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Author Topic: Venus Enslaved (NC, Almost Anything Goes)  (Read 1056 times)

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Offline miniochTopic starter

Venus Enslaved (NC, Almost Anything Goes)
« on: October 18, 2013, 02:39:42 PM »
Please send a PM if you are interested. Do NOT reply to this thread. Thank you!

This game will be ran as a GM game, due to all the elements involved.

It was nearly 4 million years ago that the Draen Empire swept across the galaxy. Composed initially of the mysterious and near-divine beings called the Draen, they recruited hundreds of worlds as dark allies in their crusade to subjugate the universe. After nearly a century without incident, the Draen Empire recently discovered the world of Venus. A world comprised entirely of blonde beauties, Venus has found herself at the mercy of the Draen Empire - of which there is none.

After the initial assault, the empire was able to successfully launch the Harvesting Tower -- a massive tower, delivered from space, that embeds itself deep into the earth and rises miles into the clouds. The tower drills into the earth in order to harvest energy from the planet's core (as well as other resources), and emits the deadly gasses and pollutants into the planet's sky. In addition, it also produces a radiation so deadly that anyone coming within a mile of it would likely die of radiation poisoning within a few hours or days. Due to the constant pumping and drilling into the earth, as well as it's complete phallic appearance, the Harvesting Tower has earned the affectionate nickname of "the Worldfucker." Running on the power from the planet's core, the Worldfuckers are often still in operation years after the empire leaves a planet - and is designed to self-detonate once its mission is complete.

Your character will be one of the Generals of the Draen Empire. As the empire is comprised of over a hundred different worlds, the design of your alien's race is completely up to you. It will be your mission to have a leadership role within the war, as the empire conquers and captures the Venusian women. Once captured, the women are placed in stasis pods that destroy their clothing/armor, leaving them completely naked, and are then typically loaded onto shuttles and taken to the massive slave ships for storage. Aside from that, well... you can do just about anything you want... torture them, rape them, perform experiments on them, etc. The sky really is the limit. The war could take years (in-game), and will not end until all the blonde Venusians are captured and the world is emptied save for the Worldfucker, which will continue to pound away on the helpless Venus until she is literally fucked to death, leaving only a wasteland of a world.

As a General, you'll have an army to control and will play a major part in the war/occupation. This will instill a bit of strategy game aspect into the RPG, as the major targets are: City-States and Minor Cities. Minor Cities are less defended, and more easily overtaken than City-States. City-States are large cities with more powerful forces than their counterparts, and are always ruled by a Queen. Capturing Queens will provide in-game bonuses and benefits.

As far as Ons are concerned -- pretty much anything goes. If you want to base your alien's design on some of your Ons, you can do that.

Sign up now, join the empire, and enslave the beautiful blonde Venusian women!
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Re: Venus Enslaved (NC, Almost Anything Goes)
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2014, 05:04:57 AM »
5/18/14 - Accidentally deleted my reply stating renewed interest in starting a new session.  ::)

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Re: Venus Enslaved (NC, Almost Anything Goes)
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2015, 03:38:24 AM »
8/28/2015 - Now interested in running a new session!

Due to several inquiries when the last session was advertised, yes, futa invaders are allowed as the PC alien race.