Honeymoon (Male looking for Female partner)

Started by Vanetias, October 16, 2013, 06:24:36 AM

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I have an idea for an RP.

It'll involve a lovely honeymoon, between two newelyweds, involving all of their sexual excapedes between the two. Animesque-based.

Well, It will involve a plot(Obviously). It will take place at the following locations(In order from first location to the last location)

1)Cruise Line Suite(Luxurious) to Japan
2)Japan 5-star hotel - bathroom
3)Nudist Beach
4)Hot spring/Onsen
5)Nudist city
6)Hotel bedroom
7)Waterfall Onsen
8)Private Sex Room
9)Beach -  Again
10) Hotel Room - Again

In between it will involve shopping, mostly at Akhibara region, also there will be casual dating between the two couple at a few restaurants. Also involved in this will have normal fun(Mostly non-sexual) at arcade games and other public fun sites. Sexbot as 3rd partner is optional. Sextoys(w/o Sexbot) is also optional too.