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April 11, 2021, 04:42:03 pm

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Author Topic: Seeking the Inhuman (M seeking F)  (Read 669 times)

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Offline YandrosTopic starter

Seeking the Inhuman (M seeking F)
« on: October 11, 2013, 10:22:39 pm »
Why hello [you], and welcome to my little thread here!  I welcome you to please read over my ideas presented here, as well as take a look at both my O/O’s and F-list.  Each is located within my signature below, and gives you an idea of what I am looking for in the kink department.  Neither is complete by any means though, so if you do not see something there, please feel free to ask!  I do not bite, usually.  As well, some of my kinks are flexible based on the situation (save for my No’s, those are –FIRMLY NO-) so if something you like is a maybe, ask and we can discuss how it would come into the rp.

Now, I do have a few rules when it comes to my roleplaying.  They really are not too horrible, but I do ask for you to please look them over.
•   Please do not reply in this thread.  I’d rather avoid artificially bumping it.  PM’s are the easiest way to contact me.
•   I am looking for roleplay through forums only at the moment.  While I have various messengers, and I am more than happy to chat, I am looking for rp here and here alone at this time.
•   I would love roleplaying partners that push me to write more.  Push me to write better, more coherently and with better descriptions.  So with that said, I am looking for partners who put out 4-6 paragraphs a post, filled with lovely details for me to immerse myself in. 
•   I am always open to new ideas!  I love hearing what others would like to rp, and am more than happy to perhaps offer myself up for your rp if you believe I would be a good fit.  And I am more than happy to discuss and change my ideas to make a custom fit for my partner and I.  However!  I do not want to be offered the exact opposite of my ideas.  If my idea is playing a human and a dragon, with myself playing the human?  Please, do not offer to play a human while I play a dragon.
•   Please do not simply disappear on me.  I am a big boy, I’m wearing my big boy pants, and not going to cry over you saying that you do not wish to rp with me.  Hell, if you find yourself losing interest or thinking that my rp/writing style sucks more than a whore going down on a coke covered pimp-cock?  TELL ME!  I am here to improve my style.  I cannot do this without criticism! 

Now!  On to the ideas!

A Dragon and Rider.
I am craving the idea of a dragon rider becoming more than simply friends or companions with his mount.  A bond forming between the two, that transcends their species, and shows that they perhaps were destined to be more.  The rider shall be played by myself, and the dragon may or may not have a human form.  However, even if she does have a human form, I’m not really wanting her to spend much time within it.  The roleplaying would involve the two of them exploring just how to navigate their forms, lusts, and life together in a possibly forbidden romance.

Coming Home to an Empty House.
The price on the house was a steal, and even in a good neighborhood to boot.  Who cares if there were a few little rumors and stories about what used to happen there.  People had lived in it since then, families even, and without so much as a peep from them.  So why worry about it really?  Save for the little bump in the night a week after she moved in, a strange feeling overcoming her in the shower.  Really those are just little oddities and nothing to really pay attention to.
I’d love to play the entity haunting a house, which a single lady has now moved into.  It would be a slow build up, with the entity causing her all sorts of feelings, perhaps even at some horrible times!  Inciting lust when her parents are over for dinner…?  It would eventually turn into the entity seeking her out to claim as its own, but not for some time.
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