albion’s greatest scholars (which isn't saying a whole lot, since most of the people of Albion are incredibly dull). But to her father’s distress, she showed very little interest in fighting or becoming a Hero, something which she had shown potential in being ever since she was a child. While not completely against the idea of being a Hero, Delilah found researching the history of Heroes to be more important, as there were already a few Heroes scattered around Albion.

But not everything goes according to plan, especially when one has Hero blood flowing through her veins. With the rise of the Bowerstone Resistance came an unexpected gathering of Heroes, led by the Hero of Bowerstone. Delilah's father was recruited into their ranks while adventuring Albion, and seeing how this was a good opportunity for his daughter to learn what being a Hero is all about, forced her to join the Resistance as well. Despite being a reluctant member of the Resistance, Delilah enjoyed the opportunity to meet other Heroes besides her father, which turned out to be an insightful experience. She didn't get too close to the other Heroes, as she was "along for the ride" and tended to stay in her father's shadow, but she did got to know some of the Heroes just by observing them or through short conversation. She even managed to pick up a trick or two by observing the other Heroes fight.

But even though she may have learned a couple new things, Delilah was still a mediocre combatant. Following closely by her father into battle, Delilah was in the leading charge in the Battle for Albion. Even though she's seen her father kill plenty of bandits and monsters, and has seen her share of life-threatening situations, being in the heart of a battlefield was a terrifying thing to experience. While her father was enjoying himself killing Logan's elite soldiers, Delilah was fighting for her life. It took every ounce of courage she had to not turn tail and abandon the battlefield, and even more to push herself into harms way. She kept her distance from the real danger, using her pistol to provide covering fire for troops trying to advance. Only when it was completely safe would she move up and continue with her cowardly strategy.

The battle seemed to last forever, but it was over in a matter of hours. Delilah survived the battle with barely a scratch on her (although she did very little close quarters fighting), but a kill count that was extremely mediocre compared to the other Heroes. Even most of the regular soldiers did more than her in the battle! But the important thing was that they won, and that she was alive! It was a good day, despite most of it being a complete nightmare.

After the battle Delilah and her father returned to Knothole Island, but it wasn't long before more trouble brewed in Albion. An army of darkness led by an evil entity known as The Crawler were coming to attack Albion, and would arrive in a year's time. Delilah's father eventually leave the island to help fight The Crawler in the mainland, but Delilah decided to stay on Knothole Island since it was far too dangerous for a rookie like her to fight such a dangerous enemy. Thankfully The Crawler was defeated, and Tomas returned to Knothole Island once again, this time bearing noticeable battle scars earned in the fight with The Crawler's army. Seeing these scars Delilah made her father promise to give up on the Hero life and start taking care of the island like he was supposed to do as Chieftain. He reluctantly agreed, and life finally seemed to settle down and go back to the way it was before the Revolution.

But tragedy struck, as Delilah’s father died unexpectedly from a heart attack, only a day before his 100th birthday. His death had a heavy impact on Delilah, and not just emotionally. Not only was all of his belongings, properties, and other assets passed down for Delilah to manage, but all of his political duties as Chieftain as well. Being the only Hero on the island and by far the smartest, as well as having the most experience in the mainland, Delilah was forced to take on the position of Chieftain in place of her father, something which she has very little experience in performing.

Now a part of the ruling council for Albion, Delilah is faced with a significant task: to become a strong Hero worthy of the council’s respect, as well as lead her people to prosperity and safety in the new kingdom.
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Re: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!
« Reply #78 on: November 01, 2013, 06:05:58 PM »
While I don't mind a character being a bit off the track of what I asked for, if you could at least have her involved in the revolution against Logan I'd appreciate it. I want the characters to have a certain amount of shared history and unity from that.

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Re: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!
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Okey dokey. I'll see what I can come up with. ^,^

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Re: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!
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As mentioned earlier we're treating the 'Hero of Brightwall' as the 'Hero of Bowerstone' for the purpose of the game, but after that wee edit I'd say the character looks solid.

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Re: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!
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Ahh yes yes, I forgot about that. Edited.

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Re: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!
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IC will be coming tomorrow, if anyone else wishes to be involved you would be entirely welcome.

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Re: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!
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I didn't think this game was going to go on. I've actually lost interest, sorry.

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Re: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!
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Well I think its safe to say this will not be happening.

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Re: Fable: Ruling Albion - Need a King or Queen in particular~!
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And I spent so much time on my profile too. >_>