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October 17, 2021, 01:35:01 am

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Author Topic: I'd Really love to do this  (Read 1179 times)

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I'd Really love to do this
« on: July 25, 2008, 09:15:10 pm »
 3 Years Ago...

"Do you have to?"

Her eyes met mine instantly, Braidy, her hair blowing in the wind by the beach's gentle breeze. She looked away after I led my hand to her cheek in comfort. It killed me when her sweet gentle eyes began to to tear. The limo pulled over by my side, inside was my closest friends Gabe.

"Are you sure you can't come with me?"

"Can't you stay?" She began to cry a little louder, and once again, she asked. "Do you really have to go? Do you have to leave me?"

I looked at her, her eyes were fighting back the tears, and I couldn't help but just shake my head. It had been already three weeks since I told my father about me staying here in Los Angeles, but he always turned me down. Encouraging me that I'd have a great future in Michigan. Braidy had asked her father if she could come with me, but he denied her the right, and since were underage, we couldn't do anything.

Braidy and I were friends, but we both really hoped to someday be more than friends, to have something special, something that was only us. The fates had something different in our paths, as painful as it was for me to recognize it.

I hugged her tightly as she stood there, her arms not even bothering to embrace my goodbye. She was getting upset that I would leave her, but what choice did I have? I couldn't stay, as much as I wanted to. To disobey my fathers orders was a death sentence. I turned away, beginning to walk to the limo with Gabe waiting for me, he was looking at us, serious, supportive of me.

I felt her turn me around, and slowly, she rose to give me a breathtaking, amazing kiss. She hugged me and slowly whispered in my ear.

"I...have always loved you...good bye Josh..."

She said, turning away from me and walking away to her car waiting in the parking lot by a small shack. He hair was flowing gracefully, and her skirt danced along beautifully to the sounds of the sadning fate that awaited both of us. Without each other.


I said walking over to the limo, and climbing on top of it. Gabe was there, and he quickly embraced me in comfort. He then pushed me away from him with his hands on my shoulders. He looked at me, expecting me to turn his way. Gabe had gotten permission from his foster parents to let him come and live with me over in Michigan, without her.

"Be strong man, you know that I'm your bro, and Ill always be here with you..."

I looked through the back window. It had begun to rain, and through the pouring water, I saw her, running towards the limo. Screaming her love to me, wasting her strength in a fate that would never change. The limo began accelerating and soon, she began to dissapear behind me.

Present Day

I woke up in my bra and panties my usual sleepwear. I got up and walked over to my mirror and looked at myself and then I saw the picture of Josh and it just made me cry. I walked over and fell on my bed and grabbed my phone and called my best friend (girl character) and asked her to come over knowing she would on the account that she could hear me crying over the phone.

Ok this is going to be a role for four people two guys and one girl I am going to be playing Braidy and I need someone to play Josh and Gabe and then I need one more female to play my best friend.

and here is Braidys appearance

Plwase people join because I really want to do this O and I will also need about another guy or 2 they can be other members or someone can play more then one character if they'd like

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Re: I'd Really love to do this
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2008, 11:12:10 pm »
Color me interested. im in

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Re: I'd Really love to do this
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2008, 11:37:00 pm »
I got dibs on the best friend!