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December 08, 2022, 10:49:13 am

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Author Topic: Lets try this. M lf F, you like what you see? Send me a PM to discuss it.  (Read 790 times)

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Game influence: Anima Beyond Fantasy
Things to know: influenced by anime and sword and sorcery, unless sanctioned by the Church, magic is forbidden

Nox found himself waiting in line with the others who were signing up for the Tao Zan.  The famed tournament held in Archangel, the seat of the greatest civilization the world has ever known, would be opening soon.  He was far from the first and far from the last to be in line, waiting to sign up for the tournament.  While he knew Kissidan, Knight of the Seventh Heaven and right hand to Empress Elisabetta, had won the previous Tao Zans, rumor held that he'd be stepping aside at his empress' request for this one.  That meant that there was an actual opportunity for someone else to claim the empress' favor and request anything within her power to grant.  Nox smiled as he thought of that, thought of being granted entrance into the Heaven Order, not only entrance but a position of rank!

Still smiling, he was ignoring those around him who were already comparing who had the most powerful fighting style in the kingdom.  The Holy Kingdom of Abel, directly descended from the apostle Pietro Giovanni, first of the Messiah's apostles, still held the most sway in the world.  The Azur Alliance had broken off, and rumors held the empress' stance on atheism had created a schism between her and the Church.  With such goings on, Nox knew the empress would be seeking champions of great strength, bravery, and intelligence.  While Nox was far from the most intelligent of people, his strength and bravery could not be questioned.  However, given the people around him, he knew he held great challenges to come.

"Hey boy!" a man said, shoving Nox to the side.  "Mind yourself around your betters.  You are nothing more than my stepping stone."  The man was a monster in appearance, huge and ugly, carrying a two-handed axe that looks like it could cleave a giant in twain.  Nox, topping a few inches over six feet and no more than two hundred pounds, was dwarfed by the man.  Lifting his hand to brush blonde hair from his eyes, Nox looked at the man with eyes so blue they looked to be almost blind.  "Our battles have yet to be determined sir," he said, his voice lilting lightly as he smiled.  "However, I believe your axe would serve you no good against my style.  And I would fear for your life."

"My life?" the man boomed, laughing so hard that it was a blatant disrespect to Nox.  "Why don't we go ahead and get this over then.  I could use a warm up."  The monitors would be coming over, and Nox took notice that one of the Knights of the Fifth Heaven stood close at hand, watching.  "The fights are not to be started yet," one monitor admonished.  "Let them battle," the Knight of the Fifth Heaven said, approaching things at hand.  She was a lovely woman, one that Nox could tell was intrigued at the brash giant versus the average boy.  "If death happens, so be it.  This one," she said, indicating the giant "seems to be sure of himself.  Make room for them."

People shuffled aside, and the monitors made sure the two had a circle of approximately thirty feet in diameter.  Nox would incline his head to the lady, and step back some distance from the man.  He wore no weapons, and few armor.  However, he had everyone's attention when he let his inner energies flare up, and his abilities were invoked.  Suddenly ten long swords, each gleaming and uniquely crafted, hung around him, floating like a ready arsenal.  Even the Knight of the Fifth Heaven paused, taking a step back at the sudden appearance of the blades.  It was a rare and highly prized style of combat that not only took years to master, but took ten special blades all bathed in the wielder's blood and soul.  Nox smiled as he let his hair fall into his eyes once more, this time blue eyes holding the killing edge as he regarded the man.

The man paused, looked at Nox, then looked at the monitors.  Without a word he turned and immediately walked quickly away from the lines.  To him, the tournament wasn't worth dying to immediately.  The blades vanished as easily as they appeared, and Nox once again looked out through innocent blue eyes.  "Ophiucos," Nox said so the people around could hear.  "The Lord of the Infinite Blades."  The styles associated with the zodiac signs were more common, but once every few generations one was born who could use the style Nox claimed as his.  And at just over two decades in age, he had plenty of time to truly show himself as the Lord of the Infinite Blades.

The Knight of the Seventh Heaven smiled at him, showing him respect in that one gesture.  "I look forward to seeing your performance," she said.  "My name is...."  <to be filled by whoever takes it up, or picks another character!>