(You are My) Wonderland [OUAT Wonderland; MFM; Craving]

Started by Cerevan, October 18, 2013, 11:39:29 PM

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(You Are My) Wonderland
MFM, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, & Snarky Shenanigans

Setting: Within the Once Upon a Time universe, specifically as it pertains to Wonderland. (Mostly) canon compliant, but particularly in terms of this universe's 'rules'. Can take place in Wonderland, modern day America, Victorian Britain, or a combination thereof.

Pairing: Will (Knave of Hearts)/Alice/Cyrus (or Will/Alice or Cyrus/Alice or Cyrus/Will)

Story: Very open to discussion & dependent upon the amount of interest shown. Most desired plot is — After rescuing Cyrus and defeating the Red Queen & Jafar, all seems right in the world. Cyrus and Alice are just as in love as they ever were, and off on their next big adventure. Will means to go sulking back to Storybrooke to nurse his broken heart, but instead gets dragged along for further misadventures. Unbeknownst to Will, Alice fell in love with him ages ago and Cyrus is more than willing to accommodate. Shenanigans and True True Love ensue.

Kinks: Open to discussion. & Oddments: True True Love, adventures & shenanigans, snarking from all parties, mild hurt/comfort, themes of abandonment, light hearted fun and/or angst. Generally very open to interpretation.

Seeking: Someone(s) to play Will and/or Cyrus. Possibly an Alice. (See below.)

Playing: Depending on the configuration, I would play either Alice or Will. In most cases I would prefer to play Alice, but in the case of Cyrus/Will or if there are other players interested in playing Cyrus & Alice, I would be more than willing to play the dear Knave.

Notes: This request thread is purposefully open ended for several reasons, but key is that I want to engage in a dialogue with partners. If you like the sound of any of these pairings, even if it doesn't necessarily fit the request thread per se, please comment or PM me anyway!