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Author Topic: A wide range of ideas available for your consideration.  (Read 344 times)

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A wide range of ideas available for your consideration.
« on: October 18, 2013, 01:38:00 PM »
Hey there,

I thought it was about time I threw some new ideas out for consideration. Thank you for taking the time to have a look in. I only play male characters & only with females. There are a range of ideas here so hopefully something will interest you. Please IM me if you're interested or curious about any of them or if you just fancy a chat. I hope to hear from you soon.

The sun beats down from a clear blue sky. The remains of your boat can be seen perched on the reef surrounding the island as you wake up at the high water mark. As you look up at the jungle that grows right down to the beach you realise that someone is sitting in the shade and watching you.
This is intended to be a freeform idea that could develop in many directions. I see many possibilities here hopefully you will too.

Privateer's Cove.
"T'is fearful bad luck to have a woman aboard ship." Especially when the ship is captured by privateers. Wealthy passenger or humble servant somehow you capture the eye of the privateer captain. Is he a rogue or a gentleman or perhaps both? Perhaps life with a privateer is preferable to whatever life was casting your way already?

Stolen Away.
It should have been a simple job for such an experienced thief. Steal the princess' jewels from the palace and get out before the guards caught up with him. Only the princess woke up and he's in her power now. Does she want to use him as her own spy and thief? Perhaps she just wants to escape from the palace and run away. Perhaps he's the first person to treat her like a normal human being and she just asks for his friendship?
I'm thinking Thousand and One Nights as a theme for this one.

The Gilded Cage or Murder Incorporated.
This one is a themed around American gangsters. My character will be either a policeman or more likely a private detective. He is known for its his dislike of the mob & for his unshakable dedication to truth & the law. He is one of the few honest men in a world full of darkness, lies & murder.
Your character will be from this world. Perhaps you're a showgirl who sees something she shouldn't or maybe a gangster moll, who fears for her life after her man is killed or becomes suspicious of her. You walk into my office seeking my help. Will I help you or send you on your way? What trouble will we run into in such a dark & corrupt city? How will our relationship grow & change? How will we change?

Bitter alliance.
Ancient rivals of different race or nationality are forced through circumstances to rely upon each other to survive in the face of an even greater threat. For this one I'm thinking Skyrim, in particular a Nord coming into contact with a Mer, also known as an elf. A bluff self reliant warrior stuck with a slight mage or a thief. Both of them have always believed in the prejudices of their race. Now they need to put their differences aside, learn to understand each other & work together if they're to survive at all.

Payment in kind.
In a dark future humanity has spread out across the stars to new worlds, but the power of any central authority across such vast distances is weak. Bandits, Raiders and Pirates all make a living amongst the stars and on distant world's. Aliens are encountered regularly and are on the whole friendly and well thought of. Keeping order for a price are the bounty hunters, stepping in to take the strain off the overstretched Planetary Defence Forces. One such bounty hunter brings in his latest target. He was promised payment in cold, hard cash for the job. Instead he finds himself landed with a slave girl who is at least ten years younger than him. Does he sell her to raise the money that has been his only interest in life so far or can she earn his respect and thanks in some way before he finishes the next job and take her to the auction block?

The Time Machine.
They said it couldn't be done, but they were wrong and today, this very night I intend to activate my machine, to travel through time itself to the distant future. Who knows what I may find there. I am prepared, I have set my affairs in order, I have assembled a pack of supplies and equipment and there is always my trusty Winchester rifle and Luger pistol to fall back upon. I am determined not to return until I have proved my machine a success and my own skill and bravery as an Explorer. If I should not return let this paper serve as testimony to my fate.
Who or what will the Explorer encounter when his machine shuts down in the future? Will all his preparations be in vain? Will he survive to write an account of his journey?

The Moreau Experiments.
The doctor was a good mentor and a bad man. His thinking was far ahead of his time and yet so limited and far behind our own. Of course he was working within the limits of knowledge and technology for his time.  One does not create simply by cutting and removing. Creation is about adding, moulding and reshaping as well. What we need today is man with a little of the animal in him not a beast with a man's understanding and reason. Imagine the possibilities of a soldier enhanced with the strength of a lion or an engineer with the balance and dexterity of an ape. My research is all but complete, the genetic serum is ready all I need is a subject. I have found several suitable candidates, now I must tailor the genetic serum accordingly.
Your character would be the subject of this experiment. They could be willing, unwilling or even oblivious of the fact that they are the subject of it. All of the particulars of the idea are open to debate starting from what your character has been spliced with and how much they know about the experiment. My interest here is in a gradual transformation and to see how your character adapts to their changing body and my character reacts when he begins to see your character as more than just a test subject.