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March 02, 2021, 10:47:47 am

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Author Topic: Looking for a roleplay. [MxF] For unique idea.  (Read 491 times)

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Offline NeophyteTopic starter

Looking for a roleplay. [MxF] For unique idea.
« on: October 14, 2013, 01:43:53 pm »
I am looking for a long term roleplay, seeing as my idea can take a long time to flourish and create. I was hoping that the person I found was ok talking on a messenger and posting on the forums, so we could get to know each other, bounce ideas and thoughts off the other person. The instant transfer of ideas is a delicious idea, and I like having that backdrop while I play. Forums so that I can write a lot more, giving me the ability to write longer, meatier paragraphs.

I have a world I am looking to create, one that I have had in my head for years now. There is a basic skeleton for it now, and I can go into greater detail when we find out were both interested. But some quick details for this world.

Time Period: Modern High Fantasy
Sexual Level: Medium
Human like creatures
Whitewolf-esque landscapes
Major Character building

If anything in the above interests you, please feel free to pm me or just contact me on AIM.

Offline NeophyteTopic starter

Re: Looking for a roleplay. [MxF] For unique idea.
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2013, 05:14:12 am »
This is an idea for my character and the kind of world we would be playing in.

The cloud brought by his feet as he slid along the dusty earth was ethereal, viscous as it fluttered about him. His duster flapped as he landed, looking up at his target. The ogre bellowed loudly as the train tooted just as loudly behind them. The train yard, not a fun or glamorous local, but one where no one would get hurt. Ajax stood up and flicked his sword downward, a pose he took most often when brandishing his sword. He was taught by his master, a man practiced in swordplay and magic. He brought the blade up, tip down toward the ground as he glared at the ogre.

“Couldn’t leave well enough alone, huh Wilhelm?” He jeered, pointing at the lumbering monstrosity.

Wilhelm grunted a bit as he looked down at Ajax with dark, beady little eyes. His huge, bat like ears twitched at him, registering that he had heard his dinner speak, and in Ogrosh too no less. He swung his large, tree trunk-like limbs around and slammed into the ground, his mottled green and brown skin shuddering from the impact. His stumpy legs were hidden below the ground, buried almost to knee height. “You speak, dinner?” He asked stupidly

“Yeah, you ugly hunk of sweating feces” Ajax said, this time without the jeering tone.

“Why you speak? Let me eat!” He cried out.

Ajax just laughed and stepped to his side. “You got out of Underjordiske, and then you ask me why I won’t let you eat? Your killing humans out there, Wilhelm...last time I banished you I said never again, and yet here you are, fulfilling your bloodlust once more. So now I ask you, because I am dieing to did you get out here?” he asked, his tone turning into a question at the end of the rant.

Wilhelm blinked and shook his head. “Lady, shiny, give me key” he said and swiped at Ajax, who dodged deftly out of the way.

A shiny lady? Ajax only knew of a few who fit that description, but nothing that came to mind at the moment. No one he had to worry about anyway. He winced and shook his head, making a scolding noise as he dug his hand into a pouch on his belt. From it he produced a blue sapphire and a small stained ruby. He crushed them in his hand with a word, then sprinkled the dust over his sword, muttering as he did. The power flowed through his hand to the sword, the blade shuddering as auras of fire and ice shrouded the blade. “I wish you could have told me more, Wilhelm...but it seems your useless to me” he said.

Wilhelm growled and roared out, his hamfists smashing the ground in anger as he felt the tug of magic fill the air. “NO WIZARD!” he cried out, his head flailing back and forth.

Ajax just grinned, whipping the sword to his side. “Good night, Wilhelm” he muttered, and dashed forward, reappearing on the other side in an instant. Wilhelm made no noise as his head seperated from his neck, and flopped forward with a loud crash. His body shimmered into dust as the wind from the cool night tossed him into the breeze.

Ajax slid his sword into his scabbard, the magic winking out as it is sheathed. He shook his head and sighed. “Another night...another job” he said as he walked away, the 3:00 am rumbling into the station.