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Author Topic: All My Ideas (Originals, Doctor Who, Buffy and others)  (Read 658 times)

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All My Ideas (Originals, Doctor Who, Buffy and others)
« on: October 12, 2013, 08:15:50 PM »
These are all of my ideas and I will be adding more to this thread as they come so please PM me, do NOT comment here.

Sidenote: Lately I've had sort of an obsession with Norman Reedus ever since I watched The Walking Dead a month ago so I kinda had these story ideas and I thought it'd be sexy if he was the character for the first 2 plots below.

2.) (BDSM D/s Sir/pet) The nagging wife: YC is a business man and is very hard worker sometimes even too much.  Sometimes his considered a workaholic because he wants to give his wife everything.  Yet, even with all he does for her she still bitches at him for the dumbest things and calls him lazy and that he doesn't help around the house since she works too and really he does help a lot!  One night he is just fed up with it and decides to take matters into his own hands and show her who is in charge.
Kinks: Blindfolds, Tying Up, Orgasm Control, Sex Toys for teasing, Spanking, Collar, flogging


3.) I just started watching Heroes and I am now on episode 15 Season 1 so I've seen the invisible man who is Claude Rains.  And I would love to do an rp about a girl in her early 20's who is just discovering her telekinetic powers and Claude decides to help her get her powers under control.  As they spend time together they become rather close and there are some nights when Claude will sneak into the young girl's room and watch her sleep sometimes even lay next to her and she has no idea he's there.

I don't really like the scruffy version of him and since I know it's the actor Christopher Eccleston this how she'll see him:

4.) This'll be an AU (Alternate Universe, meaning instead of Spike being in love with Buffy he will actually be in love with Dawn who is now 20). I wanna do a scenario where Spike is attacked by a very strong demon/warlock and it almost kills him. Well, Dawn just recently admitted to Spike that she loved him and so now when she finds out about Spike she's now on a rampage. She goes to Willow for help and at this point Willow is still under black magic, so to help she transfers some of her magic to Dawn. When Willow realizes how out of control Dawn has become she casts a spell to bring Spike back to life and only he can stop Dawn and save her! I really wanna do this one!
(So, basically I need someone to be Spike.)

5.) Dawn is 19 but she still lives with Willow and Tara even after Buffy's death. Dawn has been feeling really alone lately and is having a hard time dealing with Buffy's death still. Spike still keeps an eye on Dawn and protects her as much as he can, even if that means just dropping by to see her in the middle of the night, so he is the only one that can help her get through this. Dawn has become closer to Spike more then ever and is beginning to fall in love with him but is scared to tell him.
(I'll be playing Dawn in both roles.)
 I need someone to play Spike and won't except an alternative to him sorry.

6.) After getting a couple of comments on my last request thread I figured I'd do this one in the same format as the last one.
Plot- I am a huge fan of youtube star Toby Turner aka Tobuscus and I really would love to do a plot where I meet him at Vidcon I decide  to enter a video contest at Vidcon for a chance to meet Toby and I end up winning and spend the whole day with him then things start to get interesting!

I'll even except a female if they know who he is and are willing to play him!



Hell I'll even take someone who wants to play Jack Dougless from Jacksfilms, he's another favorite!

YGS #20

7.) My character has been dating (either Jack or Toby, from plot #6) for about a year in a long distance relationship and she ends up getting into a serious car accident and he ends up flying to FL to take care of her and eventually

I play the female in ALL the stories.  Please be able to post at least a paragraph also please be sure you WANT to do the plot, I have had many people drop after the first post and honestly am getting tired of it.  I would like it if someone could post at least twice a day.
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Re: All My Ideas (Originals, Doctor Who, Buffy and others)
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2013, 09:19:54 PM »
The Submissive Student and The Dominant Teacher: I'm listening to an audiobook about a College professor and a College student who are involved in a D/s relationship.

The student is secretly submissive but she keeps that secret under wraps because she feels ashamed and believes what she feels is wrong.  One of her favorite classes is Creative Writing and her professor that teaches it is a huge inspiration to her when it comes to her writing.  Well, one day after class she asks about what he writes and he without thinking tells her he writes 'Romance' but really its pornograpghy rather BDSM.  Well, when she finds out how to access the stories after he tells her his pen name she because rather intrigued by a few of them.  The next day she talks to him after class and explains how much she enjoyed certain ones and he actually was surprised that she even looked them up! Well, he then decides to make his next move and starts to ask her what she likes about it and why. 

Eventually he decides to play with her but nothing further then fingering.  After they leave the school he asks her if she wants to be involved with this lifestyle because he wants more, not as a fuck toy but he wants her, mind body and soul.  He has always had a desire for her for quite some time.  She turns it down at first and says because after what happened to her she doesn't want it to happen again and that's when she pours it all out for him after he asks for her to tell him what had happened.

I would love it if someone played him as the Professor, you may choose my characters image to be fair!  The Professor
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Re: All My Ideas (Originals, Doctor Who, Buffy and others)
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2013, 12:46:36 AM »

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Re: All My Ideas (Originals, Doctor Who, Buffy and others)
« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2013, 12:32:49 PM »
Was just told that the link for the professor was broken so, I fixed it and it should work now!