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April 17, 2021, 03:49:09 am

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Author Topic: Random Thoughts (An Ongoing Process) [MxF]  (Read 540 times)

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Offline KalabTopic starter

Random Thoughts (An Ongoing Process) [MxF]
« on: October 17, 2013, 10:17:27 am »
This is where I will be throwing my ideas into the mix to see if anybody is interested. I know it sounds picky but I have a few standards that I expect from a partner and a story.

1>   I would like to see at least a couple readable paragraphs per post. Give me something to work with and I will do my best to return the favor. If I get some lame ass reply with a sentence or two for no good reason, chances are you will not see many replies from me. This is our story, contribution is mandatory.
2>   I don’t expect daily replies because in fact you will probably not get them daily from me in most instances. If you can give me 2 or 3 good posts a week then I’m happy. I know many of you have multiple stories going simultaneously and also actually have a life outside of the forums.
3>   If you are looking for smut based RP’s then I am probably not your guy. I’m not looking for a story based on sex; I’m looking for a story that will include sex from time to time. I like stories that are action/violence oriented with some gory scenes scattered throughout. I like a goal oriented plot such as a quest.
4>   I like communication with my partner. If you are losing interest in our story, let me know what the problem is and we’ll do what we can to fix it. If you are just ready to move on to something else or someone else, just drop me a PM and give me a heads up. I’m a big boy, my feelings will survive, just don’t leave me hanging and awaiting a reply. That is just rude.
5>   I will hardly ever play a normal human character in a story. I play that role every day in real life. Normal humans tend to end up as a snack in most of my stories unless they are innovative survivors or get saved by me. 

Idea #1
Strange New World
The Earth has been attacked by aliens but believe it or not, we kicked their ass and sent them packing. That’s the good news. The bad news is that they left us a little surprise behind, it’s some form of mutagenic virus. The virus has infected practically all the plant and animal life on the planet to some extent making the Earth an extremely dangerous place to live. Most of the population has died due to the fact that their bodies could not survive the extremity of their mutated transformations. The humans that were immune and did not become infected have dropped several notches on the food chain. There is a bit more good news in the fact that a few mutated humans have actually benefitted and gained abilities that will help them to survive this hostile new world that the aliens have created. There is also always the chance that a few aliens were stranded or left behind purposely for whatever reason and may be privy to a cure of some sort.
I could see this story taking several directions. I would like a partner that is capable of playing multiple roles as the story progresses.

Idea #2
Sith and Apprentice
Being a Star Wars fan from the beginning, this is one of my favorite types of Role Plays. This is also my favorite dominate male role. As my apprentice you will be subject to my whim. It really doesn’t matter how you like to play your sub whether she be feisty or truly submissive. One thing is for certain, you will be wearing a collar as it is a major part of your obedience training. Although I tend not to do smut based Role Plays, this pairing usually involves a bit more than my other pairings. As for a plot, we can work that out together. If you are interested, drop me a PM and we can discuss the terms of your service.

Idea #3